Elementary S04, Ep22 – Turn It Upside Down

Show: Elementary

Season: 4 Episode: 22

Title: Turn It Upside Down

Original Air Date: April 24, 2016

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: If what I suspect is true this is not the scene of a triple murder. This is the scene of a double murder and an assassination.

* Sherlock: How could you be so reckless? Were you under the impression you were dealing with a nice man?

* Sherlock: You needn’t worry father. I’ll be taking the lead on this case. I will find whoever is responsible and I will see to it that they pay.

* Gregson: You just told me you suspect your dad of murder. Are you OK seems like a reasonable question?
Sherlock: I think perhaps you’re imagining a different sort of father son relationship. Or a father son relationship. But thank you.

* Joan: And what animal are you trying to see the world as from up there? Sherlock: Surveillance device.

* Moreland Holmes: Is it my imagination Captain or are you asking me questions as if I were a suspect?

* Gregson: I got a pretty good head on my shoulders. But in my experience, Sherlock is a pretty smart guy.
Moreland: He also has a knack for self-destruction. Those close to him must always take care not to follow suit.

* Gregson: He has some strong opinions about you. About what you are. And if he’s right, I gotta wonder if he and Joan are safe. If anything happens to them next time you see me, you won’t be a cop.

* Moreland Holmes: You’ve asked for access to his work, I’ve decided to give it to you.
Joan: What is all this?
Moreland: Emile’s computer, phone records, copies of every contract he’s been working on, every email for the last three months. Long before I asked you to uncover a mole and long before you obviously uncovered Emile.
Joan: You admit you knew about him?
Moreland: Eventually, yes. I confirmed his treachery last week. I didn’t surmise yours until this morning.

* Moreland: Emile was instructed to go to that luncheonette.
Sherlock: We’ll have to authenticate it but if this is real. If it says what you say it does…
Moreland: Then I didn’t send Emile Kurtz to his death.

* Sherlock: Someone is using the Dante Survey to identify and recruit psychopaths.

* Joan: I didn’t realize your father used our house for storage.
Sherlock: He has on occasion when he wants to keep something out of sight and mind, me for example.

* Sherlock: I would be interested to know your responses. To know which you thought was worse. Murder for money? Deliberately sending someone into harm’s way? Enlisting others to participate? Your answers will be particularly worthy of study because you’ve committed so many of the crimes on the list.


Sherlock and Joan join Bell at the diner. Joan recognizes her mole dead on the ground. Bell runs it down. Joan asks if the order everyone weas shot in is known. Sherlock notices she is acting off but doesn’t comment at the scene. Outside, he asks about Emile Kurtz. He asks about all her secretive behavior but now wants answers. She tells Sherlock she has been meeting with Emile Kurtz who works for his father. At the brownstone, Sherlock is furious. He actually screams at her for several minutes. She questions Sherlock’s judgement with everything but his father. Joan wants to speak to the other witness. Sherlock is going to talk to Gregson about his father. He goes to chat with his father first though. Sherlock informs him his employee Emile Kurtz was killed in the diner shooting. He offers the man’s wife’s contact information. Sherlock requests to go through Emile’s work. He tells him it could be linked to the attack on his father. But Moreland refuses. He also tells him he’ll be taking the lead. Joan and Bell speak to the witness at the hospital. The man was tall but had a hood and sunglasses. Bell thinks that her sister had a reaction to something on the shooter’s clothes. She was allergic to mountain lions. Sherlock speaks with Gregson in his office. He’s a bit shocked that Sherlock suspects his father. Gregson is not going to take him off the case. Joan goes to a scene and finds Sherlock standing on a table. He’s looking for anymore surveillance devices. He’s already found a large collection. The devices were only planted in the last few days. No zoos have any mountain lions on display right now. If it’s privately held then it’s illegal. Bell is checking for taxidermists. He apologizes for laying into Joan about Kurtz. Joan gets a call from Bell. One gets a hit. Bell brings him in. He has gunshot residue. Gregson asks him if he was hired to target a certain person. He accepts a deal. He knew him as Mr. King. The man was in his 40s, white and plain. Bell shows him the picture of Kurtz. He confirms he was hired to kill him, but that was supposed to be today. He volunteers another murder. The four meet with the DA. It was a psychiatrist that was the first kill. They check her office too. Gregson has a quick chat with Sherlock. He wants to chat with Moreland Holmes. Moreland happily sees him. He knows he is there about Emile Kurtz. Gregson tells him about the man being hired to kill Emile Kurtz. He asks him several questions, but Moreland gets offput a bit. Moreland points out that his son thinks he’s a monster. He doesn’t want it to affect the investigation. He comes on Sherlock’s self-destructive ways and how others could get caught up in that. Gregson thanks him, they small talk. He politely comments on Sherlock and Joan’s safety. He then gives Moreland a warning as well. Bell goes through Nailer’s file. She testified that a lot of suspects were not sane. Sherlock asks the research assistant what she was doing. At the brownstone, Sherlock has a dead cockroach, a moldy apple, drain hair, soiled sock. He wants to know which of these items she’d be willing to eat and in what order. She looks like she is about to puke. She could clean up the apple and cook the cockroach. It gives Sherlock the information he needed. How do you quantify which crime is worse? It’s linked to the Dante survey website. She was doing these surveys to try and create standardized sentencing guidelines. The doorbell rings while they talk. It’s Moreland Holmes and he is upset. But now he gives the two full access to Emile’s work, including his computer. He delivered it all. He also admits that he learned Emile was the mole last week. He learned that Joan was involved this morning when Gregson paid him a visit. Moreland moved Emile to a different project to control his information to expose who he was working with. He then hands over a file to the two that he says proves his innocence. It’s another email, coded, that instructed Emile to go to the diner and his death. The people he was spying for did. Moreland arrives at his office to find Sherlock waiting. Sherlock informs him his hacker collective authenticated the email but could not track down the sender. Moreland is innocent. Sherlock apologizes for suspecting his father. Sherlock mentions the Colombian oil deal. Moreland realizes he would like to know who he lost the oil deal to. Moreland also explains why he was at the brownstone, it was a ring. He then gives Sherlock the information about who won the oil contract. He explains what happened and how the CEO of the winning company resigned. Moreland suggests they work together to get better results. At the station, Bell has new information. It proves some of what the hitman told them was a lie. They ask him about the doctor and that he took her online survey. Bell threatens to pull the deal. He knows nothing about the survey. When she describes it, he recognizes it. Said it was click bait, he took it for fun. He thought it was interesting. He had no idea the doctor he killed was behind it. At the brownstone, Sherlock is taking the Dante survey. He found there was another incident, the Geneva bomber, on the day of the deal. He thinks a third party took advantage of the situation. He manipulated everything to boost stock and make a major profit. The Geneva bomber is a link. He took the Dante quiz, so did the man hired to kill Emile. Sherlock thinks that the outliers lacking empathy were targeted. Sherlock pulls some bricks out the fireplace and it reveals the ring his father was looking for. Joan comes out and asks about the ring. He tells her his father was there looking for that ring. He stores things there to keep them out of sight and mind, like himself. He tells Joan the ring was his mother’s. The ring was likely going to be given as a bribe. He also tells Joan that is father revealed to him that his mother was an opioid addict. Joan asks if he will give the ring to his father. He’s not going to. Joan gets a text from Bell. The research assistant has been brought in for questioning. He gives her a written list of questions. It’s the Dante Survey. She’s never taken it before. Sherlock wants her to take it. He’s curious about her thoughts on the crimes because she has committed so many of them. She looks completely shocked. Joan informs her that they know she pulled all the IP addresses of the psychopaths. She would send them to someone and then get a payment. There was also an email that Dr. Nailer was getting suspicious of her and it was shortly after that the doctor was murdered. Gregson wants the name of the person she was sending the information to. She tells them she was approached nine months ago. He told her he was with the CIA. They ask the name. She tells them Agent Babbage was his name. Sherlock quickly exits the room. Joan follows. He recognizes the names. He believes it’s Moriarty’s work.

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