Elementary S04, Ep11 – Down Where the Dead Delight

Show: Elementary
Season: 4
Episode: 11
Title: Down Where the Dead Delight
Original Air Date: February 4, 2017

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: We shouldn’t put all our eggs in one basket.

* Cortez: Actually, I came here to ask for your help.

* Joan: I thought you said real cops don’t use consultants.
Cortez: Like I said, I’m desperate.

* Joan: Your client might not blow up a morgue for henchmen, but family?

* Sherlock: He inadvertently calculated correctly.

* Joan: What’s her name?
Sherlock: That’s the problem, she’s a Jane Doe

* Sherlock: Whatever your enemy is up to, it will not work.

* Cortez: Who knows, maybe I’ll be the one putting you away.
Joan: Race you to the bottom.

Synopsis: Joan is practicing boxing on Bob. Sherlock assumes someone has upset her. Det. Cortez is back. Marcus told Joan that she was looking for her. Joan will visit her at her station tomorrow. In the morgue a body is delivered by a singing person delivering a body. She gives him a rundown of the injuries, it’s a clear murder. The officer already took a core temp and time of death was around 5:15. Eugene invites her to a hockey game, and she accepts. As she rolls the body into the tray and closes the door, it explodes. She dies and Eugene is injured. It’s determined that it was a bomb. It was either planted in the morgue or in the body brought in. He tells them that he had 5 Honduran drug cartel bodies in the other day. They make him go to the hospital. Bell and Sherlock go out to where the body was found to take a look. There is a body of water feet away. Sherlock wades in and finds another crime scene just across the water. Bell calls him. Sherlock tells him about the previous crime scene only 30 yards away and less than 48 hours hold. At the station, Cortez arrives. Joan takes the offense. Cortez surprises her as she has come to ask for her help. She has a suspect that she cannot find and wants Joan to track him down. Joan offers to help. Gregson and Joan question the cartel boss’s lawyer. He denies everything. He does weave quite a tale though that doesn’t make much sense. He suddenly offers to help. Sherlock texts Joan. He’s found something. The body of a young woman that was murdered a few days ago. Her crime scene was technically in another county. However, she scratched her attacker and she had his DNA under her fingernails. The two go in this new direction but don’t have much to go on as she is a Jane Doe. Gregson is brought up to speed. Joan figures out who she was based on a past case in her ER. She’s a roller derby skater. At the rink, Sherlock makes a joke about Cortez. Joan tells him that Cortez actually came to ask her for help, not a rematch. Sherlock points out that the man might not be a suspect, it could be a ruse. One of the skaters recognizes her. They get her information and go to her home. Sherlock finds her stash of oxy. Joan only finds evidence of about 12 customers. They find a suspicious email and Bell checks it out. The father of the suspect doesn’t want to cooperate. Bell tells him straight what’s going on. The father freaks out. He tells him who Dylan is. He’s Janet’s ex-boyfriend. They broke up because they got in a huge fight and she wound up in the hospital. Joan meets with Cortez again. She calls her out for the file she gave her. Turns out it was just a trick. Joan and Sherlock are at the station with Dylan. Sherlock tells her the man Cortez had her looking for was just murdered by someone who looks like Joan. Cortez was trying to frame her for a murder. Joan is shocked. They all meet with Dylan. He says it was self defense. He wound up in the hospital too. He says they got back together three days after the fight. He demonstrates that he had no scratches. He noticed a jack on her wall, it wasn’t there three weeks ago. It’s a spy cam. They go back to her apartment and remove the jack. It is a spy camera. The footage is local. Sherlcok boots it up. It shows who installed it. It was one of her customers. The one they just interviewed at his parents house. They don’t want to cooperate. Bell serves a search warrant. Bell finds a false book front in the bookcase. It would hide something substantial. Sherlock finds a box hidden in the box spring of the bed. What’s in the box is disturbing. Joan pays Cortez a visit with before and after pictures of the suspect that Cortez was looking for. She confronts her. Cortez shows her a video of a woman in a hospital. Hernandez was embarrassed by the woman in a pick up basketball game. He pistol whipped her so badly she suffered permanent brain damage. Cortez heard about it through the grapevine. She admits that she did some vigilante justice this time and also other times. She wants Joan to help her with the vigilante work. Meanwhile, Toby can’t be found. Sherlock is frustrated at the brownstone. Sherlock doesn’t think he used any of the pills he bought from her. Sherlock asks about Cortez. Toby is at the police station. While they interview him Sherlock notices an injury to his right arm. He says what they found was just therapy. He says during the time of her death he was on the A train the whole time. He provides an alibi for the second murder as well. It’s confirmed he was on the A train the whole night. Sherlock wonders who else was looking at Toby’s notebook. He suspects one of the parents. He dusted it for prints and found two. The prints match his father. Sherlock thinks that his father killed Janet before Toby could to prevent Toby from doing it. They bring in the parents and tell them that Toby killed Janet. They want them to help arrest Toby safely. The mother agrees to help but the father does not. He then admits to killing Janet. He tells them about finding the journals. Then about talking to Janet and offering her money to stay away from Toby. Sherlock brings up the morgue bombing and the woman who died. Joan visits Cortez again. She tells her about visiting the victim today. Cortez justifies her actions. Joan tells her not to do it again or she’ll turn her in. Cortez tells her to stick out being a consultant and she will eventually see the world the way she does. Joan is adamant she will not take the law into her own hands like that. They trade threats and Joan walks away.

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