Elementary S04, Ep23 – The Invisible Hand

Season: 4 Episode: 23

Title: The Invisible Hand

Original Air Date: May 1, 2016

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: Murderous psychopaths being wielded like surgical tools.

* Joan: Let’s say you’re right.
Sherlock: Yes, let’s, since I am.

* Joan: Is there no one you trust?
Sherlock: I trust you. Everyone else, I’d be doing them a favor.

* Moreland: I like to think of myself as a person who understands how the world works. This organization you described, I’ve never considered the possibility of a such a thing.

* Vikner: Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, what took you so long?

* Sherlock: Before you go look at your hand, it’s not invisible anymore.

* Joan: Acetone and peroxide. It’s just fancy names for nail polish remover and hair dye. You can pick that up at any supermarket.

* Sherlock: Don’t drink the camel milk, it’s expired.

* Sherlock: Do you attend the wakes of all of your victims?


Sherlock has now eliminated Moriarty as a suspect in his father’s attempted murder. He had charted the timeline of all their communications since her imprisonment. He thinks someone took over her organization. Moreland leaves his office but asks for an update on business on another continent as he leaves. A man is delivering water to his office as well. He kills the woman who asks where his escort is. No one is allowed up there alone. There’s a bomb on one of the bottles of water. He killed at least two in the office. He goes back to his truck and detonates the bomb. Bell is on scene with Joan. Bell tells her not to expect to find much evidence, the suspect is a pro. The fire department makes them evacuate do to safety issues. They can’t find any security footage. Gregson asks why Sherlock took off so quickly. He wanted to make sure his father was ok. Moreland is in a safe house. The doorbell rings, it’s Sherlock. He tells him he as identified the party at war with him. Moreland is shocked. He views the bomb as a final warning to stop investing Sabine’s death. He finally allows to let Sherlock and Joan in on his investigation. He tells Sherlock about his main suspect and the history with him. Joan arrives at the brownstone and finds Sherlock in the kitchen as well as a painting in their workspace. Sherlock fills her in on what his father told him. He also tells her of his new theory and additional suspects he’s eliminated. The painting is now explained, it’s a lost work done by Moriarty of Joan. Sherlock believes the man who owns it is the new “Moriarty.” He isn’t surprised to seem them, rather he is curious why it took so long for them to visit him. They walk through the grounds and have a chat about the organization. Sherlock runs down his credentials, which are impressive. He discovers the invisible hand theory. Sherlock deduces that Vikner is her daughter’s father. Moriarty has made both Sherlock and Watson untouchable for life. They offer to protect Vikner, he will think about it. He exits to teach a class. Sherlock and Joan strategize has they head off. At the station, Bell informs the pair about the bomb. It was made of acetone and peroxide. They are trying to get sales records for suspicious purchases. Joan is curious how the 20 gallons of explosive liquids got to Moreland’s office. Turns out the regular water guy’s truck got taken that night and then returned. The cops thought it was a joke. They inspect the truck; it has some bomb residue. Joan also notices a different tire. Sherlock also notices a hand truck with two different sticker prices. This leads them to the purchase. They confirm it’s the man Moreland suspected. He used a card so it can be tracked. At the brownstone, Joan and Sherlock are interrupted by the doorbell. It’s Moreland. He is angry that Sherlock did not tell him Krasnov was close and being tracked. Sherlock doesn’t want Moreland to kill Krasnov, but to have him testify against the man who hired him. Moreland points out that Sherlock only cut off Moriarty’s head as leader of the organization. He did not go after the rest of the group. By leaving them all alive many people died. At the brownstone, Sherlock is cleaning out the fridge. Most of the more exotic snacks have gone bad. Sherlock tells Joan he thought that without Moriarty her group would fall apart, but it didn’t. Bell calls, they caught Krasnov. Gregson and Bell question him along with Sherlock and Joan. He speaks Russian to Sherlock, who then speaks to him in Russian as well. Then he starts speaking English. Gregson offers to cut him a deal if he tells him who hires him. He picks apart the evidence. He does not cooperate. Sherlock tells them to keep him on strict suicide watch and asks for his belt and shoelaces to be taken. Sherlock detects traces of a propellant on the belt. It suggests he built the bomb as well as delivered and detonated it. Sherlock leaves, Vikner has texted him for a meeting. It’s at the funeral one of Moreland’s employees that was killed. He admits to Sherlock he is surprised by his actions. Vickner wants Sherlock to work out a truce with his father for him. Bell has the pesticide name. Joan explains how it can be turned into a bomb. At the station, a cop identifies Krasnov and then kills him, then he is killed too. The officer killed the prisoner and then himself. Gregson is furious and calls the officers CO. The officer was one of the six identified by the Dante survey. He likely did it because he was being blackmailed. The pair walk back to the brownstone, but upon arrival, Sherlock wants to go back to the station. They go in another way, through the neighbors. He thinks they are being watched. Sherlock finds a bomb inside, just like the one at his father’s office.

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