Elementary S04, Ep18 – Ready or Not

Show: Elementary

Season: 4

Episode: 18

Title: Ready or Not

Original Air Date: March 27, 2016

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: No chainsaw art in the study. No marching bands in the library.

* Sherlock: For a woman who’s husband has been missing over a week you seem rather unconcerned.

* Sherlock: Fiona is special, so I’ve decided to make a special effort.


Sherlock asks Joan how she was able to sleep. He’s complaining about the neighbors activities. Joan instructs him he is to do nothing. He then lets Joan know a client is on the way over. It’s about this guys son. His son is a person of interest in a missing persons case. The missing doctor got his sone hooked on pain pills. Sherlock accuses the father of abusing the son. Sherlock punches him in the face and then takes the case. Sherlock meets the with wife of the missing doctor. The wife thinks he ran off with a redhead. Two of her friends saw him with her. She then asks to show Sherlock something in the garage. Her husband is a prepper. She says he’s very good at self defense so no one would kidnap him or otherwise. Joan goes to talk to Vince’s partner. The sales woman is brought in. She brings her lawyer too. The missing doctor had been selling pain pills to drug dealers. She lent him the pills to cover the inventory and after the audit he gave them back. Sherlock checked Vince’s gym as well. However, Sherlock thinks he’s on the run. The doorbell rings at the brownstone. It’s Fiona. She doesn’t stay. Joan finds Sherlock in the basement. Sherlock was looking for something. Joan tells him Fiona came over. Bell calls. The missing doctor’s body has been found. He took at axe to the head. Sherlock and Joan think he was killed by a fellow prepper. The Captain shows the morgue photo to the wife, who confirms it’s her husband. She asks about the woman she thought he was having an affair with and it’s confirmed no. She does tell them that her husband spent $100,000 last month called the keep. It’s space in a luxury doomsday bunker. Did The Keep factor into his death. Sherlock wants to learn more about The Keep. They go to the office of The Keep. To go see it they have to turn over their phones. They ride in a vehicle that they can’t see out of. The two chat along the drive. It’s snowing at the bunker. He unlocks it and takes them inside. It use to be a NORAD communications center. It’s guaranteed to survive a nuclear explosion. Sherlock points out all the issues with the place including the mold and fake food. He finds blood and a picked lock. Sherlock has a cell phone still and calls the Captain and sends their location. They bring the salesman/scam artist in for questioning. He says he has impingement syndrome so could not swing the axe. Fiona talks to Sherlock at the brownstone. She tells him she’s breaking up with him at the end of her speech. They go through the list of people who have bought space in The Keep. Joan has picked out a prime suspect. Sherlock has found Stahler, the suspect. He tells them he knew The Keep was a fraud. He’s actually a whole different person, a journalist blowing the whistle on The Keep being a fraud. Sherlock drags everyone back to the victims house. He has to check out the bugout bag he has. The item used to kill him is missing from his bugout bag. Sherlock now knows why Vince went to the bunker and with who. The partner is brought in. They ask him about the pill traffickers. Sherlock posits that the partners went to the bunker and that his partner committed the murder. They start to lay out the story and proof. Sherlock invites Fiona over. Sherlock pleads his case. He tells her about Moriarty. He goes on to explain he’s not very experienced in relationships but that she is special to him and he is making an effort. She likes what he says. She asks if Joan is home, he tells her no. She then tells him they should have sex now. He actually looks both shocked and surprised.

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