Hot in Cleveland S02, Ep09 – Elka’s Snowbird #HotinCleveland

Season: 2
Episode: 9
Title: Elka’s Snowbird
Original Air Date: March 16, 2011

Guest Stars:
Carl Reiner: Max
Gregory Harrison: Dave
Mandy June Turpin: Doreen
Caitlin Carmichael: Annabelle
Max Charles: Marcus
Tom Yi: Dr. Joe
Terrence Beasor: Old Man

Synopsis: Victoria is doing a segment with a Gardener. She falls for him, but his kids hate her. At the house, Melanie convinces Joy to do some volunteer work with her. They go to a senior center. Melanie loved it and Joy hated it. Melanie decides she wants to make healthy food for the seniors. Joy thinks it’s disgusting and adds “flavor” to what Melanie is making. Victoria tries to win over the kids, but fails miserably. So she talks to the ex wife to try and get her to take full custody of the kids. Max pops in to visit Elka. She does not want to go to Florida so he decides to stay…

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S02, Ep01 – The Mutagen Situation

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Season: 2
Episode: 1
Title: The Mutation Situation
Original Air Date: October 12, 2013

Links for the first six volumes below:

Amazon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 1 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 2 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 3 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 4 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 5 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 6 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Favorite Quotes:

* Splinter: Are our enemies truly defeated? The Shredder is a crafty and patient foe who bides his time.

* Leo: The Kraang are back.
Mikey: I guess the party really is over.

* Raph: If we explode I swear I’ll slap the green off you.

* Donnie: Ok, so maybe we were a little cocky.

* Mikey: I kind of feel like bait.

Synopsis: The guys are out “on tour” but it’s more like a victory lap. They stop at April’s house. Her Dad’s bene having nightmares and is suffering from paranoia. At Shedder’s lair he is having a video chat with Kraang. Back at the lair the turtles are playing dodgeball with the Kraang communication orb. Splinter is worried that Shredder is not really gone. Weeks later the Kraang orb starts blinking. A ship of some kind is coming. Donnie creates a radar detector and asks April to track it with her dad’s help. But she does not tell her dad the truth. The turtles rocket out of the sewer to get their fling packs powered up. They find the Kraang. There are just three on the ship, but there is an unexpected guest who attacks the turtles. They are getting their butts kicked. During the battle, the mutagen gets loos from its containment case. It falls out of the hole in the ship. One is coming right at April and her father covers her. It hit’s him instead. As he falls off the building bats swarm around him and he partially mutates into a bat. Meanwhile, back on the ship the weird monster is still going. It starts shooting at the turtles with cannons in its butt. Outside, the mutated creature tries to hurt April. Donnie breaks the control panel and uses his bo staff as a joystick to drive. They land on the roof. The Kirby Bat carries her off and they try to find her. Back at the lair, they ask Splinter for help in a roundabout way. He suggests food. Mikey becomes bait. April wakes up on a ledge, very high up. Her dad brings back some “food” that she won’t touch and sends him off for real food. The turtles take to the air to try and find April. Raph shakes Mikey around like good bait and Kirby takes the bait, so to speak. April sees the turtles and screams for their help. Donnie gets attacked my Kirby and crash lands near April. They lure him to a warehouse and put him a cage to keep him safe. However, Mikey spills the beans about the mutagen spill being their fault. Kirby becomes furious and breaks out. April becomes so angry she tells them she never wants to see them again. Shredder video chats with Kraang and learns that the turtles interrupted the mutagen shipment. When the tell Splinter, he is upset. He tasks them with finding every single mutagen cask.

Hot in Cleveland S02, Ep08 – LeBron is Le Gone #HotinCleveland

Season: 2
Episode: 8
Title: LeBron is Le Gone
Original Air Date: March 9, 2011

Guest Stars:
Jon Lovitz: Opera Guy
Isaiah Mustafa: Kevin
Dan Bakkedahl: Jasper
Cyndi Martino: Patricia
Anthony Holiday: Ben

Synopsis: Melanie and Elka are at the bar. Melanie gets the game turned off for Oprah. Elka tells her to use her “powers” to get the guys to get them ice cream. A coach from the Cavaliers comes in and Melanie goes gaga over him. Elka tells her to use her powers to get him. They talk and later Joy comes in. She announces she’s engaged to homeless man “opera guy” so she can get her green card. Melanie and Elka are skeptical. Back at the house Elka is trying to teach Melanie basketball for her date with Coach Jason. During her date, Melanie follows Elka’s instructions and everything is fine while they are at the house. But…

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Hot in Cleveland S02, Ep07 – Dog Tricks, Sex Flicks and Joy’s Fix #HotinCleveland

Season: 2
Episode: 7
Title: Dog Tricks, Sex Flicks and Joy’s Fix
Original Air Date: March 2, 2011

Guest Stars:
John Ducey: Gordon
Arden Myrin: Jasmine Breeze
Bob Rumnock: Dr. Morgan

Synopsis: Elka brings home a dog from the shelter. Victoria announces she wants to make a sex tape…with Melanie. Joy meets a new man at the therapist. Melanie refuses to do the sex tape with Victoria so she hires a hooker. The hooker wants double for being a “porn star.” Joy steals her new boyfriends files from the therapists office. She steals hers a well.

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Mama’s Family S02, Ep04 – Naomi and the Stork

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 2
Episode: 4
Title: Naomi and the Stork
Original Air Date: February 4, 1984

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iTunes not available at this time

Favorite Quotes:

* Naomi: I don’t know what is wrong with me.
Mama: You want a list?

* Mama: You should have thought of that before you started playing rumpus room roulette.

* Mama: Well, I bet the neighbors are going to love listening to this for nine months.

* Mama: You’re no fun, you’re already potty trained.

* Mama: Lord, even rabbits take a meal break.

* Mama: Don’t worry Frannie, if practice makes perfect I got my money on them.

Synopsis: Mama is cleaning the kitchen as Naomi comes up from the basement. Mama listens to Naomi complain about how she is feeling. She suddenly freaks out. Mama makes Naomi follow a tator masher with her eyes but it makes her feel sick. She announces that Naomi is pregnant. Naomi freaks out. Mama insists on Naomi using the same doctor she did, but when she calls she finds out he’s passed away. Naomi does not want Mama to tell Vinton. At dinner Fran tells everyone the newest gossip. Vint tells them they’ll only have to live there five more years and Naomi explodes into tears and runs downstairs. Mama tells Fran and the kids that Naomi is pregnant. Fran has a meltdown. Then she gets mad at Vinton and spills the beans. Thelma sends him downstairs to chat with Naomi. Downstairs, Naomi waxes philosophical. Then she breaks the news to Vinton. She thought he would flip out but instead he’s thrilled beyond belief. Suddenly, Naomi doesn’t want a baby in the basement. Now Vinton has to talk to Mama and try to move upstairs. The two discuss it in a family meeting. A fight breaks out. Mama shows up at Naomi’s doctor’s appointment. Naomi is shocked to see her there. Vinton shows up too. Sonia and Buzz come into the office too. They’ve also worked out a way for them to have an actual room. Then Fran shows up too, surprising everyone. Fran and the kids start fighting about who’s room the baby will sleep. The doctor calls Naomi with the test results. Back at the house everyone is quite subdued. She’s not actually pregnant, it was a false pregnancy. Naomi thanks everyone for making her feel like she was truly a part of the family because they all showed up at the doctor’s office.

Hot in Cleveland S02, Ep06 – I Love Lucci, part 2 #HotinCleveland

Season: 2
Episode: 6
Title: I Love Lucci, part 2
Original Air Date: February 23, 2011

Guest Stars:
Susan Lucci: Susan Lucci
Michael E. Knight: Michael E. Knight
Charles Adler: Director
Carlease Burke: Nurse
Jim Hanna: Dennis the A.D.
Blaine Vedros: Corpse
Leslie Gilliam: Female Fairy

Synopsis: In part 2: Susan Lucci is in the hospital. She has the nurse trick Victoria into thinking she’s in a coma. The nurse also breaks the news to Joy that Alex is a character in the soap opera and not real life. Melanie and Elka sneak on set and play extras in the Robert Redford movie. Back on the set Victoria is asked to deliver her speech to a photo of Susan Lucci. Mid-scene Susan Lucci is back. The scene plays out with Susan giving the speech. And she uses Victoria’s lines from the hospital room. Joy goes to Michael Knight’s dressing room and tells him that she ran into his evil twin, Alex…

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Elementary S02, Ep14 – Dead Clade Walking

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 14
Title: Dead Clade Walking
Original Air Date: January 30, 2014

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Amazon Elementary: Season 2

iTunes Elementary, Season 2 – Elementary

Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: How on earth did you make a career of working with addicts?

* Sherlock: It’s a collage, I don’t do crafts.

* Joan: And how exactly is your naughty pen pal supposed to help us?

* Sherlock: A perfectly good solution has to be chucked due to..
Joan: Compassion?

* Joan: It sounds like a really good episode of Nova but how does it help our investigation?

* Sherlock: I’d say our investigation just got a bit of focus.

Synopsis: Sherlock is using a drill on a skull in the kitchen. He gets a text and heads to help Randy. Before he leaves he meets Gay and she is helping Joan work on one of his cold cases. Sherlock meets with Randy. He’s upset over a girlfriend. She seems to be why he gets high. Joan and Gay head to the property where the cold case murder happened. The backyard is still the same. The rock is about 65-million-year-old marine rock. She thinks it’s an archeological specimen. Joan steals the rock and gets a friend at the hospital to do a CT scan. Inside the rock is a complete dinosaur. They head to a museum and show the scan to a curator. It’s an extremely rare dinosaur and worth a fortune. Back at the brownstone the duo continues analyzing the case. Joan discovers that there is a fleet of ice cream trucks that run in the winter and it links to the case. The Captain and the two stakeout the trucks and take one down as it does a buy. Turns out it’s Cuban cigars. They interrogate him and don’t make any progress. Several guys from customs come calling and takes the fossil, but the first pair were not real. They just stole the fossil. Sherlock and Joan go to visit one of his contacts. He learns of the magpie, the suspected smuggler. At the brownstone, Sherlock creates something to get his attention. As Sherlock prepares to drill a hole in the skull Randy texts him. Sherlocks loses his cool over the druggie girlfriend. Joan calls him with an update about his “bauble.” She thinks the magpie has taken the bait. Sherlock and Joan take the item to the meeting location. However, they find a dead man. The rock is also there, but it’s been smashed to pieces and the fossil destroyed. At the brownstone, Joan finds Gay passed out on the couch. Sherlock has also employed her. They discuss the KT boundary. This fossil could have proved that some dinosaurs survived the extinction. At that station, Joan speaks to a number of anti- Dead Clade Walking theorists. They ask for everyone to give DNA samples. All but one complies. They get a match to one of the people but he’s in a wheelchair. Bell informs them there are two sets of DNA but this man’s DNA matches only one. His lawyer provides an air tight alibi for the time of the murder. He’s been framed. In their kitchen, Sherlock has sliced up all the case files to eat it. Joan stops him. The next morning, she wakes up to a book in her bed. It has a map of the natural history museum. He’s protesting a skeleton he believes is a fraudulent dimetrodon. The curator comes up to them angrily. Joan calls him out for what he’s done. He confesses with a little help. Joan arrives home and gives Sherlock a package that was on the porch for him. As he opens it he’s interrupted by a knock at the door. It’s Randy. He confesses to Sherlock that he got high with Eve and then ended things with her. Sherlock and he go to a meeting.

Ghost Mine S02, Ep12 – The Final Barrier

Show: Ghost Mine
Season: 2
Episode: 12
Title: The Final Barrier
Original Air Date: November 20, 2013


iTunes Ghost Mine, Season 2 – Ghost Mine

Favorite Quotes:

* Eddie: Whoever built this did not want anyone to get past this bulkhead.

* Stan: There’s definitely something back there.
Patrick: Yeah, but it may not be what you want to be.

* Greybeard: It’s getting damn weird back there. I can take my hearing aids out and still here strange noises.

Synopsis: Patrick and Kristen are digging through the wood pile. He finds a board that has the symbol. The portal had a bulkhead too. In the mine, Jay sees something. The investigators go through their notes and research. They think the spirits haunting the mine are that of the Chinese Miners. In the mine blasting continues. Once the dust clears they begin to bar down. Patrick and Kristen gear up to join the miners. They all head in to investigate and take a cautious approach. Kristen takes photos and Patrick checks EMF. It’s all over the place. Kristen realizes that they have been separated from Stan and Eddie. They’ve gone to the end of the tunnel and find a very large wall that is clearly man-made. They call for Kristen and Patrick. Patrick finds some symbols on the bulkhead. Back above ground Jamol feels them a scary lunch. Greybeard wants to do more sampling. They all discuss the noises they are hearing and what they are seeing. Back at the strange bulkhead readings of everything are all over the place and strange sounds are emanating from the wall out into the mine. Eddie manages to chip away the corner of it and a rush of air comes out. It smelled like something decomposing. Eddie suddenly screams out in pain. He rips off his jacket and then his shirt. It’s bright red and burning over a large area of his side. They call it and exit the tunnel. Later that night around the campfire they have a group discussion and express their concerns. Stan tells the group about the wall. Eddie doesn’t want to talk about what happened but he’s clearly distressed. They decide to blast through the man-made wall. Patrick and Kristen go back in to double check and make sure nothing was missed. They do another EVP session. During it there is some creeping growling that is sporadic and something falls. The K2 keeps fluctuating. They arrive at the bulkhead. Kristen continues to ask questions. They start to hear some intense growling coming through the hole in the stone wall. It’s actually so strong that the walls and the entire area vibrated. They are freaked out enough to leave. The next morning the duo meet with the team and bring them up to speed. They show the photo of Eddie’s injury and also the wood they found from the portal door. Then they go over the different types of activity that have been going on in the mine. The EVP of the scary growl is played. Kristen tells the guys that they don’t feel that going back there is safe. Stan calls for a vote. The two head back to the PI Shack. Kirsten and Patrick see that the crew has voted to go back in the mine. They suit up as quickly as possible and grab their gear. They race in after to try and help them stay safe. It’s not the whole crew, just a few of them who haven’t seen the wall yet. Patrick and Kristen meet up with the crew in the mine. Bucket hears something. Stan hears something like a voice. But suddenly, there is creaking and groaning and growling. Rocks start falling and you can hear the mine starting to collapse. Everyone runs for their life. As Stan runs out last the whole mine explodes behind him. Stan declares it a rock burst. All the gear is trapped in the mine. The entire mine has now collapsed. Nothing more can be done. However, all the miners are safe and alive. To appease the spirits, they decide on a monument. It’s overlooking the entire valley. As they pay their respects to the monument and fallen miners the rain begins to fall. That night everyone packs up, says their goodbyes and heads home.

Elementary S02, Ep13 – All in the Family

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 13
Title: All in the Family
Original Air Date: January 9, 2014

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Amazon Elementary: Season 2

iTunes Elementary, Season 2 – Elementary

Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: The mob was like a soap opera.

* Sherlock: Did you collect these people’s trading cards as a child?

* Sherlock: I was right, not one day in prison.

* Sherlock: I’m not a deranged lunatic, but by all means keep pushing me.

* Sherlock: Not true of course, the truth is much stranger.

* Joan: He told you Deputy DeSilva, Bell’s new boss, is dirty?

* Sherlock: We should know the truth before we decide, don’t you agree?

Synopsis: Sherlock looks at the leg of a suspect at the station. Joan lays out everything he has stolen from a museum. The suspect has a false leg that has a hidden compartment. He uses it to smuggle items out. Bell is in his new job and he is assigned a case and gets to do field work. He’s got to go to an oil recycling company. Bell and his partner get a tour of the recycling company. Bell examines some of the barrels. He finds one barrel is stuffed with a homicide victim. Gregson meets Bell there, along with Sherlock and Joan. Joan takes a closer look at the body and realizes she recognizes him. He’s been missing for 20 plus years. Mr. Padilla identifies his son’s body in the morgue. Sherlock pays a visit to the Demographics Unit. He doesn’t get the information he hopes to. But he also offers his services to the unit head as well. Bell and Sherlock have a little dust up. Back at the brownstone Joan is studying files, when she calls for Sherlock, he appears look as if he’s been cutting up a body. Joan has picked out a suspect. Then paints quite a picture. The two head to the suspect’s house and go through his garbage. They confront him. He gets in his car to leave and it explodes. Gregson is worried that a mob war is going to be triggered. Inside, Sherlock finds a small piece of the skull. Sherlock finds out that the NSA gave this hitman the information he used to track down and kill Handsome Bobby. Joan runs into Bell at the station. When he tells Joan about Sherlock’s plan she is shocked. Joan arrives at the brownstone to find Sherlock exploding bombs. Joan confronts him about the time-sharing plan. The argue but his phone goes off and stops them cold. Sherlock goes to a building under construction. He meets with the same guy from the NSA. He reveals that those materials were requested by a cop. The request came from Demographics unit chief. At the brownstone, Joan and Sherlock discuss DeSilva and the possibility he is corrupt. They ask Bell to come over and he’s not amused. As Bell leaves Sherlock goes after him. They have a major fight. Joan and Sherlock visit Mr. Ferrera, one of the mob bosses. He does tell them about a packet that was sent to Dante, it was not requested. He denies being involved. Bell follows up with DeSilva about the tip. At the brownstone, Joan thinks the pizza has finally arrived, but it’s Bell. He tells them that he questioned DeSilva about the tip. Bell also brought proof that DeSilva is dirty. DeSilva was a good cop and that’s how he rose to the top, but something happened to tip him to the mob. Sherlock thinks his goal was to start a mob war. In Demographics Bell gives DeSilva some news about the case. DeSilva calls Pardilla, he’s on a boat. DeSilva has a gun with a silencer. Bell is heard over a loudspeaker and DeSilva is arrested and so is Pardilla. In Gregson’s office, he thanks Sherlock for straightening out the situation with Bell. As they pass each other they nod.

Ghost Mine S02, Ep11 -Shadows in the Drift

Show: Ghost Mine
Season: 2
Episode: 11
Title: Shadows in the Drift
Original Air Date: November 13, 2013

Click either link to get season two.


iTunes Ghost Mine, Season 2 – Ghost Mine

Favorite Quotes:

* Eddie: I can see Baker City from here.

* Kristen: I really want to see the hole the guys put in the mountain.

* Kristen: Are you really going to repel down there?
Patrick: Yeah.

* Patrick: Is that a voice?

* Patrick: Guys, there’s something in here with us.

* Eddie: I hate to say it but it sounds like people working.

Synopsis: The miners continue working the raise. They head back into to check out how the blast went, but instead the blast broke through the mountain. Dingus tells Jay to run back and get Eddie. He comes in and checks it. He sticks his head out of the hole and finds a tailing pile and a view of Baker City and the whole valley. That evening Stan and Kristen return from their trip. The whole team gathers around the camp fire. Stan and Kirsten tell them about Arizona. They guys tell them about everything that has happened while they were gone. When they discuss the hole in the back of the mine Patrick volunteers to repel down the mountainside for them. Patrick and Kirsten head into the mine to see what’s going on. Kirsten heads up the raise and starts getting spikes. They start an EVP session. The next morning everyone prepares for Patrick’s descent down the side of the mountain. He’s got camera’s mounted on him so that everyone can see what he sees. He begins to slowly go down. The video suddenly cuts out and communications are cutting out as well. Patrick gets to the bottom, his line goes slack and suddenly the video feed and audio feed are working again. Patrick finds another bulkhead. It also has a masonic symbol on it. The bulkhead looks like it’s been caved in behind it. As they leave the area with the bulkhead and the raise their tools start spiking again. They follow the tunnel and it ends in a cave in. Stan and Eddie think it’s a man-made cave in. Patrick thinks he hears a voice. Stan hears it too. Larry comes down and Stan and Eddie fill him in on what’s been happening. Patrick shows Kristen a lot of video that he shot. He reviews all the bulkheads they have found too. Kirsten sees movement on the video. It’s a shadow figure. They have an EVP of a foreign language. It’s sent off for translation. Stan sends Jay and Dingus to clear out that cave in. In the cook shack Patrick and Kirsten head over to talk with Stan about their new evidence. They show him the shadow figure. They try to impress upon Stan how dangerous reopening it could be, but Stan doesn’t want the guys to go home without a paycheck. They play the EVP for him too. The EVP translates to one word, “demon.” Patrick and Kristen request they use maximum safety procedures. Back at the cave in Jay gets tapped on the shoulder, but it wasn’t Dingus. Outside the mine, Patrick and Kirsten talk to Larry. They want to know if the portal had a bulkhead. Larry tells them a lot of wood and timber came out with water and shows them where it’s all at. They start searching it. Back at the cave in, Jay sees something and starts calling out, “hello?”

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