The Big Bang Theory S02, Ep13 – The Friendship Algorithm

Show: The Big Bang Theory

Season: 2 Episode: 13

Title: The Friendship Algorithm

Original Air Date: January 19, 2009

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Favorite Quotes:

* Leonard: This is cruel. We better let him finish before his head explodes.

* Penny: What’s up with Ichabod?
Leonard: Oh, he’s trying to make a new friend.
Penny: Oh really? Well good for him.
Leonard: Well unless he makes one out of wood like Geppetto I don’t think its going to happen.

* Penny: Sheldon, honey, did you ever consider making friends by being, I don’t know, pleasant?

* Leonard: Why learn how to swim?
Sheldon: The ice caps are melting Leonard. In the future, swimming isn’t going to be optional.

* Sheldon: This appears significantly more monolithic than it did on my laptop. One expects to see hominids learning to use bones as weapons.

* Kripke: What kind of special whacko are you?
Howard: How much time you got?


The guys are eating lunch in the cafeteria. They debate what the best pudding is. Howard interrupts by saying he is thinking about growing a mustache. Kripke stops by the table to harass Leonard about his most recent experiment, which failed. Sheldon does not want to make him mad as he controls a computer that Sheldon wants to use. He tries to befriend Kripke but he is not interested. At the apartment, Leonard helps Penny fix her email so anything from Howard goes straight to the spam folder. Meanwhile, Sheldon calls Kripke to try and befriend him. The message is to follow up on their “pending friendship.” Penny asks Leonard how he and Sheldon became friends. Later Sheldon knocks on Penny’s door. He hands her a questionnaire. He is doing friendship research. It has 211 questions and should take about 3 hours to complete. At the apartment, Sheldon doesn’t like how Leonard answered. He did pattern response. He is even unhappier with Howard’s answers. Sheldon decides he does not have to come up with new ideas, the research already exists. Leonard tells him to go out and talk to people, but Sheldon isn’t interested. At the bookstore, Sheldon is in line. He tries to talk to a woman, and she walks away. He learns the books about making friends is by the train in the kid’s section. He finds a book and sits at a kids table to read it. Leonard comes upon Sheldon making friends with a little girl. He grabs Sheldon and removes him. At the apartment, Sheldon has created an algorithm for making new friends. It’s based on the children’s book he bought. He has put it on a whiteboard as a flow chart. He calls Kripke to try it out. He winds up in an infinite loop. Howard adds an update to the flow chart. He put in a loop counter and an escape for unpleasant activities. Sheldon and Kripke decide on something and Sheldon offers to pay. The friend hang out is confirmed. They are going rock climbing. The next day they go to an indoor rock-climbing venue. Sheldon is a bit afraid of how tall it is. Kripke asks if he is afraid of heights. He’s more afraid of falling than heights. Sheldon finally approaches the wall and starts to climb it. Sheldon gets halfway to the top and then looks down and freaks out. He’s stuck now. He passes out and then gets lowered back to the ground. While Sheldon is gone the three have some fun whistling (it’s now allowed when Sheldon is home). Sheldon arrives with Kripke. Sheldon decides that now maintaining five friendships instead of four. He plans to eliminate a friendship. He tells Raj that he is out. Kripke finally sees Penny and makes a pass at her. Howard walks past her and cheekily asks if he looks pretty good now. Penny can only smile and laugh. Sheldon then asks Kripke if he can use the computer he controls. He tells him no. Sheldon is confused. There’s an official schedule for that computer that Kripke has no control over. Sheldon tells Raj he’s back in. The four wind up up back at the rock-climbing venue. Sheldon almost made it to the top before he passed out.

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