Elementary S05, Ep03 – Render, and Then Seize Her

Show: Elementary

Season: 5 Episode: 3

Title: Render, and Then Seize Her

Original Air Date: October 23, 2016

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Favorite Quotes:

* Page: I hope you’re not this gullible when it comes to interrogations.
Gregson: There aren’t any suspects I like as much as I do you.

* Sherlock: Now you see the two parts to my malaise: drudgery and sympathy.

* Sherlock: Congratulations Marcus. It looks like you had the world’s first satisfactory visto to the department of motor vehicles.

* Sherlock: You use to be such a patient person.

* Joan: If he figured out who it was, this would definitely be blackmail worthy.

* Sherlock: Who follows mafia exploits with such zeal in grade school?

* Sherlock: Your childhood fetish is bearing fruit, Watson, go and enjoy it. * Sherlock: She kidnapped herself.


Gregson and Page have lunch in his office. Sherlock is pouring over some historical books. Page introduces herself to Sherlock on her way out. She asks to hire him and keep it between them. A man is naked in a park and takes a picture through a window. Another man walks up to him and shoots him dead. At the brownstone, Joan comes downstairs to find Sherlock lugging in a huge bag. He’s investigating Page’s doctor. Some of his staff is acting like they have a second income and Page is uneasy. Joan volunteers to help with the audit. They get called to the naked dead man’s murder scene. Bell interviews the owner of the nudist colony. The dead man appeared to have discovered a kidnapped woman. That is who he shot video of and sent before he was killed. Sherlock can smell the ammonia. The cabin was extensively cleaned. Bell shows the video to the husband. They get the case information from the detective leading the investigation. She is still alive, but there is no ransom call yet. They run a video editing studio. The husband offers up security video. The van she is taken in, Joan realizes it use to be a news van. Joan checks in on Sherlock at the brownstone. He’s nowhere on his part of the investigation of the missing woman. He’s been working on the audit. He has found that three of his clerical staff are double billing patient prescriptions. Sherlock is upset because he’s also had to look at Page’s file. Her insurance has lapsed, and she’s been paying with credit card. Sherlock pushes her file to Joan to look at. Bell has found the van; it’s abandoned and burned out. The paperwork for the van was filed but not processed yet. He found it so quickly because of the transponder that was in it. Sherlock takes a closer look at the van. He finds evidence of drugs. They also find a disposable phone. It made three calls to the husband’s cell phone. He has been given a ransom to pay. But he refuses to cooperate with them about it. Sherlock tells him that if she can identify the kidnapper she won’t be allowed to live. Sherlock goes to the studio to talk to an employee. Sherlock informs the employee that the husband recently consulted a divorce attorney. He’s then shown a 10th anniversary card. Beth clearly made it and sent it out. Joan is speaking to another person who rents out a bay to do editing. He overheard Aaron arguing about something on old film. Sherlock sends Joan to assist Marcus in an interview, so it’s not rushed. He then breaks into the locked bay to steal the computer. They watch all the videos. Sherlock thinks he’s found the video in question. Teens are playing basketball but a van in the background has a murder happening. Joan finds the victim. A union leader who clashed with the mob. He disappeared for two years before his body showed up. Joan remembers the case in detail. Sherlock heads off to meet Page and update her on his findings. Joan goes to update the captain. Sherlock plans to send the file off so the fraudsters are caught and convicted. Sherlock asks Page about her intentions with the captain. She thinks Sherlock thinks she is going to bilk Gregson of money. Gregson arrests Mr. Donashio. Joan lists out a bunch of crimes as he is arrested. He asks to show him something first. He tells them the two from the studio came to him for Angel money. The video was made to prove their skills to him. It was an audition. He shows them all the CGI captures for the video. The kidnapper could want the software or profits. He says in his family the video went viral. Sherlock wakes Joan up to his violin. He’s had a breakthrough. He has looked through the employee agreement. The employee who developed the software doesn’t own it, only the company does. The employee, Kerig, is now the top suspect of the kidnapping. Kerig kidnapped Beth. He used his software to alter his appearance in the video. Sherlock goes to speak with Gregson. He requests to speak with him about Page. He tells him of her financial situation. Sherlock asks him to propose. Gregson reminds him of how he has described marriage. Gregson tells him Page is opposed to marriage. He is not opposed. He wants to marry her. They interrogate Kerig. He professes his innocence. Bell shows him about the gun purchase he made and that the same gun was used in the kidnapping. Gregson pauses the interview. Beth Stone just wondered into a restaurant and is free. She says there were two kidnappers and where and how she was kidnapped. Bell wants to go to see the tent. Sherlock thinks she is lying about everything. At the brownstone, Sherlock is trying to figure out the lies. He thinks the prenuptial agreement may have been about to lapse with their ten year anniversary coming up. He tells Joan he told the captain to marry Page. Joan is shocked. Gregson brings Beth and Aaron back in for questioning. They ask about the prenuptial agreement and when it expires. Sherlock brings up the software. They unravel her story. She is busted. Gregson comes out of interrogation to find Page in his office. He’s confused. Sherlock set it up. He tells Gregson that he has done all he can do to get her to accept is proposal of marriage. He then offers him six choices of rings. Gregson is shocked. Sherlock said it was what he wanted. He’s trying to help. He leaves him with the box of rings. Then he enters his office. He proposes to Page with the ring he picked from the box.

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