The Golden Girls S02, Ep26 – Empty Nest

Show: The Golden Girls

Season: 2 Episode: 26

Title: Empty Nest

Original Air Date: May 16, 1987

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Favorite Quotes:

* Dorothy: We could wash them. Before dishwashers people didn’t just eat and wipe the dishes on their pants.

* Sophia: What is it with you people? All you ever had were happy times? It’s sickening. Happy times freezing in the cold. Happy times during the locust invasion. Happy times eating reindeer. How about death? Did you have happy times then?

* Sophia: Last week I left him a stool sample. If I can talk to him about that, you can talk to him about being lonely.

* Rose: Do you think he could change into Mr. Fixit?
George: It’s a mental illness Rose, not a masquerade party.

* Renee: They loved me. I brought joy to people.
George: You sold cigarettes. You brought cancer to people.

* Blanche: Oh, honey, I’ve been in that position more than once.
Sophia: You’ve been in every position more than once.

* Blanche: No, the goddess position. We have our problems too.
Dorothy: Especially when the goddess is twice the size she use to be.


Blanche is upset that Mr. Fixit has not finished fixing the dishwasher. Dorothy tells her to wash the dish. Rose tells a story about washing dishes in Minnesota. Sophia goes on a tirade at Rose and all her stories about happy times. The doorbell rings. It’s Renee. She wants to shop or eat. She still hasn’t spoken to her husband. They discuss the empty nest syndrome. Blanche tells them she viewed her kids as noisy calendars that were aging her. Renee tells them she called a radio show about a crisis. Blanche insists she talk to her husband. Renee’s husband George is also Rose’s doctor. She tells them he’s only one of three men, including a vet, to see her naked. They want to know about the vet. Renee finally decides she needs to talk to George. She starts making excuses again before she gets to the front door. George is on the phone at his house with a patient. There is a knock at the door and it’s Chuck. He’s a multiple personality and Renee’s brother. Chuck has been looking for an apartment. He asks to go upstairs and see the dog. They don’t have a dog. Renee tries to speak with George, but he gets another call. Renee expresses her concerns to George. Rose and Sophia come over. They are looking for Mr. Fixit. Sophia tells them a story about a man from Italy with multiple personalities and he tried to kill one. Mr. Fixit comes back down the stairs. Rose asks him to fix the dishwasher before he takes off. George decides to head off too. Renee is upset again. She wants to go back to what she use to do in the entertainment business. She points out that the kids are gone, and she needs to see him. Their marriage is in real trouble. He gets interrupted by a call and heads to the office. Another night, the girls go over to Renee’s to watch a horror movie. Her daughter Jenny has come home from school. She went there to be with her boyfriend, but he was with someone knew. Blanche tells her about schools in the south. She then tells a story and Dorothy gets annoyed. The all try and cheer Jenny up. Dorothy insults Blanche. They all discuss their first loves. The ladies head home as George arrives. She doesn’t want to go back because she is embarrassed. Renee offers to go back with her to get her settled. Oliver arrives. He gets raunchy. Oliver has a liver spot on his face. He’s worried about looking like a Dalmatian. They kick him out. Renee again talks to him about doing things together. She asks him to cut back on his practice. She tells him she is going to New York with Jenny because her daughter needs her. Later, George is upset because Renee has been in New York for six days and has an agent. George feels lonely. He is starting to understand what Renee was trying to tell him. Dorothy arrives. She invites George for dinner. She details why she is so angry at Oliver. George declines the invitation. He decides to go to New York. Oliver calls his mother, she hangs up on him. Renee gets a knock at her hotel room door. He’s in a panic over possibly losing Renee. They talk. He’s going to make an office in the house and move his practice there. He’s also get three days off to spend with her.

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