The Big Bang Theory S02, Ep 15 – The Maternal Capacitance

Show: The Big Bang Theory

Season: 2 Episode: 15

Title: The Maternal Capacitance

Original Air Date: February 9, 2009

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Favorite Quotes:

* Howard: Penny, come on, we were just finding our sound.
Penny: You found it. It’s the sound of a cat being run over by a lawn mower.

* Penny: I’m an actress.
Leonard’s Mother: Why?

* Sheldon: What a remarkable woman.
Leonard: I thought you guys would hit it off.

* Howard: Wow, you must be very proud.
Leonard’s Mother: Why? They aren’t my accomplishments.

* Howard: You know the rules. You brought your mom to work. You must suffer.

* Raj: You’re like the Jar Jar Binks of the Hofstedder family.

* Leonard: Howard lives with his mother and Raj can’t speak to women. Go.

* Leonard: You brought your husband to work. You know the rules.

* Sheldon: Can I make you a cup of tea?
Leonard’s mother: I doubt it but if anyone has a chance it’s probably you.


The guys are playing rockband, but their sound hurts Penny’s ears. She comes over and informs them of this. Leonard comes out on the phone. No one knows who he is talking to. Sheldon does a live analysis of the call. He ends the call and tells everyone his mother is coming to visit. It’s another day and Penny finds a woman standing in front of the elevator. The woman then gives an extended analysis. She asks if she is Leonard’s mother. She confirms that she is. Penny tries to ask what Leonard was like when he was a kid. It’s another analysis. Penny tells her she is an actress and her only response is “why?” Then Leonard’s mom turns the conversation into a therapy session. Penny tells Leonard his mother is here while she is in tears. Then his mother gives him a tip about Penny. He makes his mother tea. She rejects it for being cold. Sheldon and Leonard’s mother have a strange conversation about sex. Leonard tries to have a chat with his mother, but it goes weirdly. Sheldon really likes Leonard’s mother. Leonard thinks that Sheldon is lucky to have his mother. At lunch at the college, Howard asks Leonard’s mother some questions about his brother and sister. He is impressed with what they do, but Leonard’s mom is not as she didn’t do it. Sheldon just salts the wounds. When Leonard’s mother returns he drops both Howard and Raj’s issues in her lap to have fun with. She just destroys the two of them. They are both shocked. She tells them they have their own version of a marriage because they are both afraid of women. When she learns what Leonard is working on, she is not impressed. Then Howard and Raj have a fight just like a married couple. Sheldon gets mad because he learned they went to the comic bookstore without him. Leonard goes to Penny asking about alcohol. Leonard and Sheldon went to the hospital to do a brain scan. Penny then tells Leonard about her audition this morning. She didn’t get the part because she was too perky. Leonard tells her that he was so starved for love as a child that he built a machine to hug him. Leonard’s mother is over the moon about Sheldon’s brain scan. He then offers to make her a cup of tea. Sheldon then discusses how comfortable he is with Leonard’s mother. She agrees. They want to do the math on the odds. In Penny’s apartment they are doing shots. It turns romantic quickly. Sheldon and Leonard’s mother are having a strange conversation. She is not sure. Back at Penny’s the romance goes to her bedroom. But Leonard starts talking like his mother. He creeps out Penny. She kicks him out. Leonard goes back to the apartment to find Sheldon and his mother singing to rockband. Leonard’s mom is leaving, and he tries to give her a hug but it goes badly. On the stairs going down to the floor, Leonard’s mom gets Penny in tears again.

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