Elementary S04, E09 – Murder Ex Machina

Show: Elementary
Season: 4
Episode: 9
Title: Murder Ex Machina
Original Air Date: January 21, 2016

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: While the trigger men are dead..
Bell: The real killer is still at large.

* Sherlock: Even if there were no innocent victims no murder should go unsolved. No murderer should walk free.

* Sherlock: Her condition makes it virtually impossible for her to lie, even about the color of the sky.

* Union guy: I’m not stupid enough to kill the Russian goose that lays the golden egg, especially when he’s standing 20 feet away from me.

* Sherlock: You and I are like spectators at a magic show. We know the illusion and it ruins the appeal. But I enjoy watching an expert practice slight of hand even when I know what’s up her sleeve.

* Sherlock: His business is vile but legally he’s not a murderer. He might have just given us the key to this case.

* Joan: I think someone tried to kill your father and he’s worried they are going to try again.

Synopsis: Joan is making popcorn in the kitchen. She finds a note about Clyde in the fridge. This time he put the burrow for Clyde in the fridge. Sherlock prods Joan about her social life. She checks on Clyde again and tells him to sleep tight. The doorbell rings and Joan opens it to find Mr. Holmes. He’s there to see Joan. He asks her to go to a restaurant opening. She reluctantly accepts. Outside a Russian restaurant a very over the top murder of of four people takes places. One of the shooters steals a car and it starts driving itself. It drives them right off a bridge and into a body of water. A witness tells them he saw a gray car. Everyone is on the scene except Sherlock. He’s at the second crime scene, the car in the water. Bell and Joan meet Sherlock. He confirms they are the shooters. On closer look, it’s definitely been a murder. At the brownstone, one of Sherlock’s consultants is going over the cars computer code. Joan has found the dead man was an olegark (sp?) in Russia. Sherlock takes Joan aside and asks about his fathers visit. The consultant has now figured out who the hacker is, it’s Mittens aka Fiona. They go to her workplace to visit her. A VP comes out to talk to them. When he asks what is going on, they tell him about the murders. Turns out that Fiona is autistic. Joan shows her the picture of the car. She tells them she did not. The code she wrote was for self-driving cars to make them safer. They ask the VP who has access to her software. A lot of people in the office can and their system was also hacked. Fiona’s code was part of what as stolen. He gives them a new suspect who is the CEO of another tech company. She admits she was dealing with the now dead Russian. She didn’t want the man dead, he was going to save her company. She points the finger at the State of New York having the most to lose by a new port in Connecticut. One of the witnesses suddenly becomes a suspect. He runs a union for dock workers. He defends himself by saying he was cutting a deal with the man. It was a generous deal. He does confirm that they did not complete the deal. At the brownstone, Sherlock, Joan and Bell go over security footage of the hotel a woman that was visiting the Russain regularly, was staying at. They are trying to ID her. Joan asks if the stripper mentioned was ID’ed. Sherlock and Bell go to the strip club to find her and Joan gets ready for dinner with Mr. Holmes. Sherlock gives Bell a lesson on strippers and how they operate to maximize the money they make. Bells tarts to get impatient, but Sherlock may have found the correct stripper. She has a Russian accent. He recognized her as a spy. She starts talking. He learns what happened in that club that evening. At the restaurant with Mr. Holmes, Joan is very much enjoying the food. He tells Joan how he use to enjoy Mycroft’s food. He also tells her that Mycroft is still alive. Joan takes note of how little Mr. Holmes eats. He then asks her for medical advice. At the brownstone, the hacker is making a run for it. He’s been found out. Gregson calls Joan. The suspect is in his office. She tells them everything. The were trying to hammer out an end to the Russian/Ukranian war. It was her that was watching their search. What Sherlock and Joan found allowed her to identify the trigger men. She wants them to drop the case and takes it over. At the brownstone, Sherlock was on the phone speaking Ukranian. Bell and Sherlock discuss who profits most of this war and who would lose the most as well. Joan goes to see Mr. Holmes. She checked the facility and found a better one for blood storage. She asks him which arms dealer is making the most money off the war. Sherlock and Joan go to visit him. He wanted to war to end so that the ruble would go up in value and make him some money. He tells them the Ukrainians got weapons from him on credit. No one is profiting on this war. Sherlock has a list of Russian exports they can’t export. It leads him to answers. Sherlock pays Fiona a visit at a cat café. She’s impressed with his logic in how he found her. He asks her to help apprehend the person responsible. Her boss drives out of the lot. Suddenly his car is driving itself. It drives him to Sherlock, and he gets in. Rocket engines is his motive. Sherlock lays out the entire thing. He points out the app on his phone is what he used to drive the other car. He starts freaking out and tries to get Sherlock on his side. The whole conversation was overheard by the NYPD thanks to Fiona. Sherlock goes back to the brownstone. Joan is working on a new case. A French businesswoman was murdered. It’s a two year old case. Turns out Mr. Holmes knew the murder victim. She tells about the weirdness of Mr. Holmes eating habits. She thought he had cancer, but it turns out he was shot twice in that murder. Mr. Holmes was actually the target, but the woman wound up dying instead.

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