Numb3rs S04, Ep06 – In Security

Show: Numb3rs

Season: 4 Episode: 6

Title: In Security

Original Air Date: November 2, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Marshall: People been killed after they left our program, but never one actively under our protection.

* David: Are you saying Leah couldn’t leave her house?
Marshall: Of course she could, but not in the company of a known FBI agent.

* Alan: What about your class this morning?
Charlie: I don’t have class this morning. I just like carpooling with you.

* Liz: If the fish they are after is big enough, they’ll put anybody in witness security.

* Larry: Don already thinks he did it. Truth or doubt, which one will help him sleep?

* Don: Yeager was right. I crossed a line.
Liz: Can’t argue with that.

* David: By figuring out what he was doing you can make a pretty good guess as to where he’s doing it.

* Charlie: Come on, it’s just a book.
Alan: A book? It’s my son’s book.

* Don: What are you doing? Studying me?
Charlie: I don’t think you lead Leah to her death. I’m trying to prove it.

* Taskforce leader: What are you doing with my witness?
Don: We are arresting him for conspiracy to kill you.
Gibbs: I know you’re the one that set me up. My brothers know too.

* Marshall: Looks like Eppes just saved your life.

* Don: She was innocent. Her son’s an orphan now. Can you live with that?


Don is on a date and spills red wine on his date’s white dress. They kiss good night as he drops her off. She goes in the house, and he drives away. Back at the house, they open a box of Charlie’s new book. Alan and Charlie fight over how to open the box. Alan tells Don he looks nice. Then Charlie argues with Larry over what pages to sign. Back at the house where Don dropped off the woman, there is a knock at her door, and she is shot. She saves her son, but the woman is killed. US Marshalls are on scene when David arrives. The woman and her child were in protective custody. Don arrives. He tells them she was out with him. He had been assigned to her case. First death while someone was actively protected in 37 years. The Marshall is blaming her going out with Don as what got her killed. He’s a known FBI agent. Don goes to the house to talk to Charlie about the murder. He needs Charlie to calculate the escape radius. At the office, the team goes over the case she was a witness on. Charlie arrives with Don’s escape radius request. Charlie goes to visit Larry at the monastery. He tells him that don feels guilty about possibly causing the woman’s death. David talks to the suspect Leah was a witness against. He was appalled someone tried to kill her kid. Liz and Colby check Leah’s house. They find a lot of cigarette butts. A Marshal joins them. Someone saw a rental van parking there several times. It leads them to a suspect at a hotel. They bust in; the fake badge is sitting on the bed. He headed out on foot. Don goes to visit the ki din the hospital. The kid confirms to him that Don is the only person from her old life that she ever saw. The prints from the room are run and they get access denied. The Marshall comes in with the killer’s name. He is also in witness security. His name is Benny Natali. David comes down on the Marshall about providing witness security on a killer. He committed many crimes while in the program, even killing Leah. Liz checks on Don. Don tried to stop Natali from being put into the witness security program. Liz goes to see Charlie and Larry about Benny Natali, who has stayed in town. He will analyze the moves using “rat in the maze.” Don goes back to the hospital to sit with the kid again. Charlie informs David about his path analysis. Natali is likely staying because of drugs. Charlie has to head out to his book signing. They confirm that Natali is working with an LA gang. The head of the gang taskforce wants Natali as a witness too. Don is offended. The taskforce guy says they wait a few hours and they both get their man. Charlie arrives at this book signing but no one is there. Then two ladies show up to get his book signed. Alan asks him to sign some books for him. He’s proud and plans to give them out. The drug deal is about to go down. The taskforce and team are watching everything. The drug deal goes bad, and Natali is shot in the chest point blank. Everyone swarms in to catch everyone. They bring in the guy that killed Natali. He was texted that Natali was going to kill him. So he killed him instead. Natali didn’t have a gun on him. This killer is also going into witness security to shut the gang down. At the monastery, Larry is being asked to leave. Charlie gives Larry a copy of his book too. Charlie still can’t complete the analysis he is trying to do for Don. Larry draws a double profile that also is a shaded vase in the in between space. Don gets aggressive at Marshall Yeager. Liz and Colby start to piece together that someone benefited from both Leah and Natali’s death, but who is it? David interrogates McGuern but the Marshall interrupts. Charlie explains the tree that he’s built for Don. Charlie links everyone to Marshall Yeager and McGuern. McGuern is going to go into witness security as a witness now against the mob. Charlie finishes his tree. Charlie knows about the sealed files, but even with his clearance he didn’t read them. Charlie throws it back on him. Leah’s address was in those files. Charlie can check the access logs. The Marshall questions the taskforce leader about accessing Don’s file. She lays out what she knows. He calls the bluff. They watch all the video from the people who have visited Gibbs. His girlfriend has brought some art to him. Charlie can use his math to find the hidden message. Charlie starts to work, but it will take some time. The hidden message is the address of the safe house he is being taken too. His plan is for his gang to bust him out. Don and the Marshalls are waiting and catch them read handed. There’s a knock at the safe house door. Gibbs is not happy that it’s not his gang. He wants protection. The man gives up both the witnesses lives to save thousands. That’s his reasoning. Back in the car, Liz points out that it was lucky Charlie was there when they saw the art. She thinks that Don told Gibbs that the taskforce officer set him up. He won’t talk, so she ends the relationship. At the house, Larry is looking at ebay. Charlie’s autographed book just hit $100 on ebay.

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