The Big Bang Theory S02, Ep14 – The Financial Permeability

Show: The Big Bang Theory

Season: 2 Episode: 14

Title: The Financial Permeability

Original Air Date: February 2, 2009

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Favorite Quotes:

* Leonard: I don’t a Sheldon approved restaurant anywhere near a Sheldon approved theater.

* Sheldon: It occurs to me that you could solve all your problems by obtaining more money.
Penny: Yes, it occurs to me too.

* Penny: Don’t be silly.
Sheldon: I’m never silly.

* Penny: Sheldon, honey, I don’t want things to be weird between us.
Sheldon: Won’t it also be weird if I have to say hello to you every morning on my way to work and you’re living in a refrigerator box and washing your hair with rainwater?
Penny: I’ll pay you back as soon as I can.

* Howard: He was just wondering if he wore skin tight jeans and a tank top if he would get his shrimp low mein for free.

* Penny: What are you saying? That I’m using by body to get dinner? That I’m some sort of Chinese food prostitute?

* Sheldon: In case any of you have larceny on your mind, I’ve moved my money out of the snake can.

* Sheldon: Leonard, do you not recall that the last time we visited this gentlemen we returned without pants?

* Sheldon: Who’s in favor of abandoning our game and confronting Penny’s steroid infused ex-boyfriend in a suicidal mission to extract money from him?


They ponder a problem that seems to be unsolvable. However, its movie showtimes and theaters. Sheldon starts going down the list. Raj suggests substituting a Slurpee for an Icee. The three leave without Sheldon to go see the movie. He admits that it was the only option. Another day and Sheldon is opening his apartment as Penny runs up the stairs. They run in to the apartment. Penny is clearly avoiding someone. She’s hiding from the building manager because she hasn’t paid her rent yet. She explains she is behind because her hours got cut and her car stopped working. The repairs will cost $1,200. Sheldon opens up a container that snakes jump out of. He takes out a wad of cash and tells Penny to take some. She can pay him back when she can. She does some math in her head, there is some give and take to the pile. Then she stops, saying it will be too weird. But he convinces her with a story about a refrigerator box and rainwater. She accepts. It’s another day and Sheldon and Leonard return. Sheldon has a weird thought process going on. Penny joins them in the lobby. Sheldon points out she has a package. It was something on back order. Sheldon tells her weird history about berets. She kind of freaks out. Leonard comments about how weird it was. Sheldon offers to let Leonard go over his log of social interactions to see if he did something. The guys get Chinese. Leonard tells Howard he owes him two more dollars. Penny asks what she owes, and he tells her it’s his treat. But then a fight with Penny and Raj (Howard speaks for Raj) begins. Raj looks afraid and Howard takes her side. Raj runs for the restroom. She gives him $14. Penny goes on a rant about leftovers for 4 days and needing a break. Then it comes out that Sheldon lent her money. She has a freak out and Sheldon asks if she needs more or if he didn’t give her enough. She storms out, upset. Leonard goes to check on Penny. She’s eating by candlelight. Her power got turned off. He tries to explain that Sheldon doesn’t care when he gets paid back. One of the few nice things about him. She’s just very upset. Her plan was to waitress 6 months and become a movie star. Becoming a tv star was plan B. He tries to help her go through bills to see where she can cut costs. There is an $1800 bill to the court. She was nice enough to pay her ex-boyfriend Kurt’s back fines. He has not paid her back. She may have to move. Leonard tries to convince her to stay and possibly get a roommate. He cutely suggests himself. Back at the apartment, Howard has heart burn. Leonard comes back to find the guys playing a game. Leonard suggests a real live quest. He wants them to go with him to visit Kurt to get him to pay Penny back the money he owes her. They ignore him. Sheldon finally speaks up about how suicidal the idea is. He counters with the Hobbit. He leaves to go by himself but comes back and asks one more time. They all go with him. Kurt opens the door. Leonard decides to start with introductions. Kurt is a bit of a jerk. The three leave but Leonard stays. He knocks again. He insists he is not leaving till he gets Penny’s money. Kurt wrote on Leonard’s forehead, “I owe Penny $1800.” The next day when Penny knocks, he’s wearing a beanie to cover it up. Penny has returned Sheldon’s loan. Penny says Kurt paid her back and she cut some expenses and got more hours. Kurt did not mention Leonard’s visit. Penny thinks he’s changed and is going to dinner with him. Leonard is very upset. Sheldon sings a few lines of song about Leonard’s victory.

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