Elementary S05, Ep01 – Folie a Deux

Show: Elementary

Season: 5 Episode: 1

Title: Folie a Deux

Original Air Date: October 2, 2016

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: I just wanted you to confess, not this.

* Sherlock: There was a man who was acting suspiciously, and I followed, and he ran.
Joan: Did he hit you?
Sherlock: No, no, no. A car hit me and that’s how he got away.

* Sherlock: You think I don’t get the Village People reference, but I do.

* Joan: I was gone for five minutes, and you built a bomb?

* Joan: Two and a half minutes to pick a single lock? Rusty.

* Sherlock: Are you the teacher or the student?
Fielder: The teacher. But you are wrong about the student.

* Sherlock: Good day to be in the punishment business, wouldn’t you agree?


A man walks through a park talking to his wife on the phone. A random soccer ball rolls to his feet. He picks it up. When he turns it over in his hand it explodes. Sherlock goes to visit a man at his office and finds him on the roof. In the middle, Sherlock takes a text. A bomber struck again. He tells the man the history of the bomber. Joan tazes him and he falls backwards off the ledge. The two head to the park. They meet Captain Gregson and Det. Bell and get the run down. Someone catches Sherlock’s eye, and he gives chase. He almost catches him before being hit by a car. Bell and Joan show up. Sherlock has held this cab driver because the suspect put his hand on the car. They can pull the prints. At the brownstone, Sherlock drew a picture of the suspect. Joan’s first client is now ten years sober. Sherlock points out that Joan is nearly at her 5-year anniversary of being a detective. Joan gets a text; the prints are in the system. They bring him in for questioning. He’s a developer who’s scheduled is crazy. Joan points out that there were no bombings during the time he was in prison. Joan goes to the gym to see Shinwell. He worked with the suspect in the prison cafeteria. Back inside, Shinwell makes a call. Sherlock goes through the suspect’s garbage. The two have a tense conversation. Gregson and Joan talk to his ex-wife. Joan brings up the bombings. The ex-wife defends him. Shinwell comes to the brownstone to see Joan. Joan arrives. Shinwell called a cellmate that may have had information. They pull the guy’s file. He asks her if he can pick her brain about how she changed. They bring in the cellmate to see what he has to say. Turns out the suspect gave the cellmate a job at his development firm. He’s not helpful. Back at the brownstone, Joan recalls all the details of her surgery on Shinwell. The captain calls. A pipe bomb in a book return at a library in Flushing. Nate (the suspect) has been under surveillance the whole time. He never came to the library. He’s in the clear, at least for this bombing. The next morning, Bell calls and informs Joan there is no footage. Sherlock now believes Nate has a partner and the two of them are doing the bombings. Sherlock and Joan go to check out the apartment of who he believes is the second bomber. Joan chides him for taking so long to pick the lock. He informs her that it’s a commercial grade titanium deadbolt and the time he took to pick it was his new personal best. This suspects apartment was a stones throw from the original bombings when they happened. While they search, they discuss Joan’s life choices. She went to school for 11 years to become a surgeon to help people. Now she doesn’t help living people anymore. Sherlock finds bleach and all the rest of the components to make the bombs. The lab matches all the materials to the first set of bombings. He admits to being the bomber, but Nathan is not the partner. He won’t tell them who the partner is. He then tells them there are 20 motion activated bombs already planted throughout Flushing. At the brownstone, Sherlock does a weird gum chewing thing to try and trigger his brain to find something. Sherlock thinks Fielder is lying because randomly planted bombs are not the MO he has been working under. Marcus calls. Nate got his development sold. The competing site in Queens dropped out. Turns out the other site was in Flushing, the bombs make Nathan rich. They have Fielder brought back in for questioning. They lay out to him what they believe happened and how he was used. The project has been put on hold and the contract voided. There will be no money for his family now. Nathan has been arrested now as well. Sherlock then tells Joan about the rates of people that go back to jail. That those who don’t go back just need a little help to not go back. Joan goes to visit Shinwell. She offers to help Shinwell. He had a gun behind his back. He hides it, grabs his coat, and goes for a walk with Joan.

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