Numb3rs S04, Ep10 – Chinese Box

Show: Numb3rs

Season: 4 Episode: 10

Title: Chinese Box

Original Air Date: December 14, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Charlie: I’ve been helping you for four years now. I haven’t been wrong too many times.

* Ben: What do you think they are doing out there?
David: Trying to find a way to end this peacefully.

* Charlie: I failed. I failed to make myself understood.

* Charlie: Sometimes there are things in my head that are so purely what they are that when I try to turn them into words there either are no words, or I just don’t know how and you can’t imagine how that feels. You don’t how hard it is to have idea and not be able to share it.

* Ben: It’s the human urge to light up the dark corners, to look for answers in other people.

* Ben: I stopped listening Sinclair because I didn’t have the strength to take their pain.

* Charlie: However, beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.

* Charlie: I tend to get more respect from people who didn’t give me noogies when I was six.

* David: I don’t think you’re a killer. You’ve had too many chances even with Devane.

* Ben: So now what?
David: I ask myself that question every morning.


Megan and David are heading to a stash house. They are going to pick up breakfast. Liz transfers herself to another team after their breakup. Charlie is upset about publicity photos his publisher wants him to take. David asks Megan to go to a basketball game with him. But she is going back east, and Larry is going with her. David goes back in for his wallet and a man starts shooting and takes a hostage. Megan tries to talk him down. David gets on the elevator to try and stop the man from killing the woman. He agrees to let her go, if David lets the door close. He releases her. David lets the door close, they both have their guns on each other. The man pulls the stop button and asks for a minute of quiet. David tells him his name. The man who got shot in the lobby, tells him about the man who took the hostage. He fired the man and pulled his clearance. Megan defends David’s decision to Don. Don watches the live security feed of the elevator. Charlie starts working on a thought. He’s already coming up with a way to get David out of there. Blakely tells David that the man he worked for had people spying on him. Don breaks in and tries to open up communications. David gets him to answer. Ben turns off the camera feed. Charlie comes and gives some advice to Don. Don ignores Charlie. Charlie is hurt. Megan speaks with Ben’s ex-wife. David and Ben talk a little. Three team members repel down to the elevator to put a camera into the elevator. Ben tells him Devane was having him spied on. Devane destroyed his life’s work. Ben sees the fiber optic camera. He calls Don. He starts a count down from 10 about the camera. Now the strike team leader wants to do what Charlie is saying. Megan and Liz talk to Devane at the hospital. Megan realizes that Devane is not clean and Devane triggered him some way. He let Blakely keep cameras going for 6 weeks after the case was shut down. The two plan to turn him over to Internal Affairs. Megan decides she has to get in Ben’s head. David asks Ben how long he has been in surveillance, and it’s been 25 years. He gives a break down of the technology over the years. He just wants to know why he was being watched. He tells David how it has worn him out. In the break room, Charlie vents to his dad. Alan tells him that not seeing what’s going on is part of the problem. The things in his head he struggles to put to words. He doesn’t know how sometimes and its frustrating. Don comes and asks Charlie to look at something. He shows him the thermal imaging. Don wants to know what he can do to improve David’s chances. David tells Ben a story from his childhood. David asks what answers Ben was looking for. He talks about losing a child. Alan brings Charlie coffee. He recognizes some of Charlie’s math. Alan knows the elevator. He leaves to talk to Don. Megan and Liz go to Ben’s place. Liz found a file folder labeled “them.” It’s video proof that he is being watched. Alan explains the pulley system to Don. The elevator can be dropped 5 to 6 feet as a distraction. David tries to get Ben to open communication lines. David starts trying to talk a new plan into Ben to save his life. Ben doesn’t want to wind up in a jail cell. Charlie explains how most cameras run on 2.4ghz. He can narrow it down to about 35 feet to the transmitter. Charlie says he only needs about 20 minutes to figure it out. Alan is now worried that if David gets hurt, he’s responsible. The swat leader asks about the Chinese room theory. Colby takes Don aside. David is his partner. Don talks again and he and David trade places. Don confirms to him that someone was following him and they will help him find out who it is. Ben doesn’t believe him. Don uses the safe word. The elevator drops. Ben now has both guns. And one of the FBI guys that fired back hit David. His bullet proof vest saved him. Colby his pissed. The team leader is now siding with Charlie. David points out that he did not shoot Ben when he could have. Megan and Liz go to see a guy that has been following Ben Blakely. All his footage is right on his screen. He admits to. They inform him that he was busted. It goes back to a political campaign. He explains the Chinese box to Don with cookies. Charlie tells him he needs to restore the decision-making process to David. For Devane, they finally got the answer. He works for a political campaign. He used Ben for 6 weeks of surveillance on the governments dime. David tries to get Ben talking again. He thinks there is no way out. Ben tells David this is the longest conversation he’s had with anyone since his wife and son. Ben gives David his gun back. He asks David to shoot him. David refuses. Don comes over the line. He confirms that he has proof and a confession. He then tells David its up to him. David gets up and walks to the elevator control panel. He says they are on their way down. David tells Ben, if he is on the floor when the elevator door opens swat will fill him with holes. David gives him a beautiful speech. He hits the LL button. When the doors open. David has him and the situation is defused. David even protects him as he brings him out. Liz finds Don in his office. She tells him goodbye. Charlie and Alan get to the office just in time to see Liz leave with her stuff. Don offers to buy them the first round.

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