Elementary S04, Ep20 – Art Imitates Art

Show: Elementary

Season:4 Episode: 20

Title: Art Imitates Art

Original Air Date: April 10, 2016

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Favorite Quotes:

* Lyn: I only came to you because I needed your help.

* Sherlock: Or the image could be exactly as it appears, and you put an innocent man behind bars.

* Sherlock: Perhaps you’re just driven by a desire to feel important, to be the hero, to be the key witness putting bad guys away, right?

* Sherlock: You’re not supposed to be an asset, are you? You’re supposed to be a scientist. You’re supposed to be an impartial seeker of truth. But you’re not. You’re a charlatan and you’ve sent at least one innocent man to prison.

* Joan: You already know who we are looking for don’t you?

Sherlock: As a matter of fact I believe I do.

Joan: That’s nice. I got there 20 minutes ago.


Her sister makes a run for it but Joan chases her. Her sister knew about her for two years. She tells Joan that her father knocked up her mother and stayed with them for a while but then things went south. Joan agrees that their dad went off his meds. He told her and her mother about his first family before he abandoned them. Lyn insists she wants nothing to do with Joan. At night a woman comes out of the gym and walks up to a car that she thinks is her ride. She opens the car doo and he shoots her dead. He takes her phone. He drives across state lines and then uses a baseball bat to break the window and abandons the car. Bell, Sherlock and Joan meet at the scene where her body lies. He realizes she was shot from inside the car. Joan thinks she has seen the woman before. They go visit her brother. He’s a felon. He agrees to give them anything they want to find the person who really killed his sister. He tells them she was getting a lot of attention over a selfie from a while ago. Some up and coming “artist” is stealing people’s social media posts and making a killing off them. The three go to his gallery. He thinks they are there about the theft, but they aren’t. Five of his portraits were stolen. He is upset to learn that Phoebe was killed. He tells them she was one of the few that was actually happy about it. He shows them a video. They go pay that woman a visit. She tells them it was an act. The video was part of her marketing campaign to undercut him. Her pictures of the pictures show that the photo is a fake. Six portraits were actually stolen and one was replaced with a fake. At the brownstone, Sherlock asks Joan if she is ok. Joan tells him she is not Mycroft’s ex but her half sister. Joan also thought that he left them because he wasn’t able to stay healthy. Joan left Lyn’s mother a message. Sherlock gets some information about who was erased from Phoebe’s pictures. There is a car as well. It belonged to Louis Berman. Phoebe’s original picture could prove he is innocent. The man could not be in Phoebe’s picture and also commit the murder at the same time. You couldn’t see the man or car until the image was enlarged. They go to talk to Louis. He talks to them and tells them once in jail he was diagnosed with an anxiety order. He takes meds now and is fine. He tells them he saw the real killer. He tells them about an ex-girlfriend who was angry at him. He had not seen the dead girl in three weeks. The prosecutor is uncooperative. She gives him the case file. They bring in the x-girlfriend. She tells them he wasn’t. They went on two dates and she just wanted to be friends. She tells them she is a state trooper she has no access to murder cases. Bell points out her whole family is in law enforcement. Lyn has arrived at the station. She is furious at Joan for calling her mother. Lyn tells her that five years later the father came back. Her mother told him to go back to his first family. He said he couldn’t because he had been replaced and they weren’t even using his last name. She says a few more hateful things and then leaves. Bell calls Sherlock about Phoebe’s murder. They have a suspect. They arrested her brother. He is shocked at their DNA evidence. Sherlock and Joan watch. He asks her if she is ok, he knows she has been crying. He still says he in innocent. Sherlock finds it weird the car was stolen from Connecticut to commit a crime in the Bronx and took it back to Connecticut. They go to the DNA Lab and speak to the supervisor. Joan asks quite a few questions. Sherlock accuses her of dry labbing. Right reports to support the police without checking the evidence. He goads her. Bell informs her that all the evidence in the case will be retested at another lab. If the results are different she is the prime suspect. She’s brought in and admits that she gives law enforcement the benefit of the doubt when the dna evidence is not good. All her cases could be overturned. The car was taken to where it would go to her lab for processing. She challenges them to retest. Bell points out that she could remove all the DNA or wear protective gear. Gregson is upset as hundreds of cases worked on by her, it all has to be retested and will affect the cases. She produces evidence on demand and that had to be noticed by someone. At the brownstone, there is a knock, it’s Lyn. Joan has all her case files and is going over them all. Lyn tries to apologize. She admits that she lied. He never came back or knew her mom remarried. Joan apologizes too. Lyn tells her that her mother will speak to her if she wants to talk. The “ex-girlfriend” is brought back in. Gregson and Bell did some more digging. Her cousin uses the lab to get narcotics convictions. Sherlock accuses her of killing Marissa. But she tells them Marissa was gay. She does tell them Marissa was seeing a married woman. Sherlock gets back to the brownstone. Joan informs him that a lot of people knew about Zoe. Many would have cases sent to her lab or ask for her to retest materials that came out unfavorably. Joan then hands him the folder with the name. They go to the house of ADA Krista Pullman. Her wife answers the door. They bring up Marissa’s case. She invites them in. They inform her that the suspect was framed. Krista was having the affair. She is also who prosecuted the case. At the station, they inform Krista that her wife already confessed everything. Krista tries to say that it was a coerced confession. Sherlock informs her the DNA in the saliva was retested. It matches her wife. It was a blind test with quite a few options. However, the DNA in the car matches Krista. Krista killed Phoebe. Joan goes to visit Lyn. Lyn is impressed by her mandarin. Joan tells her there is no need to rush. She will have tea with her mother when Lyn is ready to join them. Confused, Lyn asks why. Joan tells her because she is her sister.

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