The X Files S02, Ep04 – Sleepless

Show: The X Files
Season: 2
Episode: 4
Title: Sleepless
Original Air Date: October 7, 1994

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iTunes The X-Files, Season 2 – The X-Files

Favorite Quotes:

* Mulder: I don’t want you to take this personally, but I work alone,

* Mulder: So it’s actually possible to alter someone’s dreams?
Doctor: In theory, yes.

* Scully: It’s as if his body believed that is was burning.

* CI: The truth is still out there, and it’s never been more dangerous.

* Scully: Are you suggesting that Cole killed those people with telepathic images?

* Mulder: I think that Cole possesses the psychic ability to manipulate sounds and images that are so convincing they can kill.

Synopsis: An older male wakes up on a couch to find smoke from a fire coming into his apartment. The whole building is being evacuated. When the fire department gets there, they find the man dead but no sign of a fire. Mulder opens his door to get the paper, a tape falls out of it. He plays the tape, it’s the 911 call that the dead man made. Mulder shows the tape and article in the paper to Skinner. He doesn’t decide yet. Mulder works on transcribing some audio first. Krycheck hands him a file. They are going to have to work together on it. At the FBI Academy, Scully is leading a class in the morgue. Her class is interrupted by a phone call. It’s Mulder, he wants Scully to do an autopsy. Mulder goes to the doctor’s facility. Scully calls, something is not right with the doctor. What she has found is evidence of exposure to fire. Everyone is a bit surprised. Another man is in his apartment, watching tv and getting tired. He’s got a scar across the back of his neck. Someone called Preacher pays him a visit. Preacher makes him see things. He kills him with a vision. The case comes to Mulder and Krycheck. This case links to the first case, Dr. Grissom. The two go to visit the last surviving member of the military group. When they get to his room, he’s gone. When you see the file, Cole is Preacher. Mulder gets a call from his new informant. He goes to an arena under construction to meet with him. He gives him a folder about a top secret project done on the military. Mulder picks up Krycheck and he tells them they spotted Cole/Preacher. They head to the scene. It goes badly and two officers are shot. They actually shot each other. Scully writes up a report about the procedure and the report Mulder faxed her. Mulder calls her and while they discuss her findings he suggests that Cole is able to manipulate what people see. Mulder and Krycheck go to see another surviving member of the squad. Scully is a bit jealous that Mulder is working with a different partner. When the two reach his place of employment he’s a bit jumpy. He tells them about the experiment and what they did. They all went rogue and murdered at will. They also learn of a second doctor. Mulder thinks he’s the next target. Scully calls Mulder, she’s tracked down the doctor. He’s coming to New York for Grissom’s funeral. They get to the train station to try and find the doctor, but Preacher/Cole is already there. Mulder spots him, but he appears to get shot. Mulder watches the surveillance video. He tells Krycheck his theory. The security finds a car that shouldn’t be there. Cole has the doctor tied up and instruments to harm him. Cole has created all the team members to kill him. Mulder and Krycheck arrive and hear the doctor scream. They first find his glasses. Then she see blood and it leads to the doctor. The back of his neck has been cut open. Mulder looks for Cole. He finds him. He just wants to talk to him. Krycheck shows up. Cole tricks him into shooting him. Mulder’s report has gone missing. Scully’s office is broken into and her copy is gone too. The Smoking Man is given the report by Krycheck.


Bones S02, Ep06 – The Girl in Suite 2103

Show: Bones
Season: 2
Episode: 6
Title: The Girl in Suite 2103
Original Air Date: October 4, 2006

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iTunes Bones, Season 2 – Bones

Favorite Quotes:

* Booth: Maybe the bomber got caught by his own explosion.

* Cam: Every circus needs a ringmaster and in this circus it’s me.

* Booth: That was a nice moment you know, me translating for you.

* Booth: Do you have any higher aspirations than babysitting drunken playboys?

* Booth: We’re the good guys.

* Booth: There are a lot of gray areas.
Bones: Not for you, you did the right thing.

Synopsis: Bones and Booth are in an elevator. When they exit, it’s a massive amount of carnage. A representative from the State Department brings them up to speed. Cam joins them. She needs Bones to identify a person who is now visually unidentifiable. She also finds additional bones that don’t belong to any known victims. She finds an additional set of remains in what’s left of a chandelier. The extra body is that of a female. Data comes in on the woman, but still no id on her. At the FBI, Booth is informed by State he has to be extra nice to Judge Ramos. They question the judge. Hodgins asks Angela to pull up all the photos he took at the scene. Zack gives Cam a rundown of all the damage to the woman. He does get a name, Lisa Winneker. Booth goes to visit her mother. She knows some vague details about who her daughter was dating. Angela has managed to find the point of origin for the fire. She is able to determine that a person was there during the first episode but not the second. Booth and Bones talk to Lisa’s coworkers. She wasn’t working that night but instead there with a date. While they are there the bartender tells them the man Lisa was with walks in. Turns out he’s the judge’s son. For Zack to determine the cause of death he needs answers about the fire. The fire investigation is complete. There was no bomb, it was a combination of alcohol and other combustibles. Hodgins and Zack have built a small scale, 1/1000th size explosion of the fire. It goes wrong and it’s a lot bigger than they thought it would be. But it proves that someone killed Lisa and then started the fire to cover it up. They had no idea it was going to cause such an explosion. Cam calls Booth to give him the news, Lisa was strangled. Bones finds something odd and Zack is going to take a closer look. Booth shows the jewelry to the jeweler. It was not cheap, $800,000. He also recognizes Lisa. Bones visits Booth at work. Their prime suspect couldn’t have committed the murder because of his injury. The two meet with the State Department agent. He just gives them a bunch of bull. Bones gives a lengthy speech and it gives Booth an idea. Hodgins determines that Lisa was strangled with something silk. Zack determines one of her fingers was broken a few weeks ago and she might have been wearing a splint. Lisa’s mother advised her to get pregnant, so the rich guy wouldn’t break up with her. The hospital forms show that it was Judge Ramos’s husband that took her to the hospital and she had nothing to do with the son. However, the whole family is about to get on a plane to go back to Columbia. Booth asks Hodgins to stop the plane from taking off. He’s successful. At the lab, the State still stonewalls. Zack finds something odd and tells Cam. She yells for Bones. As the three talk it over they get close to the answer but are still searching. Angela realizes it’s 3” stiletto heels. She also notices that the Judge has a silk wrap that is missing after the fire. Booth and Bones go to the diner for food. Cam joins them with all the evidence. She has manipulated the evidence to frame the Judge’s son and get the Judge to confess. Bones and Booth meet with Judge Ramos one last time about Lisa’s murder. All the evidence will be turned over to Columbia. The State reminds her that her government is not on her side. She waives her diplomatic immunity to get a fair trail in the US, versus a death sentence from the cartels in Columbia. While Booth and Bones overlook the lab, several men in black come and take Hodgins, he’s thrilled.

Numb3rs S02, Ep18 – All’s Fair

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 18
Title: All’s Fair
Original Air Date: March 31, 2006

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iTunes Numb3rs, Season 2 – Numb3rs

Favorite Quotes:

* Larry: 9, 9, 9, 9.
Alan: Back off rain man.

* Megan: Give me some good old fashioned red necked chauvinism any day.

* Colby: We’re pretty sure she was on the phone with him when she was killed.
Charlie: He heard his wife being killed?

* Megan: We’re not going to just let you go out and murder someone.

Synopsis: A woman walks to her car at a hotel, it has diplomatic plates. On the drive she sees all kinds of people. She arrives at her destination, but while walking she is killed. At the house, Charlie, Larry, Alan and Don are watching a sporting event. Charlie’s old girlfriend, Susan Berry, is in town. Don and his team are called to the scene. The victim’s cousin is upset because her body has not been covered yet. Don yells for someone to cover the body. At Don’s office, they learn there were death threats against the woman. She was trying to further women’s rights in Muslim. Don meets with the cousin. Megan goes to meet with an Iman at a mosque. At first, he ignores Megan because she is a woman. Charlie goes to the reading that his ex-girlfriend is doing. Coly determines that the victim was on a call when she was killed. He also found a possible murder weapon. Colby tells Don that the boots and knife are American military issue and he’s worried. Don checks with her cousin again. There is a link to the American military, a case she was helping them with. Colby checks in with an old friend at the base. Colby gets stonewalled by his friend. At Charlie’s office they are all working with students on the equation. Susan Berry shows up. Amita and Larry are both curious. Colby calls Megan and tells her about the classified file on the victim. Everyone is a bit confused by everything. Meanwhile, Charlie is at the house with Susan. He tells her about the math he’s working on right now and she is intrigued. Alan comes in and interrupts. Back at the college, Larry is trying to recreate the steps with Colby. Larry thinks the killer is only 5-9 and weighing 170 pounds. Her work with the military keeps popping up, but it’s all cloak and dagger. Larry relocates to a small pool and it generates an idea. He runs back to his office where Colby is still waiting. Larry proves that it’s not someone in the military who committed the murder. Don goes to see the cousin again. She tells him that her cousin was married to Joe, the missing escort. The murder could have been an honor killing. Charlie has come up with a list of the most likely to have committed the crime. It’s got 18 names on it. Charlie has realized that Carnes, her husband, is tracking who killed her. Colby goes to visit one of Carnes’s friends. Turns out he’s hiding in the guys apartment. Colby gives chase. They wind up fighting. He goes with Colby for questioning. He tells them about the case she was working on that most likely caused her murder. Megan leaves so that Colby can talk to him. Joe asks him to square it with the Army so that he can go to his wife’s funeral. He then tells Colby who it was. Don talks to her cousin again. She has a plan to get the killer to come out in the open. Back at the school, Susan stops by again. She tells him about someone she’s been seeing and apologizes for leading him on. At the mosque, they set up the sting. Don is driving her to the service. Getting her inside is a challenge and a gun is fired. Megan spots the shooter. He tires to take out Megan but she gets her rounds off first, perfect to the center. Her cousin took a bullet to the vest but she will be ok. She decides to carry on her cousins work back in Iraq. At the house, they all discuss Susan. They both tease her because he has both Susan and Amita around and doesn’t peruse either. Alan announces he has a date.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S02, Ep22 – Vengeance is Mine

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Season: 2
Episode: 22
Title: Vengeance is Mine
Original Air Date: June 29, 2014

Links for the first six volumes below:

Amazon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 1 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 2 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 3 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 4 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 5 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 6 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Favorite Quotes:

* Karai: Well, if it isn’t the sushi I ordered.

* Shredder: Have you nothing to say to me daughter?
Karai: I am not your daughter!!

* Splinter: Disagreement about a mission is never a good way to begin.

* Raph: Is this a rescue or a romantic comedy? Come on!

* Karai: Guys, Leo..
Leo: I know. You’re not good at saying thank you.

* Leo: See Sensi? I told you my plan would work.
Splinter: Perhaps some things are worth the risk.

* Splinter: After all this time I have learned that revenge only leads to more pain.

* Karai: So much of my life has been about revenge. I can’t ask you to risk your life too.

* Karai: The time has come for me to say goodbye Shredder.

Synopsis: Karai is still imprisoned by Shredder. Fish face comes to give her some food. After he leaves, she manages to break out of her cell. She nearly escapes but Tiger Claw catches her. He nearly kills her until Shredder intervenes. Shredder tries to get back on her good side. At the lair, they plan out how to free Karai. Splinter wants them to halt their plan. He doesn’t want any harm to come to them or Karai from Shredder. They successfully break in. Mikey serves as a distraction on the roof, but it doesn’t work and they have to deal with Tiger Claw. Mikey knocks out Razzr. Donnie tries to beat Tiger Claw with a sonic sound. It works and they get Karai out. They think they are free and clear but then the Foot Clan bots surround them. Donnie races to the rescue in the Shell Razer but the Foot bots give chase. Tiger Claw does as well. Donnie uses smoke and grease to shake them. Tiger Claw is on top of the Shell Razer and pulls Karai out of it. They fight on top of it. Donnie takes a detour to remove Tiger Claw from the roof. They bring Karai to the lair. Splinter comes in upset over Mikey’s injury. But when Mikey moves aside and Karai is standing there, Splinter is speechless. Karai hugs him and calls him father. Meanwhile, Tiger Claw tries to explain to Splinter that he can’t find Karai or the turtles. Shredder is not upset, he knew she would escape at some point. The guys practice in the lair. However, it turns into a free for all. Karai asks Splinter about the feud with Shredder. He tells her the whole history. Karai does not understand how he can choose to not seek revenge. They share some tea after the story. Karai tries to sneak out to get revenge on Shredder. Leo catches her trying to sneak out and offers to team up with her against Shredder. She doesn’t want any harm to come to him. When he comes to Leo tells Splinter what happened. Everyone goes after her. She sneaks in but Shredder is prepared. She attempts to take on Shredder, but he easily defeats her. He hands her over to Tiger Claw to take to Stockman for an experiment. The turtles and Splinter arrive, and it seems they are too late. Splinter takes the lead. At Stockman’s lair he adds serpent DNA to the mutagen. Shredder plans to use her as bait. Splinter and the turtles make their entrance. Karai is suspended about the mutagen tank. Splinter and Shredder battle (so does everyone else). As Leo tries to save Karai, Shredder cuts the chain suspending her about the mutagen and she falls in. She comes out of the vat very much a serpent. The whole place is going up in smoke. Karai recognizes Splinter for only a moment and then she takes off. Leo feels guilty for not stopping Karai from leaving. On a rooftop, Karai changes back to her human form, but her eyes are still snakelike.

The Golden Girls S02, Ep03 – Take Him, He’s Mine

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 2
Episode: 3
Title: Take Him, He’s Mine
Original Air Date: October 11, 1986

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iTunes The Golden Girls, Season 2 – The Golden Girls

Favorite Quotes:

* Rose: Gee it sounds kind of complicated.

* Dorothy: I don’t have a husband. Call the police.

* Dorothy: We were married 38 years. You can disguise your bald head but not your emotions. Now what’s wrong?
Stan: I lost it Dorothy.
Dorothy: You never had it Stanley.

* Rose: I have the highest suicide rate in the office.

* Blanche: You’re asking me to spend the evening with a man you describe as having the personality of a dial tone.

* Blanche: Dorothy Zbornak, this was the most bizarre evening I’ve ever spent with a man.

* Sophia: Relax, if they were his friends he’d still have his thumbs.

* Dorothy: Why is it whenever I think I’ve met Mr. Right, I’ve met Mr. Wrong?

* Blanche: If you won’t talk to me how am I supposed to understand why you’re mad at me?

* Blanche: Last night you were dumped by the man of your dreams. It’s not surprising that today you’re a little irritable.

* Dorothy: Stanley you truly are one chromosome away from being a potato.

* Dorothy: You’re wearing your toupee to bed. That means either there’s a woman in your bed or Suzanne Sommers is on The Tonight Show.

* Blanche: Why in hell did you ever marry Stan?
Dorothy: It was my magenta period.

Synopsis: Sophia presents Rose with a plan to sell sandwiches to construction crews. Dorothy comes into the kitchen and Sophia tells her she doesn’t look pretty enough. Blanche announces Dorothy’s ex husband has arrived. Sophia takes an easy shot at Stan. Dorothy reminds her that his new wife, Chrissy, divorced him. Sophia is elated, she previously misunderstood Dorothy. She knows he’s upset. He tells her that he lost the business. She tells him she has plans and he begs her to stay. She goes in the kitchen and begs one of the girls to go out with Stan. Neither Rose nor Blanche want to do it. Dorothy has to bribe Blanche to go out with Stan. Later that night Sophia and Rose are making sandwiches. They ran out of tomatoes and so now the sandwiches are bacon, lettuce and potato. Dorothy comes into the kitchen, still concerned. Rose tells her that she had a Belgian Waffle stand when she was a kid. She learns that Blanche is not back yet from an evening with Stan. She arrives home describing her bizarre evening with Stan. As strange as it was, she enjoyed herself and is going to see Stan again. Several mornings later, Sophia and Rose are heading out to their corner before the sun comes up. They are trying to beat another person to the spot. His name is Johnny no thumbs. Dorothy is concerned. She’s also upset because her Navy dreamboat is leaving town. The truth is he dumped her. While they are all talking, Blanche arrives home. She stayed out all night with Stan. At the grocery store, Dorothy and Blanche have a fight about Stan. They somewhat make up and Blanche tries to comfort her about her break up. After they make up she tells Dorothy she is going out with Stan again tonight and Dorothy gets upset. Blanche lets it slip that Johnny No Thumbs is threatening the pair. Dorothy and Blanche start fighting about Stan again. It becomes a spectacle in the grocery store. That night in the kitchen, Sophia finds IOU’s in the receipts. She’s not amused. Dorothy comes into the kitchen looking for Blanche. Sophia then tells Sophia a story. Dorothy storms back into the kitchen again. When Blanche isn’t there she heads to Stan’s hotel room. The doorbell rings. Rose opens it to find two enforcers from Johnny No Thumbs. Dorothy arrives at Stan’s hotel. He has a woman there but its not Blanche. Stan tries to get rid of Dorothy. She then gives a big speech to the woman in the bed who she believes is Blanche. Turns out it’s a blonde bimbo. Dorothy is embarrassed and shocked and storms out. Back at the house, Rose and Sophia get beautiful flowers from Johnny No Thumbs. Dorothy heads into the living room to apologize to Blanche. She tells her about her trip to Stan’s hotel room. They have another heart to heart, but this time it takes. Blanche does have to ask her one thing. Why on earth did she marry Stan? Dorothy was four months pregnant.

The Nanny S02, Ep04 – Material Fran

Show: The Nanny
Season: 2
Episode: 4
Title: Material Fran
Original Air Date: October 3, 1994

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iTunes not available

Favorite Quotes:

* Grace: I just don’t know if I can sleep alone.
Fran: Oh, don’t worry, you get use to it.

* Fran: I don’t know what they expect from me these are hands, not wands.

* Grace: Let’s face it, I’m codependent and teddy is my enabler.

* Kathy: He rear ended me.
Val: I’m not into that.
Kathy: Now I remember you.

* Fran: Oh well, I might be old but the noodle is sharp as a tack.

* CC: I wouldn’t be caught dead in that dress.
Niles: You’d have to be dead six months to fit into it.

* Niles: Either Miss Fine’s date with Theo went well or we are hosting the wake.

* Max: Miss Fine, aren’t you a little overdressed for breakfast?

* Fran: How could you nap with $19.95 a pound staring you in the face.

Synopsis: Fran’s looking through the personals. Gracie comes downstairs. She doesn’t want to go to a sleepover. She’s worried they’ll make fun of her teddy bear. Later, CC comes in going on about a luncheon. Maggie wants to go to a concert but she wants Fran to ask her dad for tickets. In the living room, CC introduces Maxwell Sheffield. Fran enters the party. She recognizes someone as a high school classmate. CC nearly chokes Fran. In the kitchen, Fran tries to console Grace. Val comes over and they talk about Kathy. Kathy pops into the kitchen and catches up with Fran and Val. She sets Fran up with a rich guy. Maggie asks Fran again to ask Max for the concert tickets. Fran plays him easily. Fran’s date arrives. He looks more like her grandfather’s age. Fran is a bit shocked and has trouble keeping it together. The next morning the house is filled with flowers. Miss Fine walks into the breakfast room. She’s decked out in a tiara. Everyone is a bit shocked by it. The doorbell rings and Theo has arrived. He’s whisking her off to Paris for dinner. On the plane, Kathy and her husband are there too. Fran gets quite excited over lobster on the plane. Back at the mansion, Val and Fran are confused as to which tower leans. Fran announces she is breaking up with Theo. Val pretty much calls her an idiot. Somehow, they start talking about soap operas. Max comes in and asks about the concert tickets. He says everything she is telling Val and doesn’t realize it. Fran sends all Theo’s gifts back. It’s now the night of the concert. Fran and Max aren’t having fun so they get food. They both talk about how old they feel at this concert. Max spots Theo at the concert and low and behold he’s with CC. It’s now the night of the sleepover and Fran is dropping Grace off. They all have teddy bears and Grace nearly faints. They take a momentary leave to go get the bear.

Family Matters S02, Ep05 – The Crash Course

Show: Family Matters
Season: 2
Episode: 5
Title: The Crash Course
Original Air Date: October 12, 1990

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iTunes Family Matters, Season 2 – Family Matters

Favorite Quotes:

* Laura: Didn’t the examiner try to calm you down?
Eddie: Nope, he got out and took the bus back.

* Laura: How can you be so disgusting.
Steve: It’s a gift.

* Laura: Nice move, Binky Bear.

* Carl: Harriet, there is a car in the living room.
Harriet: Carl, don’t overreact.

* Steve: My heart knows the words but it won’t pump them up to my lips. I guess I’m just clogged with emotional cholesterol.

* Carl: Son, you haven’t lost my respect. Messing up is a part of growing up. Edward, it’s a process that never ends.

* Steve: Thanks Eddie. I wasn’t looking forward to military school. I heard they don’t allow night lights.

Synopsis: Harriet and Rachel are painting in the living room. They wind up having a paint brush fight. When Carl tries to break it up, they both paint him. Steve comes in and he gets paint all over Carl. The next day, Carl’s breakfast is interrupted by Eddie. He’s worried about getting his license. Carl tests him on the way to his driver’s test. He yells about a bread truck that doesn’t exist at Eddie. He rattles Eddie quite badly. Eddie gets home and he flunked the test. Eddie’s girlfriend, Jolene comes over. He doesn’t tell her the truth. She wants to go for a drive and he doesn’t. Eddie gives in a takes her for a drive. In the house, Steve is asking for random aspects of Laura and she is grossed out. As she heads up to her room, Eddie crashes into the living room. Eddie freaked out when he sees a bread truck. Steve tries to calm him. When Carl comes home he completely freaks out. Carl sends Eddie to his room and tells him to lock the doors and windows so he can’t get in. Steve, up and tells them that he did it, not Eddie. Laura and Eddie are shocked. Carl tells him to go home before he loses his cool. Laura and Eddie run after Steve as he leaves to ask him why he took the blame. He tells them it’s because they are buddies, and buddies help each other. Later that night, Laura tells Eddie that he’s a jerk for letting Urkel take the blame. Steve walks in in a military uniform. His parents are sending him away. Eddie and Laura are upset. Steve gives the two some parting gifts. Eddie tells him to wait there and heads into the kitchen. In the garage, Carl is blowing up a balloon for Ritchie. Eddie tells him that it was actually him. Carl flips his lid. Eddie tells him the whole truth. They have a heart to heart. Carl apologizes for the last minute test. He feels the driving test failure was his fault. Eddie gets grounded and has to wait two months for his next driving test. He has to tell the Urkel’s what actually happened. Meanwhile, Steve has been bestowing man gifts on Laura leaving her disturbed. Eddie comes back in and tells him that he told his dad the truth. They have a moment and play catch in the house. Steve breaks a lamp, but Eddie takes the blame for him.

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