The Big Bang Theory S02, Ep12 – The Killer Robot Instability

Show: The Big Bang Theory

Season: 2 Episode: 12

Title: The Killer Robot Instability

Original Air Date: January 12, 2009

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sheldon: Is it wrong to say I love our killer robot?

* Leonard: A killer robot. We built it.
Penny: Well, it almost killed me.
Sheldon: If it wanted to kill you, you’d be dead.

* Penny: I know you think you are a smooth-talking ladies man, but you are just pathetic and creepy.

* Penny: Flirting? You think I am flirting with you? I am not flirting with you. No woman is ever going to flirt with you. You’re just going to grow old and die alone.

* Kripke: We are all pathetic and creepy and can’t get girls. That’s why we fight robots.

* Howard’s Mom: She ran past me. Was I supposed to tackle her?

* Penny: I’ve been informed that you have feelings and apparently, I’ve hurt them.

* Leonard: You want to prepare him? Install a bladder and a pair of pants so he can wet himself.

* Howard: Look at me. What chance do I have if I don’t try too hard?

* Sheldon: I’d rather see MONTE dead than in your hands.
Kripke: That could be easily arranged.

* Sheldon: I did this. MONTE was killed by my hubris and my pride.


The guys have built a robot for battle. They can’t decide what to attack with the robot first. Leonard suggests the toaster oven. Everyone puts on safety goggles. Howard operates the robot and cuts the toaster oven into several pieces. Penny is going up the stairs. The robot busts through the door and she runs down the stairs screaming. The guys go out in the hall. Penny what is going on. Sheldon explains the robot is for an upcoming robot contest. Howard tells her a little about it and then asks her to go with him. She’s not amused. He continues hitting on her. Leonard tells him to stop. However, Penny is not in the mood to put up with Howard. She takes him down with harsh words and goes completely off on him. He finally realizes she is serious, not flirting with him. She then takes it to a whole new level. Everyone is left speechless. Howard leaves. The next day, Howard is in bed feeling sorry for himself. He didn’t go to work. Leonard calls the house looking for him. Howard and his mom argue. Kripke speaks with the guys at lunch. He’s built a robot too. He trash talks the guys. Sheldon then tries to trash talk back. Kripke then challenges them to a robot battle. But they can’t because Howard is incapacitated. Leonard goes to Penny’s. He asks her to apologize to Howard. She refuses. Leonard compares Penny to Bruce Banner and the Incredible Hulk. She doesn’t want to lie. He decides to call in the favor she owes from when he recovered her tv and lost his pants. She finally gives in. The next day Penny goes to Howards. She barges into his room. Penny tries to apologize. He gets a bit of an attitude with her and kicks her out. He breaks down into tears and she goes back in. The other three look up Kripke’s robot. It’s not good. It destroyed an automobile. Sheldon decides to upgrade the robot himself, but he can’t open the toolbox. Meanwhile, Howard is crying on Penny’s shoulder. Then he sings a creepy song about a girl. And he is finally up to 10th grade. She tries to build him back up. He moves to kiss her, and she punches him. The time has come for the robot battle. Sheldon is trying to outwit Kripke. Leonard wants to lay out rules, Kripke wants it to be a street fight. The battle begins with Sheldon controlling the robot. Kripke turns on the flame thrower. Sheldon makes a run for it with the robot. But the robot is destroyed. Howard and Penny race over. He is speechless. His nose is very broken, but Penny says he tripped and fell. Howard is furious at all the damage the robot has sustained. Sheldon plans out a funeral for the robot. Penny chides him because it’s a toy robot. He gets upset and runs to his room. She follows to apologize.

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