The X Files S02, Ep25 – Anasazi

Show: The X Files

Season: 2 Episode: 25

Title: Anasazi

Original Air Date: May 19, 1995

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Favorite Quotes:

* Older Native American Man: [translated] The earth has a secret it needs to tell.

* Smoking Man: Gentleman, that was the phone call I never wanted to get.

* Mulder: They’ve always denied that these files existed. What do you want from me?
The Thinker: I want the truth.

* Mulder: Remember the ten commandments, Scully?
Scully: You want me to recite them?
Mulder: Just number four. The one about obeying the sabbath. The part where God made heaven and earth but didn’t’ bother to tell anybody about his side projects.

* Scully: What is this?
Mulder: The Holy Grail. The original Defense department files. Hard evidence that the government has known about the existence extra terrestrials for almost 50 years.

* Scully: He’s my partner.
Agent: Your partner? Weren’t you originally assigned to Agent Mulder to debunk his work?

* Bill Mulder: You wouldn’t harm him?
Smoking Man: I’ve protected him this long, haven’t I?

* Scully: Mulder, you opened the door for them, they’re just looking for a good reason now.
Mulder: I’ll say I’m sorry.

* Scully: Is it worth it? Is this cassette tape worth risking everything?

* Bill Mulder: You’re a smart boy, Fox. Smarter than I ever was.

* Scully: Mulder can’t you see? Everything is pointed at you.

* Mulder: You’ve been making reports on me since the beginning. Taking your little notes.
Scully: Mulder you’re sick. You’re not thinking straight. I’m on your side. You know that.

* Mulder: Look, you have my files, and you have my gun. Don’t ask me for my trust.

* Mulder: Thank you. Thank you for taking care of me.

* Codetalker: In the desert, things find a way to survive. Secrets are like this too. They push their way up through the sands of deception, so men can know them.

* Mulder: What’s buried out there?
Codtalker: Lies, you’ll see for yourself.


Navajo Reservation, April 9. There’s a very large earthquake. A young man heads out to go riding his motorcycle. He’s told to leave the snakes alone. The other two converse in Navajo. The young man rides into the desert and parks his bike. He looks out and sees something uncovered by the earthquake below. He investigates. He goes home to tell them he found something. He’s brought it. He’s told it should be returned, that they will be coming. We then seen a mummified corpse that does not look human.

Delaware, April 10. A man’s computer starts beeping. He’s excited.

UN Buidling, April 10. A man in a suit informs another man in a suit that MJ documents have been broken in to. He calls someone, who then calls someone. It spreads like wildfire through calls. Someone calls the Smoking Man. He says it’s been taken care of already. There’s a bunch of knocks at Mulder’s door. It’s the Lone Gunmen. They are being followed. They are being followed because they want to reach someone they may know. “The Thinker” is who they are after. He wants Mulder to meet him at a specific location during a three-hour window. But the conversation is interrupted by a gunshot. A woman killed her husband of 38 years. She’s hysterical. Mulder goes to the US Botanic Garden. The man shows up. He thinks he has the original US Defense departments UFO Intelligence files from the 1940s and up. He gives the data tape to Mulder and leaves. In Mulder’s office, Scully arrives. He tells her about the files and pulls them up on his computer. Scully is very worried. Once Mulder has them opened, he gets upset because it’s not in English. Scully thinks its encrypted in Navajo. He tells her to find someone who can read it. Mulder goes to Skinner’s office. Skinner tells him there is a rumor he may have sensitive files. Mulder punches him and they fight.

April 13. Scully goes to Skinner’s office. There are already people seated around his table. She is asked about Mulder’s actions in the hallway with Skinner yesterday. Agent Mulder is going to be disciplined. He may be fired.

Martha’s Vineyard. The Smoking Man has gone to visit Mulder’s father. They discuss the files. He wants proof that Mulder has the files. He’s told the man who stole them confessed. He asks if his son will be safe, the Smoking Man confirms he’s protected. Scully finds Mulder sleeping on his couch. He wakes with a start. She was worried and tells him she was called into Skinner’s office over his action. She asks about the files and who knows he has them because she was asked about them. She had to lie to cover for him. She’s not happy. The two get in a fight. She’s meeting with someone who might be able to break the code on the files. He tapes an X on his window. She then asks him why he attacked Skinner. He doesn’t have an answer. A woman at the office of the Navajo Nation confirms it’s Navajo but in code and a codebreaker is needed. She recognizes two words: goods and vaccination. She will reach out to someone who can codetalk. Mulder’s father calls him and tells him he needs to see him. Scully goes to Mulder’s and finds he is gone. She is at the window and a shot is fired through it. It grazes her. Mulder arrives at his dad’s and they hug. He tells him how smart he is. He tells him he’s going to hear words and they will make sense to him. He suddenly needs his medication. He goes to the bathroom and a man shoots him. Mulder rushes in to find him dying. His last words to Mulder are “forgive me.” Mulder calls Scully. He tells her his father was shot dead. She tells him to leave immediately. She tells him she can’t come home as someone shot through his window. He goes to Scully’s. She makes him lie down. She puts a cold compress on his head.

April 14. Mulder wakes up and calls for Scully. At the FBI, Scully is having his gun tested. He calls her. She tells him she took his gun to clear his name. She is being called into Skinner’s office this afternoon. At Mulder’s apartment Scully retrieves the bullet that nearly killed her. Scully sees a delivery van outside with tanks and goes to the basement to check. Mulder shows up in a cab. He sees something out of the corner of is eye and gives chase. Mulder intercepts him and they fight. He sees it’s Krycheck and asks him if he killed his father. Scully comes upon the scene and says she has Krychek for the murder. She is forced to shoot Mulder in the shoulder. April 16. Mulder wakes up in a bed. Scully has removed the bullet and tells him his shoulder will be fine. He’s still upset. She tells him if Krychek’s gun was the murder weapon and he killed him with his own gun, then it would link to him, not Krycheck. She tells him about the van with the soft water. She found a filter in it and it was laced with a drug. She reminds him that this is all linked to his father’s death and him getting too close to the truth. He thanks asks where they are. It’s New Mexico. She knocked him out for two days to drive there. The codebreaker is there decoding his files. He knew he was coming last week as they had an omen. The evidence is buried on a Navajo Reservation not far away and he will take him. Scully has missed her meeting with Skinner as a result of this. She also tells him that her name has come up in the files regarding a test. He tells Mulder the story of the Anasazi, that they were ancient aliens from 600 years ago. They disappeared without a trace. Mulder rides a motorcycle with the young man to the spot and then they walk the rest of the way. They carefully climb down to it. Mulder gets a call from the Smoking Man. He tells him his father approved the project. That if he exposes it he will expose his father. He ends the call. The Smoking Man runs to a helicopter and it takes off. Mulder uncovers a railroad car tag. It’s a refrigeration car. They open the hatch. Scully’s phone rings, it’s Mulder. He describes the inside of the boxcar with bodies stacked to the ceiling. The papers speak of merchandise and experiments. Mulder says they don’t look human but alien. It has a smallpox vaccination scar on one of the aliens. The helicopter is flying over the box car and lands. Troops swam in. The boy won’t talk and Mulder isn’t there to be found. The troops are instructed to burn the boxcar. The helicopter flies away…to be continued.

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