The Big Bang Theory S02, Ep09 – The White Asparagus Triangulation

Show: The Big Bang Theory

Season: 2 Episode: 9

Title: The White Asparagus Triangulation

Original Air Date: November 24, 2008

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Favorite Quotes:

* Penny: What’s wrong with you? You’re freaking me out.

* Leonard: She doesn’t mean it. She’s just being nice.

* Sheldon: Not snowball’s chance in a cat scanner.

* Leonard: Do you understand this was supposed to be a date?

* Sheldon: If you were trying to make it impossible to locate you, you couldn’t have done a better job.
Leonard: Oh clearly I could have.

* Sheldon: Tell me what you see here.
Leonard: A blunt instrument that will be the center of my murder trial?

* Sheldon: It’s not bad enough you made me watch that movie, but now you mock me with it?

* Leonard: What is wrong with you?
Sheldon: I’m helping you with Stephanie.
Leonard: By making constipated moose sounds.

* Sheldon: You seem like such a pleasant person. I can’t understand why women have such a hard time loving you.

* Sheldon: I had no choice. He cried in front of her.
Leonard: You hacked my Facebook account?


Sheldon greets Penny at the mailbox. He tries to have a conversation with her. It disturbs her. Turns out he has something he needs to talk to her about. He tells her about Leonard’s new relationship. This relationship is important to Sheldon because this woman is the only one, he’s been able to tolerate. The conversation goes downhill. He asks Penny to not interfere in Leonard’s new relationship. Later, Leonard and his girlfriend are trying to have a date the apartment and Sheldon has to be in the middle. Sheldon starts asking her questions. She did her internship at the hospital he was born in. Leonard gets annoyed and askes to see him in the kitchen. Leonard and his girlfriend go to the movies. Sheldon shows up. Sheldon starts sitting in different seats and making weird noises to find the acoustic sweet spot. The movie finally starts. That night, Sheldon wakes Leonard. He’s been looking at Stephanie’s Facebook page. He’s upset about her relationship status. Leonard tries to get him to back off. Sheldon tries a Star Trek code to remove Sheldon from the relationship. Sheldon goes to Penny’s. He’s brought her banana bread. He wants to come in and chat. He’s shocked at the state of her apartment. He wants to know what Leonard did to cause her to break up with him. She gives him a crazy story from a movie. Sheldon informs Raj and Howard in the lunchroom he has a question about dating and relationships. He wants advice on how to keep Leonard and Stephanie together. Howard lays out the bad relationships he’s had. They both give him bad advice. Sheldon goes back to Penny. He’s brought zucchini bread now. He apologizes to crossing the line about her and Leonard. He then compares her to a primate and asks when she is ovulating. Leonard and Stephanie are on another date. He’s embarrassed because he farted. She thought it was cute. He asks if she would like more wine. She accepts telling him she assumes she is not driving tonight. Sheldon starts making noises. He’s trying to open a jar. Leonard goes to assist him. Sheldon tells him he’s trying to help his relationship. He goes no about Leonard being an alpha male. Leonard tries to open the jar and he can’t get it open. He accidentally breaks the jar though. Stephanie says he needs stitches. She takes him to the hospital and does a great job. He asks if she is still going to spend the night and she says no. Another night and the four guys are eating take out. Raj wants to see the stitches and Howard nearly pukes. Penny comes over and congratulates Leonard on his status update, “in a relationship.” He didn’t do it. Sheldon did. Leonard is freaking out now. He gives Sheldon a tongue lashing. But Stephanie has changed her status to in a relationship with Leonard. Everyone is shocked.

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