Elementary S04, Ep12 – A View with a Room

Show: Elementary
Season: 4
Episode: 12
Title: A View With a Room
Original Air Date: February 11, 2016

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: You want to steal something from a heavily armed meth dealing band of Satanists?

* Nick: this is the first time in my life me and the cops want the same thing.

* Joan: You know you could have told me that you like her.
Sherlock: Beg your pardon?
Joan: That you like her.

* Fiona: Spending time with you that day, I enjoyed it. That doesn’t happen very often.

* Sherlock: That’s the difference between a fake crime scene and a real one, evidence always sticks around.

* Sherlock: Personally, I abhor the typical.

Synopsis: Sherlock is looking at his new board. It’s his father’s case. He’s shaking bullets in a jar. They were the bullets removed from his father. Joan is going to see Fiona. She’s in need of a detective. Sherlock takes a call from the Captain. A narcotics Captain wants to meet Sherlock. The narcotics captain wants to steal something from a biker gang with Sherlock’s help. He’s in. There is an undercover agent inside. They want to steal the computer of the leader. Joan meets with Fiona at a café. She called Joan because she is worried that her new boss may be a criminal. Back at the house, Sherlock has set up a diagram of the biker gangs house. Sherlock asks about Fiona. Joan tells him she wants a background check on her new boss after what happened with the last. Sherlock gets a meeting with the undercover agent. It’s a tense meeting. Sherlock gets the photos he wants and also the chance to size up the man. Joan arrives home to find the living room looking quite different. All the furniture is gone. Sherlock calls and asks her to come to the roof. He’s laid out another map of the gangs headquarters on the roof. The door to get back in has new locks. Sherlock put the same lock as on the leaders office door. He challenges Joan to pick the lock. She picks the lock and heads back downstairs. Gregson calls, the heist is off, the undercover agent is dead. He went after the data on the computer himself. Sherlock comes to Dennings defense. The place got busted. Everyone was arrested but the leader. Sherlock points out a mole on the killer. They can use it to identify the killer. Sherlock requests to visit the scene. None of the bikers in custody match the killer. In the office, Joan notices the rug is gone. Sherlock finds a part from an antique motorcycle. It’s likely in one of a few shops in the area. Joan meets with Fiona again and tells her that her new boss is a good guy. Fiona gives Joan a first edition book, but it’s Sherlocks. She would like her to return it to him. They catch the leader of the gang. He doesn’t help them. But he does request that when they find him he gets to share a cell with him. Joan and Sherlock talk in the video room. Joan asks him why he did not tell her that he liked Fiona. He gets defensive. She hands him the book and smiles a knowing smile. He hastily exits the room. She follows him. He gets a bit upset. Sherlock’s computer beeps. It’s the dead officers autopsy report. The dead officer has the mole. He killed himself. He had a partner in the scheme, but it went quite badly. Sherlock lays out what he observed to the narcotics captain. He’s not happy that his officer did this. He had to be in a partnership with someone in the gang. Or it could be from his previous assignment. Sherlock calls the CCS and what was on the computer. It did have a ton of information on it. They are still getting information off it. Sherlock admits to Joan he does like Fiona. It’s a weird conversation as he is afraid he’ll hurt her. Joan is put off by how Sherlock is staring at the computer detective. He notices her step length and that she favors her right leg. Sherlock surmises she is the conspirator. The point is to get the computer to Hagen, the accomplice. Joan doesn’t think it makes any sense. Sherlock tells her that that two worked together in the past. The doorbell rings and it’s Fiona. She has a present for Joan. She admits she wanted to see Sherlock as well. He takes her up on the roof and shows her the view. They have a conversation. She goes where it makes Sherlock a little uncomfortable. She’s very honest about her feelings for him. Sherlock stands there a bit shocked. His phone goes off and she uses that to leave as she’s said as much as she can. The next morning Joan wakes up to all the tv’s in her room. But he actually managed to move her to the media room. He tells her the missing rug had bene found. He found the inconsistency. It’s actually her room, he moved everything to her room. The video was faked in another place other than the gangs clubhouse. Sherlock comes up the elevator with Hagen. She asks Sherlock about the status of the case. The meeting today takes place in Gregson’s office. Sherlock lays it all out. The only thing they don’t know is when the plan changed and why she decided to kill him. Sherlock pays Fiona a visit. She tells him she has had boyfriends before in case he was wondering. They both admit they are a little afraid. They head out for coffee.

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