Numb3rs S02, Ep16 Protest

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 16
Title: Protest
Original Air Date: March 3, 2006

Favorite Quotes:

* Alan: Matt Sterling’s guilt was never proven in a court of law.

* Alan: He was a good speaker too. That’s what got him in trouble with the FBI. He could speak their language.

* Dr. Kemple: It’s all right. I’m ready. I’ve been waiting 35 years for you.

* Don: You know, Tom, I’ve had a few wrong hunches in my time.

* Don: Yes Mrs. Sterling I’m asking for your help. Ok, a man died on Sunday. I have two letters promising more.

* Don (toTom/Sisco): Do you realize without you there might not have been an ROTC bombing?

* Larry: The result should be a short list of places to find a man hidden in plane sight.

* David: Guess you do know a little about explosives.
Colby: Yeah, that’s right. Blasting gel is more powerful than dynamite but it’s a lot more stable too.

* Alan: Donnie, I’m the same guy I was then. I still believe in the same things.
Don: Well, good.

Synopsis: Someone is making a bomb. Somewhere in the city, an older couple goes to an ATM. It explodes. At the office, they receive a note about the bomb. They use an old group name. A retired FBI agent shows up to help. He’s retired but willing to help. He also brings a suspect with him. He briefs them on the original bombing. David and Colby talk to a local recruiter. At the house, Alan tells his boys that he knew Matt Sterling and was an anti-war protester. They fight. At the office, they are still trying to figure out what is going on. David visits a man running a construction site. At Don’s office, the retired agent gives Don a file on his dad. He doesn’t think Don should be leading this case. The analysis of the bomb comes back matching his signature. Megan goes to visit another of Matt Sterling’s friends. Don does the same. They both hit a brick wall. Charlie meets with the agent. He wants to use the data he has, and he won’t share. At Charlie’s office, he is working with Larry and Amita to analyze more data. An alarm goes off and everyone evacuates. The globe in the courtyard has been lit on fire. At Don’s office, the retired agent wants to go crazy on everyone. He takes a potshot at Don. Matt Sterling’s daughter shows up at Charlie’s office. She has brought her father’s hairbrush, so they can use the DNA. She just wants the truth. Don asks his dad for information. He shows him the files. Back at the office, the whole team digs in on Alan’s records. It gives them a lead, Dr. Sarah Kemple. Don and Megan pay her a visit and bring her downtown. In the interrogation room, she confesses to making the first bomb. But states clearly, she had nothing to do with the newest bombing. She tells them about a guy named, “Cisco” who was in the group. Don tells the retired agent about the confession and new name. He had blown it off. Charlie and Amita dig more into Alan’s papers. They’ve learned that the FBI was somehow inside of the organization. Don talks to Mrs. Sterling. He tells her that Matt Sterling has been cleared. She knew of Sisco. Matt was afraid of him and how far he would go. Charlie brings Megan and Don up to speed. Don confronts Tom about Sisco. Turns out Tom, the retired agent, was Sisco. They also learn only 1/3 of the bomb making material that was stolen was used. The rest is still missing. In a business building a bomb goes off. Megan talks to Dr. Kemple again. She tells them about a book, but it’s been missing for 35 years. She tells them where she hid the materials and that they disappeared. Megan and Don go back to talk to Mrs. Sterling again. They learn some new information. Now they are hunting for Matt Sterling, who is clearly missing. Charlie and Amita compile of list of places that he could be where he wouldn’t be noticed. In an area heavily wooded, they find Matt Sterling’s car. Don finds what are most likely his remains. It was clear there was an explosion. The nitro from the first bombing is not being used now. David found a name, Jack Bennet. He’s an old member. He’s also the construction company owner. He denies that it was him. Don and his team keep digging deeper on this check and the construction company. They confirm it’s not the owner’s signature. Charlie points them towards Bennet’s son. His son proves that it’s him. After Colby saves the explosion they arrest Bennet’s son. He’s shocked to learn the things he thought were his dads weren’t. Don confronts Tom, the retired agent. Charlie meets with Miss Sterling. He tells her that her father died while doing a good thing. That his father knew her father and what a good man he thought he was. She tells him about a memorial service they are going to have for him and invites Charlie and his father. Back at the house, Don tries to make amends with his father. They have a heart to heart.


Numb3rs S02, Ep15 – The Running Man

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 15
Title: The Running Man
Original Air Date: February 3, 2006

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iTunes Numb3rs, Season 2 – Numb3rs

Favorite Quotes:

* Colby: So this thing could be used to create a pandemic?

* Larry: You know that if you were to fall under similar scrutiny I would go beyond the boundaries of the observable universe to defend you and you know that.

* Ron: When you spend your life with nothing, you know what everything costs.

* David: Larry the kid you think is Ron Allan doesn’t exist.

* Alan: Isn’t it funny. The people that we’re closest to it’s easy to keep secrets from.

* Amita: Larry, your heart was in the right place.
Larry: Well intentioned ignorance is a slender defense at best.

* Megan: I’m so hoping you one of your cute little analogies for this.
Charlie: As a matter of fact, I do.

* Megan: He’s like a chameleon.
Charlie: More like a snake shedding successive skins.

* Amita: Charlie, I don’t know anyone who challenges themselves as relentlessly as you do.

* Charlie: Dad, I’m thinking.
Alan: That seems to be your perpetual state Charlie.

Synopsis: Some college kids are running on the track. A van pulls up to a non-descript location and several guys get out with cones. Charlie and Larry are talking math with the runner. The three guys that were in the truck are now climbing the side of a building. They break in through several holes they cut in the roof. They hack a retinal scanner and start wheeling a big piece of equipment out of the lab. The third guy pistol whips the man who was running earlier. Colby and David interview him. Turns out that the victim, Ron, is one of Larry’s assistants. A DNA synthesizer was stolen. It can make customized diseases. Megan determines it’s mostly likely an inside job. At Don’s office, they go over all the details that would have to be in place for this crime to take place. Now they suspect Ron might be involved. In Charlie’s office, Larry pops in and finds Charlie looking over old school work. When Charlie tells Larry that Ron is now a suspect, Larry gets upset. Larry finds sheet music and it’s composed by his mother. Megan and David interview Ron at the office. While Megan doesn’t think he did it, David does not share her opinion. David and Colby check out a suspect. The two are suspicious of him. Larry heads to Don’s office with concerns about all the suspicion on Ron. Larry pleads his case. David runs a background check and Ron Allan doesn’t exist. Megan gets a call. Ron’s cell is still live and they’ve tracked him. When they call it, a female has the phone. She says it belongs to her boyfriend, Phil Stark. She tells them he left yesterday to go camping. Charlie then shows them the sheet music. Alan tells them their mother was a gifted musician. Colby has a fence staked out. At the school, Larry is still distraught over Ron. Charlie has some kind of idea and runs to Don’s office. Charlie used his track times to try and narrow it down. But he finds him in three places. Megan searches these identities and more and finds he disappears along with an expensive piece of equipment. Don thinks it’s like a Groundhog Day scenario, only its success as a student he seeks. In the garage, Larry is buoyed as he has a new research assistant. Alan tells them how he and their mother met, but she kept her love of music from him. Back at the warehouse, that Colby has staked out they find they stolen synthesizer. They catch Gino in the act and haul him in. He tells them about who he bought it from and the cost. Colby and David storm the shop and find the guy dead. But now this shop is missing a plasma cutter. Now the team tries to figure out what he’s after. David gets an ID on the kid now. Charlie narrows in on Bendford’s Law to try and figure out what Ron is up to. They now think he’s going to rob the Ligo Lab. Above ground, the robbery starts. The team shows up at the Ligo Lab. Megan and David are at the track. The Ligo tunnel runs all the way under the track, which is 4 kilometers away. Don hears metal falling and he and Colby start running down the tunnel. Topside, Megan and David catch the two topside. Don gives chase to Ron and catches him. At Don’s office, Ron spills his guts. Don shows up at the house, but no one is home. He finds all the music on the table. In the garage, Charlie and Alan talk about his mom/his wife. They hear the piano. Don is playing some of the music. They both take a moment to cherish it.

Numbers S02, Ep14 – Harvest

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 14
Title: Harvest
Original Air Date: January 27, 2006

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iTunes Numb3rs, Season 2 – Numb3rs

Favorite Quotes:

* Lawyer: Do you always do what your doctor tells you?
Megan: I’m not talking about lowering my cholesterol.

* Colby: Maybe they can check and see if he’s a donor.

* Charlie: Where he went couldn’t have been random.

* Charlie: It’s a treasure map.

* Alan: India? What are they doing here?
Don: Selling their kidneys, believe it or not.

* Alan: I’m not saying it’s right. But when it comes to your own mortality, you’ll grab onto anything to save your life.

* Amita: A one in four chance is better than no chance at all.

* Amita: An absence of proof is the not the same thing as a proof of failure.

* Don: I think he made the choice and she’s finding out what it details.

Synopsis: Charlie, Alan, Larry and Amita are at a symposium. Charlie is presenting the Milton prize. He won last year. Amita has won it this year. Don and David are running down a Homeland Security tip. They head down to the basement of the hotel. They find a storage area that is a crime scene. They follow the sound of a door creaking. A woman being held captive is found and rescued. At the office, the team tries to figure out who the woman is. Charlie and Amit stop by. The woman starts speaking in a language to Amita. The two decide to help on the case. Amita tells them that she spoke to her Tamil. Mega takes Amita in with her. Megan calls for a translator. Amita gets her to speak in English. At the scene, they continue to investigate. At the house, Charlie and Larry are analyzing the ice melt rate. David and Colby go to visit the delivery man. He tells them he saw a private ambulance. There are no matching 911 logs, so the ambulance is a mystery. It’s finally tracked to an ER. The doctor takes Megan to the morgue and shows her a body with a kidney removed. Her blood matches the blood at the hotel. Megan and Amita go to visit Santi at a jail. The dead girl is not her sister, but one of four girls brought over to sell a kidney. She escaped but went back to find her sister. Someone did take their name off the transplant list. Megan goes to talk to the doctor who worked with that patient. The doctor tells her about kidney village in India. The patient is too sick to talk, so Megan requests all the paperwork. Amita appears in Charlie’s office, clearly shaken. He lets her talk for a while. She wants to help but doesn’t know how. He suggests her grandmother. Her eyes light up, she kisses him, thanks him and takes off. David and Colby go to take to the ambulance driver and he runs. They pursue the ambulance driver. The pursuit ends with the ambulance t-boning a taxi and flipping over. The ambulance driver is dead. Amita takes Charlie to visit Santi. Charlie has to rush off. Amita tells her about what she does. Her grandmother sent her prayer items. Colby and David run into a dead end on the ambulance and ask Charlie for help. Charlie points out mileage as a factor. He can use the mileage to narrow down where the driver went that wasn’t logged. David is skeptical. Don arrives at the house to find his dad. Alan tells him about a friend who died of kidney failure. Charlie and Larry are plotting the ambulance log. University General Hospital is where the map leads them. Michael Tocheck comes up. In the morgue there are five bodies, but only paperwork for four. When David lifts the blanket it’s another Indian girl. She was stripped of a lot more than just her kidney. Charlie teaches them about the optimization protocols for transplants. Sadly, Santi’s data doesn’t match anyone on the transplant list. Megan arrives. She has a disc with more patients on it from Tolchek’s computer. There’s a perfect match. Don and Megan visit him. His daughter was not aware. Megan pays the daughter a visit. She tells her the last person to get one of these transplants died of a massive infection. She gives Megan a location. They get there just before he cuts her open. Don arrests him. Amita goes to visit Santi and brings her sister. It’s a happy reunion. Back at the house, Amita has brought dinner for everyone. They ask about the girls. Amita is using her award money to pay for them to go back to school. Amita is also going to take a trip to India with her grandmother.

Numb3rs S02, Ep13 – Double Down

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 13
Title: Double Down
Original Air Date: January 13, 2006

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iTunes Numb3rs, Season 2 – Numb3rs

Favorite Quotes:

*Don: You guys actually get paid to do this?

*Amita: Doesn’t that attract attention?
Larry: Yes of course it does.
Charlie: You got caught.

*Larry: They said we were cheaters. We weren’t, we were playing smart.

*Larry: I’ll tell you something. Whoever did this is a mathematician. You can bet on that.

*Larry: I don’t think you understand how truly narcotic this is for me.

*Amita: It’s impossible for machines to create truly random sequences.

*Colby: Looks like your gamble lost pal.

Synopsis: A man steps up to a black jack table. He does quite well. He leaves and gets his car, but he gets killed. Don and his team show up. In the car there is a bag full of notebooks filled with equations. Don visits Charlie, who is doing a demonstration of cola and mentos. They are probability equations. Larry recognizes something about them. Megan speaks to the victim’s ex-girlfriend. They broke up because of his gambling. Don and Megan go back to the scene. David and Colby came as well. They found a lot of fake ID’s in his room. Charlie, Amita and Larry discuss an old lecture that Charlie gave at the victim’s college. Larry says the calculations are for card counting at blackjack and that he use to do it. Don and his team analyze the video footage from the casino. Charlie and Larry arrive. Larry tells them about the notebooks and that Yuri was card counting. Larry gives them a new analysis of the video. He finds a team of three. Now they need to figure out the backer. At Charlie’s office, Larry waxes poetic about gambling. Colby and David identify the other two members of the team. Megan has a chat with the casino manager. David and Colby go to visit the spotter’s mom. She takes them out to his guest house space and it looks like a casino. His mother exits in shock. Colby finds more fake ID’s. Charlie and his team take over the living room. Larry says the work is high level work, not undergrad work. It reminds him of his old card partner. Both survivors are now on the run. Charlie finds Don and gives him the name from Larry. Jason is found dead with a single shot to the head. Megan and Don go to visit Leonard, Larry’s old partner. He tells them that the kids came to him and he backed them till last month. They find another member of the crew and she’s a dancer. She’s dancing on the main stage. After her dance, they talk to her. They tell her and she is shocked. She got paid to be arm candy for their crew. Amita finds the guys in back in the hall trying to figure out who was backing the crew. Larry looks through their files and they are all extremely intelligent. At Don’s office, Charlie tells them how they were using the casino to launder money. Larry, Charlie and Amita go to the casino. Larry is trying not to have a melt down. He’s making a killing at the table and Charlie is losing is shirt. He starts going on about different techniques and how one of them triggered an auto shuffler. Charlie realizes that they cracked how the auto shuffler works. At Don’s office, it turns out that Larry’s old buddy Leonard designed the algorithm and then taught the kids how to hack the machine. They bring Leonard in and he tells them everything. Don and the team go straight to the casino for the manager. They smell gun shot residue in the managers office and find a dead body. The team realizes that the car was purposely parked far away. Turns out it was Ignacio. Leonard is the last target if Ignacio is going to clean house. The team has staked out the parking lot to protect Leonard. They catch him. Larry confronts Leonard at the FBI office. At the house, Don let’s everyone know the outcome of Leonard’s fate. Alan breaks out the poker chips but no one is wiling to play him except Charlie.

Numb3rs S02, Ep12 – The OG

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 12
Title: The OG
Original Air Date: January 6, 2006

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iTunes Numb3rs, Season 2 – Numb3rs

Favorite Quotes:

* Don: No offense Charlie, it sounds like two math geeks who don’t date much.

* Colby: But counselor let’s not forgot we have a man down. Where I come from that means something.

* Charlie: Well Don did only ask for help with this one case but don’t all these other victims deserve justice?

* David: A man lost his life. I’m not here to restore your faith in the system. I’m just trying to find his killer.

* Alan: Well he follows the numbers. The more something seems solvable the more he wants to solve it.

* Don: Trust me, if Charlie’s math says they are connected, the odds are they are connected.

* Amita: The killer is choosing his victims to specifically maximize retaliation.

* Larry: How do we know that the shooter is a gang member?

* Don: Why don’t you tell me how a gun you bought back winds up back on the street in the hands of a killer?

Synopsis: A drive by shooting takes place leaving a man dead. At the house, Alan is getting ready for a date. Don gets called to investigate the drive by. The dead man was actually an undercover FBI agent. Walking to Don’s office, the LAPD completely fill him in on the whole scope of the case he was working. An assistant US Attorney who was running the case joins them as well. The US Attorney briefs everyone. Charlie assists with some math analysis. There is a map with 6 months of data and its scary data. He wants all the data to analysis to look for patterns. Don suggests a warrant sweep to get more information about the shooting. The attorney agrees. In the garage, Charlie is shocked at the number of gang related shootings that took place in the last four years. During the sweep, David chases a suspect into a community center and the director is not happy about his gun. He agrees to help them find Watts. They bring Watts in for questioning. He tells them he’s retaliating for the murder as they speak. The agents cover was not blown. So now they have to broaden their search. Meanwhile, Charlie has analyzed the data and gives everyone an update on what he’s found. His match can find out who started each and who are the greatest offenders. The lieutenant isn’t all that interested. Megan checks with his wife, she thinks that he had risen high enough to be part of the shot callers for the gang. Amita joins Charlie and Larry in the garage to work the case. But now Charlie is trying to solve all the shooting chains. David goes back to the community center. He tracks down the director, Olivia. He wants her to help in the investigation. She resists. At the house, Don and Alan discuss the case. Alan gives some insight about Charlie. Charlie rushes in with and update for Don. He’s got some answers. One person is responsible for over 60 murders. At Don’s office, they all pull the files for al those cases. Megan finds a pattern in the original ten kills. Megan goes to Charlie to try and figure out how the victims are being picked. Larry wonders if the killer is a gang member or not and Megan is visibly shocked by this. Megan, David and Colby meet and get a call that these murders are being done by confiscated guns that should have been destroyed. Some cars are parked along the side of the road parting a little, and a drive by takes place. At the scene, Colby tells David the gun that was bought back was signed for by Walker. Don questions Walker, who just gives him lip. Colby joins them and tells them over a dozen guns from that program are missing. All the missing guns were turned in at the community center. David wants the records form her who had access to the guns. She grudgingly hands over the records. At Don’s office, Megan wants to focus on victim number one as that will have the strongest link to the killer. Back at the house, they discuss Alan’s date. It went badly. Charlie asks why he’s focused on the first victim instead of the first victim. He thinks the real first victim is somewhere in the chain. Back at the office, they are going over all the victim’s in that chain. David makes a connection with one of the deaths. The father of that victim works at the community center. They surround his house. David wants to talk to him. He talks to him through a broken window. The talking is working but then he goes quiet. The man kills himself. The tone is somber at the office. Walker compliments David’s work at the scene. Megan leaves to tell the officers wife what happened. Don heads to the house to find that he his Dad has another date. Charlie heads out too. He wanders to the garage where Charlie had been working on all the gang cases. He’s taken aback by the picture of a baby who was killed. The director of the community center heads in and finds David working with the kids. She is surprised that David has taken over for the employee that was the killer. He wins her over.

Numb3rs S02, Ep11 – Scorched

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 11
Title: Scorched
Original Air Date: December 16, 2005

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iTunes Numb3rs, Season 2 – Numb3rs

Favorite Quotes:

* Colby: If you build it the ELM will burn it.

* Larry: As fire destroys it also creates.

* Megan: A homicide investigation is not random harassment.

* Megan: Wow, cigarettes, lighter, spray paint. I thought you guys were about clean air.

* Megan: I guess it does pay off sometimes to be a know-it-all.

* Charlie: Larry posited that the character of the fire will reveal the character of the person who set it.

* Charlie: Wow, one wrong decision and his life is almost ruined.
Alan: Sometimes that’s all it takes.

Synopsis: We see some crude video of car lots. The video person starts blowing things up. An employee comes onto the lot and he gets blown up as well. Don and his team is on scene. It’s the fourth fire. Charlie appears on the scene. He and the arson investigator have a unique conversation. The two decide to work together. Larry and Charlie work on the case in his office. Larry brings up big oil and our dependence on it. Larry points out the singular difference in this fire versus the other three. Megan goes to meet with the ELM. She doesn’t get anywhere. Back at Don’s office, they consider that someone is framing the ELM. They go through photos and come up with a possible suspect. They go to his dorm room but only find his roommate. He gives them permission to search. Between computer history and a map on the wall, they find another possible target. Don and his team head to the site. They see the suspects car. Don finds Jake and gives chase. They corner and catch him. Larry, Charlie and the arson investigator go back to the scene. The data Charlies requests shocks the arson inspector. At the college, Megan asks Charlie to talk to the suspect’s roommate. They get part of the information. Larry and Charlie go and meet with Professor Bill Nye. He has recreated the fire. Their experiment fails. They determine that booth fire was not a backdraft. The whole team starts to brainstorm about the accelerant use. Alan comes into the garage to find it’s been taken over by Charlie and Larry. The conversation demonstrates that the two fires at the car lot were set by different people. Breaking down Jake’s computer they find a link to his roommate. Charlie goes over fire and how many ways it’s created with Don and the team. His math proves that the booth fire was don’t done by ELM. They get a call during the meeting, there’s another fire. At the scene, the arson investigator goes over what happened. Megan thinks the firefighters were targeted. Charlie and he goes over the details. Something just doesn’t add up. They take the roommate, Ethan in, he writes a confession. Megan and Colby think he’s doing it for attention. At the house, Charlie and Larry are using the bathroom to test a fire. Alan comes in the bathroom perplexed. Charlie asks him about the standpipes. He determines the standpipes had to be tampered with. There was less water volume then they needed. At Don’s office, Charlie informs them that this arsonist is setting fires to trap firefighters. They bring Jake in to try and get him to tell the truth. He gets through to him. They get the password to his second login name. The chat links back to the arson investigator as the one who is setting the fires. Charlie is upset. The team heads to the apartments being built to track Stevens down. They find him and he’s planning a big fire with a chemical, but he accidentally burns himself up instead. Back in the bathroom, Don tries to give Charlie a plumbing lesson.

Numb3rs S02, Ep10 – Bones of Contention

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 10
Title: Bones of Contention
Original Air Date: December 9, 2005

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iTunes Numb3rs, Season 2 – Numb3rs

Favorite Quotes:

* Charlie: It was a very old new find.

* Megan: And from what Hill just told me that would be enough of a reason to kill.

* Charlie: There exists this needs to hold on to things.

* Alan: Science versus religion, that could get ugly.

* Larry: Bones.
Charlie: They don’t make the man.
Larry: And they sure don’t make the soul.

Synopsis: A woman works in a lab. She leaves and sees a shadow. She is attacked. Don and his team shows up as she is now dead. A security guard found her doing his rounds. Don learns she was doing carbon dating research and gets a tour of the lab she was working in. Her supervisor doesn’t understand why she was there working by herself so late as it wasn’t protocol. At the house, Charlie is going through the garage. Megan interviews the victims landlord and learns her married boss would sometimes drop her off. They can’t figure out why she was there working on something no one knew about. Megan and David go and talk to her boss. They did have an affair. It turns out that sometimes they are asked to date a private piece. That’s why she was there so late. Charlie did some analysis. The skull that was being tested was actually 10,000 years old. Older than anything else found in the area. Megan goes to chat with the Native American Council. She is able to get the information she wants because she treats them with respect. At Charlie’s office, Amita arrives and is distressed over her day. Charlie brings up his dad. Megan and David go and visit a seller of artifacts. He decides to give them some information to assist their case. Don goes to an expert with the measurements of the skull. He gets a geography lesson. The woman uses those measurements to do a digital reconstruction of the skull. It may not be Native American but European. Jennifer, the deceased’s, boss is the one who actually found it. Don lets Charlie know about the skull’s origin. At the house, Larry uses molecular gastronomy to make ice cream. Alan and Don volunteer to do the dishes. Don takes the time to talk to Alan about their mom. It doesn’t go well. While Megan interviews the head of the council he gets a call about his home being broken into. The man who broke in is Hill. The head of the council asked Megan to find him. While the lawyer makes threats. At the office, they try and figure out what Hill is thinking. Megan asks Charlie and Larry to look at some equations. Hill is trying to figure out where more settlements could be to find more remains. The lawyer stonewalls her on the information. Charlie tries to figure out his next move. He talked to experts and the odds of Hill finding another site is small. Megan realizes he’s gone back to the original dig site to try and find more bones. Don and his team find him digging. Megan confirms he has an alibi for the murder. David finds a list of disenrolled tribe membership. The security guard at the school who found Jennifer’s body is on that list. They go talk to him. He tells them that he was told if he helped get the skull back his mom’s name would be relisted as a member of the tribe. They go back to talk to the chief. He got the skull so he could stop the lawyer from destroying the tribe because of greed. He wanted his people to be one again. Back at Charlie’s office, he and Larry discuss the skulls significance. Back at the house, the boys are worried about Alan. He’s getting rid of his wife’s clothes after doing a lot of thinking. The boys “try” to hug it out.

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