The X Files S02, Ep24 – Our Town

Show: The X Files

Season: 2 Episode: 24

Title: Our Town

Original Air Date: May 12, 1995

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Favorite Quotes:

* Scully: Doesn’t it bother you at all that they are trying to undermine your work?

* Scully: Those are only legends, Mulder.

Mulder: Most legends don’t leave behind 12 foot burn marks.

* Sheriff: Sir, foxfire is nothing more than a ghost story about swamp gas.

* Mulder: Scully, I think the good people of Dudley are eating more than chicken.

* Scully: You think these people were eaten?

* Chaco: Once we start turning on ourselves we are no better than the animals.

* Chaco: Kill me and you kill us all.


An older man and young lady go out in the middle of nowhere in a car to make love. However, he seems to have an episode and takes some medicine. He gets a blanket and follows her into the woods. Suddenly, she decides he has to chase her. She disappears. He falls and gets angry. Suddenly, there’s a lot of lights all around. He gets killed. The man’s missing person case winds up on Mulder and Scully’s desk. Mulder tells her about a report. Scully dismisses it as something for Oprah. He then shows her the picture, but she is still skeptical. He then shows her a documentary he saw in college. He shows her part of it. She looks a bit shocked. They go to Dudley, Arkansas. The burned spot has a witch’s peg. The local sheriff meets them at the burn. The sheriff is not concerned by the burn or the missing man. He tells them the man who went missing did not fit in and was a cheater. They go talk to the missing man’s wife. She thinks he ran off with someone younger. They ask if anything happened as he planned to shut down the plant. Next, they go to the chicken plant. The young woman with the missing man works there. She took some medicine. They meet the floor manager. He tells them that George was trying to shut the plant down every day. The young woman suddenly has some kind of fit. As she watches the chickens come down the line she thinks she sees George’s head on it. Scully is a bit concerned with how things are operating. Mulder asks to see a grinder. Any part of the chicken that can’t be used gets ground up and fed to the chickens. Someone screams and the young lady is holding a knife to the floor manager’s neck. Scully tries to talk her down. Before she can the sheriff shoots her dead and she falls in the grinder. She’s pulled out and taken away. The on-site doctor tells them that Paula came to him with headaches and a few other issues. He sent her to get a brain scan and it came back clear. He confirms George had similar symptoms. He prescribed the same medicine to George and Paula. They have to speak with Paula’s grandfather to get an autopsy. Her grandfather wasn’t happy with Kerns. He built that chicken plant and gave his entire family jobs. He gives his permission because he wants to know what killed his granddaughter. Scully finds a rare degenerative disease. It’s fatal and she would have been dead in months. According to Paula’s personnel file she is in her late 40s. As Mulder and Scully head back to town, a truck hauling chickens nearly crashes into them. It winds up in the water and they in a dry ditch. This driver also had the same symptoms that the other to did. Scully wonders if someone put George’s body in the grinder and now people are eating him. The disease is prions so it could be spreading this way. Mulder takes a look at the river and asks the sheriff what’s wrong with it. It’s run off from the plant, chicken parts and blood. Mulder asks if the river was searched. It wasn’t. This leads Mulder asks that the river gets dragged. The sheriff complains at first, but once Mulder offers to bring in his own guys, the sheriff is willing to do it. There’s a whole bunch of bones that appear human. In the morgue, Scully works on them. Mulder comes in and tells her they are still pulling bones out of the river. Scully tells him she has isolated 96 skeletons. The one she is working on is George Kerns. She also thinks that some skeletons are at least 30 years old. No skulls are there. All bones seem to have been polished almost. George’s wife comes down to the morgue. The sheriff tells her not to worry, they will take care of her. The doctor at the plant has a private conversation with the floor manager. Another person has come down with the symptoms. Mulder gets a list of missing persons in the area from the last 50 years. Mulder suspects there is a cult. He thinks they were boiled and compares it to the Anasazi tribes’ rituals. He wonders if it was a ritual to live longer. The floor manager goes to see Chaco. He’s upset too as he lost his granddaughter. The doorbell rings and it’s George’s wife. She is worried that they are going to think she did it. She is freaked out. Mulder and Scully go to the records department at town hall and find everything has been burned. Mulder’s phone rings, it’s George’s wife. She’s afraid for her life. He sends Scully to see her while he goes to arrest Chaco. Mrs. Kerns is terrified in her house as the power goes out. A large masked attacker is in her home. It’s the same as we saw kill her husband. Scully arrives to Mrs. Kerns house. She enters the house with gun and flashlight. Scully follows a sound. Mulder is at Chaco’s house. He sees a unique artifact collection. Then a large cabinet. The maid knows nothing about it. He tries to break the lock off and succeeds. Inside the cabinet he finds heads that still have skin on them. Their eyes and mouths are sewn shut. Mulder calls Scully. Chaco is at Kerns place. He knocks Scully out. The town is at a giant pyre. Each are in line to get a bowl of water. Chaco arrives with Scully and he is furious about Doris. The floor manager appears to be in charge now. The masked man is there as well. They put Chaco in a head vise of some kind. The masked man beheads him. Mulder drives right by, he doesn’t see the fire. Scully is brought over to the device as well and her head is strapped into it. The masked “creature” raises the blade to behead her as well. Mulder arrives near by and runs towards the fire. He saves Scully by shooting the masked person twice. He releases her from the contraptions. They remove the mask and it’s the sheriff. State Police arrive at the plant. The plant has been closed for a deep inspection and to check for contamination. Last count 27 members of the town have died from the rare disease. Chaco was actually born in 1902 and was shot down during a war and was in New Guinea for six months. His body has never been found.

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