Elementary S04, Ep13 – A Study in Charlotte

Show: Elementary
Season: 4
Episode: 13
Title: A Study in Charlotte
Original Air Date: February 18, 2016

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: Maybe we should wait till Marcus gets here. She could be a murderer.
Sherlock: Even if she is she’s a poisoner. Just don’t eat or drink anything and you should be ok.

* Joan: Ok, if you say it’s for the greater good I am going to punch you.

* Sherlock: Griffin you seem like an exemplary young man. Perhaps you’d like to explain to me why you have a drug lab in your back yard?

* Sherlock: What about murder? Is that part of your business model as well?

* Sherlock: No. We are here to see the fight or flight response in person. You’re being arrested for the murder of Charlotte Konig.

Synopsis: Joan awakes to weird vibrations. The neighbors are quite loud. A man prepares tea for his guests. He made it from a mushroom. The neighbor starts making noise. He goes to ask him to turn it down. He agrees to for a cup of magic tea. The man return to his apartment and finds that the tea has poisoned everyone. They are dead. He calls 911 as he drops too. Sherlock arrives on the scene. The officers aren’t happy. Gregson texts asking them to give him 5 minutes, they gave him 2. He points out they died very quickly. The professor was the likely target and his students collateral damage. Joan visits the neighbor. It’s a short term rental place. It’s listed on party pads for party people. Bell and Sherlock visit a professor. They question him about the dead man. They wrote three books together. Joan joins the two at the dead professors office. Joan informs them of the neighbor’s status. Sherlock dismantles the sofa and finds a safe. It’s filled with mushrooms. There is a small bottles of the blue cap mushrooms as well. Joan and Sherlock go to a house of the suspect. She doesn’t answer and Sherlock breaks in. She’s very dead in the basement. The mushrooms were growing on her. She was likely the target of the poisoned mushrooms, not the man and his group who died. Gregson brings in the head of a company she is suing. She tells them she use to be a biochemist and that the mushrooms wouldn’t have killed that quickly by itself. It would need help. Joan goes to the flower shop to speak to the owner of the building. He tells her that she and Sherlock are why he can’t live there. He tried to reach out to Sherlock and got no answer. She asks to see the emails. Bell and Sherlock talk to a previous employer. He has a tattoo that matches Charlotte. They broke up because she wanted kids and he just wanted to party. He did know her new boyfriends first name, Griffin. Sherlock found the tattoo artist. Joan talks to Sherlock about the house next door. She shows him the emails. It turns into an argument and Joan threatens to punch him. The tattoo artist gives them Griffin’s contact information. Sherlock is suspicious of the garage. Sherlock breaks in and finds it’s a drug lab. They were making illegal erectile disfunction pills. He doesn’t know where the money is. Joan is walking home and sees fire trucks. She instantly thinks Sherlock started a fire. He tracks down the distributor of their counterfeit pills. Turns out she took payment in real estate. The properties were specific. Three buildings had to be at least ¼ of a mile apart due to EPA regulations. The woman is shocked. She won’t work for a company that would murder someone. She offers them whatever they want. Back at the brownstone, they haven’t gotten anywhere. The neighbor contacts them, he wants to sell. Sherlock wants to buy. He also solves the RACHE tattoo. It covers up the initial of ACH. They go to visit Professor Harper. Turns out he also married Charlotte, but they did not divorce. They then lay out the nightmare that took place. Joan goes to the flower shop with a peace offering. He can keep his house and move back in. He can have soundproofing installed as part of the rebuild and they will pay for it. Sherlock also sent a jar of honey from the bees.

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