Elementary S04, Ep21 – Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing

Show: Elementary

Season: 4 Episode: 21

Title: Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing

Original Air Date: April 17, 2016

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Favorite Quotes:

* Spy: How much longer are you going to make me do this?
Joan: I’ll know when I know. Would you rather I tell Moreland that you were selling secrets to his competitor? Keep it up.

* Joan. It was a white lie. An old friend called to chat. I ducked out early.
Sherlock: An old friend? You’re typically more expansive after your first hit of caffeine.
Joan: Yeah, well, you brought a bald cat to breakfast. I’m a little distracted.

* Sherlock: I need you to pick out a shirt for me. Can you tell which one of these Jarrod Tolt was wearing last night?
Joan: He wasn’t wearing any of them. None of them have bullet holes.

* Joan: What are these?
Sherlock: Failed experiments.

* Sherlock: I’m quite convinced that they were staging a fake murder. Then they fell victim to two real ones.

* Gregson: So the question is: Who wanted Jarred Talt dead so badly that he hired a hit man to make it happen?

* Bell: There’s a chance your husband died because someone wanted him dead.

* Bell: You get that she just gave us motive, right?
Sherlock: I do. Very strong motive. Just isn’t hers.


Joan goes to see the coroner do stand up. After she congratulates him on the set. They discuss his recovery from the bombing. She gets interrupted by a text about a case. Her spy at Moreland’s office meets her at a library. He gives her copies of records. An officer is chasing a snatching suspect down a dark street. He chases him and they both find a grisly scene. At the brownstone, Joan encounters a cat. It will be gone by the end of the day. Sherlock lets her know there’s a double homicide. Sherlock heads to the scene to meet Bell. Both victims had IDs and don’t match this scene. Bell thinks the whole scene is a bit weird. Sherlock hears a noise and follows it. It sounds like a camera going off. He finds one in garbage malfunctioning. The pictures on the camera don’t match the pictures of the scene. Joan and Gregson go pay the business partner a visit. Turns out that the partners house became their headquarters after a few deals went belly up. Their business is not doing well. Bell and Sherlock speak with the other man’s girlfriend. She paints a picture of a military vet struggling to readjust to life as a civilian. Sherlock notices something odd about the garbage can. He takes a closer look and finds two bloody shirts. She freaks out. A closer look and its actually corn syrup not blood. Sherlock has three shirts laid out. He wants Joan to pick out the one the victim wore. She tells him none of them. Sherlock tells her these were tests. The photos on the disposed of camera were taken while Tolt was still alive. Faked murders turned into real murders. Gregson runs through what happened with the new evidence. They posit that Butch was hired to kill Talt, instead of committing the crime he told the target what happened. They worked together but the one who hired Butch likely realized the double cross and killed them both. Mrs. Talt comes in. She’s confused by all the questions. She suddenly turns angry and speaks about Talt’s partner. She tells a different story about a piece of property. Sherlock and Joan realize that when the first hitman betrayed him, he likely hired a second. Sherlock breaks into the garage after Gregson leaves. Joan gets a text from her mother; she needs to take her to an appointment. She winds up in the library again meeting her spy. He’s cutting her off because Moreland is fishing. At the brownstone, Joan finds a motorcycle in the house. It’s the same motorcycle that was in the garage earlier. There was a mileage log in the saddle bag. It has a log of over 500 miles on the day of the murder. He’s analyzed the evidence on the bike to try and figure out where it was driven. He might have driven it to the land they owned by Lake Placid. The two go to the land and check it. Sherlock has discovered the land has old growth ginseng plants. It’s $1400 a pound. The ginseng makes the property worth about $20 million. They bring the partner in for questioning. He tries to play dumb about the ginseng. Gregson did his research and found his buyer. They unravel his lies. He only admits to hiring the first hitman. He tells them that he has an email about the drop for the second half of the payment. He’s on three bus videos waiting at the drop. Both locations have the same set of stickers. Sherlock realizes that Butch’s girlfriend is connected through her job. She gets mad at Sherlock and breaks something. Bell brings up the life insurance policy she had on Butch. She explains that he’s all the beneficiary of her policy. Moreland pays Joan a visit at the brownstone. He had Joan’s office searched. Then he leaves. The next morning, Joan comes down to find boxes to sort through. She mentions his father’s visit. They get interrupted as Bell informs Sherlock that his girlfriend set the house on fire. She got a call about a condo in Tahiti. She gives them a new name, Myron Taft. At the brownstone, Sherlock is blasting music. Joan confirmed that it was Jared who rented the condo. Mrs. Talt is now the main suspect. Mrs. Talt is brough back in for questioning. They play out the staging of the scene that she did. She continues to deny that she did it. Her engagement ring was damaged, and a stone fell out when she staged it. It was in the car with all the broken glass. Sherlock is trying to find another home for the bald cat. Bell arrives on the scene of a crime. A robbery in a diner where four people wound up shot. Bell checks the first victim. It’s Emile Kurtz. This man was also Joan’s spy in Moreland’s office.

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