Family Matters S02, Ep25 – I Should Have Done Something

Show: Family Matters

Season: 2 Episode: 25

Title: I Should Have Done Something

Original Air Date: April 26, 1991

Favorite Quotes:

* Steve: All right, suit yourself. I’ll just have to take somebody else. But next Friday night, you’ll be stuck here with your principals, while Johnny Gill sweats all over my mother.

* Mother Winslow: Steve, I know the kind of person you are and I just can’t believe that you’d ever use blackmail.

* Steve: I just hope she falls in love with me while I’m still young enough to do something about it.

Mother Winslow: I was just thinking the same thing about Mr. February.


Steve comes in rapping and dancing with headphones. He says hi to Laura. Steve thinks she looks sad and puts his arm around her, but quickly removes it. She wanted Johnny Gil tickets and stood in line but they were sold out. She tells him she’d do anything to go to the concert. Steve asks her ‘anything?’ and pulls out a pair of tickets. Laura sees them and stops dead. She asks if they are for the concert. He confirms they are and she picks him up off the ground and tells him she wants them. He offers to take her as his date. Laura starts to stutter and finally says she’ll go with him to the concert. Another day and Carl is furious that Eddie didn’t clean out the incinerator. Harriet explains and Carl goes on a rant about how with Eddie everything is “tomorrow, Dad.” He finds no root beer and the milk carton is empty. He gets mad again. He finally loses his tempter and gets out is nightstick to break a jar of pickles. Harriet finally asks why he’s so upset. Then he snaps at Rachel. Later, Carl finally admits that tomorrow is the first anniversary of a death. A death he can’t let go. That night Carl watches footage on the VCR of that day. Harriet comes down, she’s concerned. The next day, Steve comes over. Mother Winslow joins him in the kitchen with her new calendar. Mother Winslow opens her calendar and is excited. Steve asks Mother Winslow about the concert and what he should do. She doesn’t feel blackmail is the way to go. Steve is a bit disheartened by this but agrees no date with Laura for the concert. It’s the anniversary and Carl goes to the cemetery. He apologizes to the headstone. Mrs. Mallory is not far away and hears everything he says. She introduces herself to him and asks him to sit a moment with her. She asks him if he knows why he was the first officer. She tells him he was there because of her. She wanted ice cream and he went to get it for her. Carl tries to comfort her by telling her there was no way she could have known what would have happened. She tells him he has to realize it’s not his fault either. They put the flowers on his grave and share a hug. Carl comes home in a much better mood. Harriet asks her what happens. He says he’ll tell her later. He apologies to everyone and wants to take everyone out to dinner and a movie. Steve comes over in slippers and a robe. Laura comes down ready for the concert. Steve is shocked. He tells her to take Maxine with her. She wants to know why. She’s excited to be let off the hook. She picks up the phone to call Maxine but hangs up. She thinks it’s a trick and she’ll owe him one. She insists that he go on a date with her tonight, she doesn’t want it to happen sometime in the future.

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