Elementary S04, Ep19 – All In

Show: Elementary

Season: 4 Episode: 19

Title: All In

Original Air Date: April 10, 2016

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: This is seriously our next case? Sniffing out bribes in the wine auction world?

* Sherlock: New York is without a homicide this week. Sorry that disappoints you.

* Lyn: You don’t like me very much do you?

Joan: You’re a client. I don’t have to like you, I just have to help you.

* Joan: No one’s facing charges for getting cheap hair plugs. All the evidence presented at your trail will be about armed robbery and murder.

* Joan: (to Lyn) Why don’t you just admit that you’re my half sister.


A female is on the phone with her mother. She closed her Facebook account, but her mother thinks she unfriended her. She needed a break from all the baby photos and such. She notices a window is open and can’t remember if she left it that way or not. There’s a big bag of money. A guy walks in an shoots her. Meanwhile, at the brownstone, Sherlock is jumping on a trampoline. Joan wants to know what the hideous smells are coming out of the kitchen. He tells her about a sommelier scandal. Joan is not amused. The doorbell rings and it’s the woman from the apartment who was presumed dead. Joan tends to her gunshot wound to her arm. She introduces herself. She’s a realtor who knew Mycroft. Sherlock is not amused. They ask about the money. She sometimes hosts high roller poker games in her long running listings. She doesn’t want to go to the police because she doesn’t want her gaming enterprise exposed. Sherlock asks many questions. Ian Walker was involved, and he doesn’t return her calls. All the details are in her phone at her house. She gives him the address; he’ll go retrieve it. Joan has a weird feeling about it all. Sherlock agrees, but wants to figure it out and solve the gunshot. He does find the phone. While there, there is a knock at the door. He puts the phone down to check it. The woman at the door says Lyn left her a weird voice mail last night. She plays it for Sherlock. She was also the dealer in the poker game. He has her tell him what happened at the game. He sees the burn from the spent shell casing. He thinks its bigger than a 9mm, a Russian made gun. Joan sutures up Lyn’s gunshot wound. Lyn is impressed with her work. Joan asks how she worked with Myrcroft because she usually handles residential property. Lyn tells Joan she was seeing Mycroft. Sherlock goes to see “Jimmer.” He tells him he’s not a journalist and speaks of the poker game being robbed. Sherlock asks him about the gun. Jimmer tells Sherlock he hired his own detective. His detective is trying to find the missing guy. Jimmer got an email and that’s why he went to her apartment. Sherlock calls Joan. He tells her about the meeting. He thinks the man is a pawn. The missing man was found dead. Lyn is on the phone to her mother and Joan gets upset. She says she used a disposable. Joan tells her that Walker is dead. Joan also tells her it was Jimmer that shot at her. She’s shocked. Joan tells her she will have to answer questions at the station now. Walker was suffocated with a chloroform soaked ragged. In the morgue, Bell, Sherlock and Joan discuss with the coroner. There are some additional clues. Bell is not happy that they didn’t tell the Captain about the armed robbery. At the scene, the owner is moving all kinds of stuff after being told not to. Gregson finds plaster over the bullet holes. Bell tells Gregson he looks different; the light is weird. There is a light with a spy camera. Lyn is given a deal for her cooperation. Bell shows her the camera, and she does not recognize it. She uses a specific light for staging and that light is not it. She remembers Mateo Pena spilled something and she left to get a towel to clean it up. They go to talk to Pena. He learns that Walker was murdered and is shocked. They show him the bulb. Bell tells him they are two fingerprints on the bulb. He admits he hid the camera so he could cheat. He even kept all the video footage. Sherlock asks to see it. He sends them the footage. Back at the house, Lyn compliments Clyde. Lyn asks Joan why she quit as a surgeon. Joan is watching the footage. Lyn figures out that Joan was with Mycroft too. Suddenly, the footage ends. Agent McNally pops up on her screen. He informs them he’s taking the footage and the case is over. Sherlock is trying to get the power back on. Joan finds Sherlock in the basement. She tells him she messaged Moreland about Mycroft. The information is that Mycroft has no idea who Lyn is. Sherlock points out that he could have lied to protect Joan’s feelings. Back upstairs, Sherlock tries to get Lyn to listen to him. He then blasts music so they can actually talk. They go to visit a man with cheap hair plugs. Joan lays it out for the man. Sherlock picks up an item that he stocks and informs him it was all over the dead man. He calls is brother out to alibi him. Sherlock decides its time to leave. Joan wants to know why they stopped questioning them. Sherlock finds a van and that someone is inside it is surveilling the brothers. He leaves a message for McNally. At the brownstone, Joan finds Lyn in her closet. She has a listing she needs to show. Joan calls Lyn out on her lies. She wants to know how she knew about Sherlock and herself. But Lyn storms out. Sherlock gets his meeting with McNally. Sherlock speaks of the two brothers. McNally says yes the two brothers are a spy but so is the dealer. He also claims he knew nothing about the game being robbed. They don’t know who the spies are working for. Sherlock’s action upped the extraction time. The three will be on a flight in 7 hours to Istanbul. Joan and Sherlock now have the full video but it’s not helping. Sherlock posits the robbers might not be as reckless as they think. They bring Sofia in and show her the video. Sherlock points out what exactly the point of the robbery was. To make a wax impression of the key to the server room at Mena’s company. Gregson then goes on to show more evidence against her. She wants to make a deal. McNally steps in and wants details. Sherlock and Joan exit. Outside, Joan sneezes. Joan goes to see Lyn. Joan wants to know why the rest of her story was true, and Mycroft was a lie. She gets to the point, that Lyn is her half-sister.

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