Numb3rs S03, Ep23 – Money for Nothing

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 3
Episode: 23
Title: Money for Nothing
Original Air Date: May 11, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* David: It had to be an inside job. I mean the robbers knew the route.

* Colby: The money, the $50 million is just a drop in the bucket.
Sari: One drop is all it takes to prime a pump.

* Charlie: Why are capitalists so surprised when capitalism works?

* Alan: Charlie, you’re using escape math. What if that truck is no longer trying to escape?

* Don: You weren’t lost?
Charlie: I’m not as helpless as people think.

Synopsis: Money is being counted and locked away in secure vault. Don is meeting with is therapist. On a street a big rig is movie and its followed by a black van. They get stopped by a minor accident. They wind up getting truckjacked as they aren’t LAPD cops on the scene. Don’s phone rings and he has to take it. His therapist says he should be Charlie. Don and his team are on the scene now. The woman responsible for the truck shows on scene. She tells him about the money in the truck and that two of her employees were kidnapped. She tells them one of the two can open the safe. She gives them a briefing on the two taken. The organizer is adamant that she trust the two on the truck. They haul someone into interrogation. Charlie comes to the office and brings his dad. Don sees Charlie and tells him there’s a hijacked truck with $50 million and two hostages. Alan is going to leave but Charlie asks him to help. They come in with a preliminary map of most likely routes. Alan gives them more parameters that would limit the truck’s escape. He narrows it to single number of routes and they head out to check them. They meet with a greedy investor who wants the money. David and Liz go to check out one of the routes and talk on the drive. Don and Colby discuss the lending vulture. Liz finds something weird on the bottom of one of the trucks. She goes in the cab and finds the two hostages. And that Liz. David arrives to get Liz released but two other people come in with high powered guns. They were employed by the loan vulture. The woman who runs the organization comes in to ask about her employees. Charlie does some new math and she understands the math that Charlie is using. What the money gets used for is microcredit to start small businesses. Charlie then demonstrates how it works. Don comes home to find Alan trying to fix a broken vase. Don and his dad talk. He tells him to grow up and start fighting like adults. Liz and Colby find a spot where a truck might have been parked. They find Dr. Matthews. He says they still have Gwen. He’s beaten pretty badly. He tells them that Gwen doesn’t have the safe code only he does. Liz and Don have a little fight. Charlie goes to his office and finds his dad. Charlie doesn’t want to go to one of Don’s sessions. He feels they have hit an equilibrium that he doesn’t want to mess up. They find that someone inside a company that made one of the vaccines may be involved in this heist. Liz comes in there was a truck matching the description at a truck stop. Charlie gives Don a list of new possible sites the truck could be at. Colby and David go check out a truck car wash. David spots the bounty hunters. They haven’t met Colby yet so he goes and messes with him. They said they put a reward out on the internet and they got some tips that they didn’t share with the FBI. Don brings in the jerk who hired the bounty hunters and their boss. He finally decides to share some info with them. In Charlie’s office he is frustrated. Alan tells him it could be the math. He’s using escape math, he may need to use a different math. Charlie calls Don. He’s going to calculate a different path. The team splits up into groups of two and checks the new locations. David spots the car Matthews described. Liz pretends to be a damsel in distress and everyone busts in. They all get taken out and separated for questioning. They think it might be hidden in plain sight at a trailer park. It’s disguised as a trailer. Someone is taking off in the rig part of the truck and they head off in pursuit. They stop him. They cut the lock on the trailer and find Gwen tied up in the back, badly beaten. The two reunite with their boss. The guy who wants the money watches the whole thing. The woman comes back in with a shocking announcement, that he’s only going to take the $3 million for the investment. Don then shocks the team by telling them that he and Liz have been seeing each other. Liz is more shocked than the rest. But everyone takes it well. Back at Don’s therapist, they start talking about a camping trip. The trip was a massive disaster. Charlie tells Don that he didn’t actually get lost. He knew Don didn’t want him there so he decided to walk home. Charlie points out that he never wanted him around. But it turns out that they are jealous of each other. Charlie felt like everything fun and exciting was always happening without him. He did walk home. Don admits he feels like he is using him or taking advantage of him. Charlie actually kind of tears up. Charlie says he loves working with his brother.

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