Numb3rs S03, Ep22 – Under Pressure

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 3
Episode: 22
Title: Under Pressure
Original Air Date: May 4, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Charlie: A terror cell structure is dynamic. And now that they know that we’re onto them the structure of their entire organization is likely to change.

* Charlie: Information is only as good as what you can do with it.

* Charlie: When did this happen? This whole new attitude?
Don: New attitude is gratitude.

Synopsis: Don is guiding several members of his team on a tail of a suspect. However, the suspect parks, takes a gym bag out of the trunk and heads east. They now pursue on foot. Charlie starts to get nervous, he doesn’t want the op blown. Especially because David just about walked straight into the guy. They lose him in the market but find him again. He starts beating a man in the market. He nearly kills the man and David has to step in to save him. Don interrogates him and asks about all the money and the terrorist cell. He says he’s a soldier. Tensions run high with the team. Charlie makes the point that this guy doesn’t know enough to give them information to stop an attack. Charlie is very upset because the terror cell is going to change. He storms out of the office. Members of the terror cell all get haircuts and put on military uniforms. Their pictures are taken and they get fake IDs. Now there’s a bunch of agencies involved. Don does the briefing. He informs them of the man they caught and Charlie’s work in identifying him. One of the military guys in the meeting gives them another connection. Don jumps on it and goes after the guy. They go to his place and find he was forging marine ID’s. Alan finds Charlie in the garage. He tells his dad wat he’s trying to do. He has put the new guy into the mix. Don calls Charlie. Tells him they found evidence proving he’s part of it. Colby finds out that he bought two full sets of marine fatigues. They also learn there was a chemical purchase. Once they see all the chemicals stolen from different facilities. Its all the components to make sarin. The team checks with a scientist. She is clear that the chemicals don’t get mixed until they are ready to use it because it has a short shelf life. Charlie asks his dad for some maps. Alan points out that it would have to be released in an enclosed area. They get reports of two people who were poisoned. It’s a husband and son and the wife and mother is very upset. She tells them they were moving into their first house. She found her husband collapsed and thought it was a heart attack, but she found her son collapsed too. The truck was rented. It’s now a crime scene. Colby asks about Warner and David tells him to back off. A team in hazmat suits checks the truck, it’s positive for sarin. They are pulling prints and processing the truck. Charlie and Alan show up and tell them it’s the water supply they plan to target. David thinks sarin is a gas, but it starts as a liquid. Don pulls Charlie aside because he is not happy that their dad is involved. They get a hit on a print from the truck. They go to a house with a full team. The people in the house open fire. Don wants them alive. They put cameras under the door and find a lab. Don gives the go ahead to move in. One guy inside breaks a vial of sarin to kill those in the lab. They bring out the bodies in bags. Don instructs them to secure the water supply. Formulas that are brought out, Charlie recognizes. It confirms that they plan to hit the water supply. You don’t have to drink the water, just touch it. Charlie says he needs more information to figure out who is in charge. Alan finds Charlie in the garage. He tells him that using a large body of water wouldn’t work, it would dilute the sarin too much. Charlie tells Alan Don doesn’t want him involved. The terrorists send a list of demands. Charlie cracks the cell structure. Charlie has a name of who’s in charge. The man from the military is surprised. Everything links to him though. Don comes in and tells Charlie the man was killed quietly four months ago. Charlie is very upset. Someone hijacked the original leaders plan. Don gets informed that the terrorists will be paid off. Don comes home to find Charlie, but Alan has a chat with him. Charlie then talks about the hijacker and that he must be outside of the cell and was able to see everything going on. It gives Don an idea and he takes off. He meets with the guy from the military again. The whole team arrives. This guys team is who took out the guy that was leading the terror cell. He tells them where the sarin is, they go and its gone. The sarin is still in motion to be added to the water supply. Somehow it gets on the news that there is a problem with the tap water, but its late. Alan and the sarin expert both arrive at the office. Alan has figured out how they are gong to introduce it and how many people will be affected. It won’t be the whole city but a section. They get the officer to talk, it will be introduced somewhere in Hollywood. Alan says there are red car rail lines, and its got access to the water lines. They check the lines, it’s clear but there is a fresh set of tire tracks. Several team of agents geared up start heading into the tunnels. One team hears voices and the sounds of tools. It’s a truck hooked up to a water main. One of the men open fire. Another starts to open the main and then run for the pump on the truck. They manage to shut the pump off and Colby closes the main. Back at the office, they cart off the man from the military. He tries to act like he tested the system and proved it had weaknesses. Don and Liz have a private conversation. Neither want to see the other get hurt on the job. Don’s going to go to Liz’s after he checks in with Charlie and Alan. Don tells him that he came to thank them.

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