The Big Bang Theory S02, Ep16 – The Cushion SaturationThe Big Bang Theory S02, Ep16 –

Show: The Big Bang Theory

Season: 2 Episode: 16

Title: The Cushion Saturation

Original Air Date: March 2, 2009

Favorite Quotes:

* Raj: God, I love the smell of paintballs in the morning.

* Penny: Boy I love him, but he is one serious whackadoodle.

* Penny: I’m from Nebraska. When we shoot things it’s because we want to eat them or make them leave our boyfriends alone.

* Penny: What are we going to do?
Leonard: We? No, no, no. You had your chance to be “we” for like a year and a half now. Right now you are you and you are screwed.

* Penny: There, butt print.
Leonard: It’s too small and too perfect.
Penny: Thank you.

* Penny: Sheldon, I’m really, really sorry. But it’s only for a week. Can’t you be a little bit flexible? Yeah, sorry, didn’t really think that through.

* Sheldon: I’m sorry Leonard but revenge is a dish best served cold.

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The guys are playing paintball and get stuck in a shed. The other departments have them pinned down. They leave Howard to save himself. Leslie finds him. Leslie makes a move on Howard. They start making out. At lunch, they discuss the budget cuts. Leslie drops by the table and informs Howard that he’s getting something he’s requested. Raj thinks something more is going on. They apparently did a lot more than just kiss in the shed. Penny’s laptop freezes and she takes it to Leonard to fix. Penny finds the paintball gun. She picks it up and it goes off on Leonard’s spot. At Howard’s house, he and Leslie are spending the night together again. His mother comes home and even Leslie gets in on the yelling. Meanwhile, back at the apartment, the green paint will not come off Leonard’s spot. Penny tries to make it she and Leonard’s accident but he’s not having it. Penny flips it over, but there’s no butt print. Leonard arrives back from the comic book store. Leonard goes to his spot to read his comic book. He has trouble getting comfortable. He gets up to figure out what’s wrong and when he flips it over, finds the green paint. That night, Sheldon tries to find a new spot without success. Howard switches the cushions to try and solve the problem. Sheldon has a meltdown. But Howard’s phone goes off in the middle. It’s Leslie and he’s off to be with her. Leslie asks him to go with her to her sister’s wedding. He tells her that he doesn’t want to go. She cancels his trip to Geneva for saying no. Howard realizes he’s a bought and paid for sex toy. He decides to go to the wedding after all. The next morning, Sheldon crouches in his spot. Penny stops by with the cushion, paint free. Sheldon sits and then still says its wrong. Leonard tells him he’s been getting his Chinese food from a different place. Now he’s sitting on the cushion. Penny joins them for paintball this time. Penny is the sharpshooter. Sheldon shoots Penny. Then Penny shoots Sheldon. Then Leonard shoots Sheldon. Howard, Raj and Leslie decide to surrender and go get food.

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