Numb3rs S03, Ep18 – Democracy

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 3
Episode: 18
Title: Democracy
Original Air Date: March 9, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Oswald: Charlie, what are the odds of these five people dying in two weeks?
Charlie: 700 million to 1.

* Oswald: This is going to be tough.
Charlie: The best problems always are.

* Millie: You were raised in the church here (Cal Sci) and you preach to the converted.

* Charlie: She’d say, “We’ll spend our whole lives studying but we’ll only be young for a short while.”

* Jane: They picked the wrong computer geek to mess with.

* Tuttle: You’re just one man.
Don: So are you, pal.

Synopsis: Charlie exits a lecture. One of his students sneaks up on him. She gives him a list of names of people who are her colleagues that have died. She thinks she is next. He offers to take her to see his brother the next day. She runs off. At the house, Charlie tells his dad what happened. He finally looks at the list of names. Next, in the morgue, Charlie is looking at Rachel’s body. The coroner rules it a non-accidental death. Charlie wonders if he could have done something more. Charlie asks Oswald to come down. He tries to convince him to enroll in school. Oswald looks at the math on his board. Now 5 people on the list are dead. Don now takes the case. Later, Millie pops into Charlie’s office with the information she has on Rachel. She asks about his student. She suggests he get him involved in a problem that he becomes obsessed with to overcome his fear. Charlie goes to visit him at the skate park. He asks him for help. Colby and David go through Rachel’s belongings looking for the documents she spoke to Charlie about. David and Colby visit Charlie’s office with the watch that Rachel had. Oswald instantly recognizes it as a usb flash drive. They get it connected and Charlie does not recognize the data file. Oswald doesn’t either. David found the only connection between all 5, they are statisticians. Megan found a better link. Three of them worked for the same campaign. The coroner arrives with new results. She actually was strangled. They request forensic autopsies on the other four victims. The coroner starts immediately. They start working the politician Tuttle angle. Other people have died in his campaigns. David and Colby go pay him a visit. He only remembers one of them. He hires the math people to test stock markets. Charlie and Millie meet and discuss Oswald again. He found something weird in Rachel’s numbers. Charlie and Millie talk a look as well. They find there are too many 3’s and 7’s. David and Colby talk to Megan about Tuttle. His response freaked them out. He did not care in the least about anything but himself. Charlie and Oswald take the math in a new direction. They compare Rachel’s numbers to election returns. Charlie arrives home and finds Don and Alan. He tells them what they found. They discuss the effect it’s having on Charlie, but he says as he works more and more cases it affects him less and less. At the office, Charlie found what the numbers match. It’s the most recent country supervisor’s race in district 6. Tuttle was the biggest contributor to the winning campaign. The audit came back with issues, but was ultimately let though. They go to visit him and find ambulances and the man is dead. David and Colby declare it a crime scene and clear everyone out. It looks like the voting in district 6 was rigged for Brasher to win. David and Colby visit Charlie and Oswald again. Charlie is going to analyze two sets of employees to see who is in position to alter the race. They meet with Brasher. When they start questioning him, he gets angry. Next the maker of the voting machines is questioned. He asserts that any error did not come from the machine. Charlie calls Megan, he’s found two roles and people that would have been able to do it. Don brings in Tuttle and puts the pressure on him. They narrow in on the two people that Charlie found. One of the two is still alive for sure, the other is missing. They find Austin Parker, the last living witness. Parker tells them that he was asked to make a list and in those precincts are where Brasher won. He doesn’t cooperate past that. David and Colby exit the car and when he starts it, it blows up. Now the woman is the only one still alive. Megan gets called to the director’s office. She then goes to the missing woman’s sister. That night, Jane’s sister walks her dog. They used it to catch her and keep her safe. In the garage, Oswald is beating Alan at air hockey. Charlie and Don are there too. The four discuss what could have been motivating factors. David discovered that the voting machines have just all been updated with new motherboards. The owner of the firm who made the updates refused to let Tuttle buy in and he died in an accident. Tuttle drives buy Don and David and gives them a look. Charlie and Oswald go through computer code to try and find Jane’s. Charlie is going to write a program and he dispatches Oswald to find Millie and request a priority run on the super computer. Charlie found that Jane’s code to change votes is programmed on the new motherboards. Since the operating system has been altered the voting machine passes all the tests. They try to get Jane to a safe place. Megan poses as Jane. A construction crew tries to kill Jane. They arrest them all. The men are on the payroll of the voting machine company. They bring the owner back in. The man is beside himself and the person responsible. He says Tuttle was not involved. Tuttle has something on him. Tuttle heads to leave his house, but Don stops and pays him a visit. He levies some big threats on Don. The story hits the news. Someone leaked it. Turns out that Charlie submitted an article to a journal. He did it to make sure Tuttle couldn’t fix anymore votes. Oswald arrives at the house. Oswald tells him he’s going to apply to Cal Sci. Megan gets a call at her desk. She doesn’t want to take the assignment but is being forced to. She picks up her badge and gets on the elevator with eyes full of tears.

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