The Golden Girls S02, Ep25 – A Piece of Cake

Show: The Golden Girls

Season: 2 Episode: 25

Title: A Piece of Cake

Original Air Date: May 9, 1987

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sophia: 45 minutes? In 45 minutes, I can bake two cakes and knit you a sweater. Out of my way. The maestro approaches the podium.

* Rose: I thought it would be fun.
Dorothy: For a five-year-old or someone who thinks like one.

* Rose: If you drink three of them, you get to keep Mr. Ha Ha’s hat.
Dorothy: If you drink three of them, you should get to keep Mr. Ha Ha’s kidney.

* Dorothy: Get bent, Ha Ha.

* Mr. Ha Ha: You see kids, when you get a little older you can get a little cranky. And when you get to be as old as Dorothy, well, you can be a real pain in Ha Ha.

* Sophia: I got everything I need coconut, eggs, unbleached flour, rum.
Rose: Oh, you making a rum cake?
Sophia: No.

* Sophia: After 80, every year without a headstone is a milestone.

* Dorothy: You and pop had a fight?
Sophia: You love to show off that college education, don’t you?

* Sophia: What’s the difference? I gave that man the best years of my life and he just stole two more.


Dorothy comes back with ice. Blanche is preparing horderves. Sophia joins them and asks when the birthday girl is coming. They go to bring everything into the living room. Sophia forgot to make the birthday cake. The guest of honor will arrive in 45 minutes and Sophia says she can do it. Dorothy tells a story about a surprise birthday Rose planned for her. It was at Mr. Ha Ha’s Hot Dog Hacienda. Rose is having a blast, but Dorothy is angry. Rose gets upset and starts to cry, she thinks Dorothy hates her now. Dorothy and Blanche try to pretend they are having a good time. Suddenly, music starts and Mr. Ha Ha returns to the stage. It’s now time for the birthday round up. Dorothy’s expression turns to a look of horror when her name is called. Dorothy tries to kill Rose. She finally goes up on stage. He then starts to read out how old each one is but Dorothy stops him from telling her age. Dorothy gets to lead the birthday parade. The parade finally ends. Now they get their hot fudge birthday cakes. Mr. Ha Ha pushes Dorothy. Dorothy picks up her cake to smash in Mr. Ha Ha’s face. One of the birthday boys walks over with his cake and smashes it Mr. Ha Ha’s face and then wishes her a happy birthday. Back in the kitchen, Sophia is making the cake and enjoying rum. Rose tells them that she baked all the birthday cakes in St. Olaf. She tells the story of the last birthday cake she baked there. It was her birthday cake just before she sold the house and moved to Miami. Back in the kitchen, Sophia’s cake is going downhill quickly as she has drunk too much rum. They discuss the birthday girl, Roberta, who’s coming over. She’s turning 88. They then start discussing 50th birthdays. Dorothy starts to tell the story, but Sophia takes over. Sal and Sophia have a big fight. Dorothy arrives and Sophia lets her in. Sophia tells her she’s not going. Dorothy asks if she had a fight with Sal? The fight continues after Dorothy arrives. Dorothy tries to end the fight. Dorothy gets confused when Sophia says it’s her 50th birthday, while she thought she was 48. A mistake was made on the paperwork when she moved to the US. Sophia starts talking about dreams she had and now she has two less years to accomplish them. Dorothy gives her a speech about all the things she’s accomplished. Sal shouts at her that she’s acting like an ass and looks as beautiful as the day he married her. She goes in the room. Dorothy knocks and tells them they are going to be late. She then tells Dorothy they’ll be two hours late for the party. They never got to the party. Back in the kitchen, Blanche is curious about the cake. Blanche says surprise parties don’t usually work. Then tells a story about a surprise birthday party for Blanche. Dorothy bought a cake while Rose baked one. The doorbell rings and it’s Sophia. Dorothy tells Sophia to go out to the lanai and mingle with the party guests. Blanche comes in and is very upset. Blanche admits it’s her birthday. Sophia comes in and spoils the birthday party surprise. Dorothy and Rose offer to cancel the party. So a whole bunch of men come in from the lanai. Rose invited everyone in Blanche’s little black book. Suddenly, Blanche likes surprise parties again. Rose then starts to tell a St. Olaf story. Sophia takes out the cake but it looks more like a cookie. They all go into the living room. They yell surprise at Blanche. Blanche tells them her birthday is not for a week. Conga music starts and the men pour in from the lanai and everyone forms a conga line.

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