Numb3rs S02, Ep19 – Dark Matter

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 19
Title: Dark Matter
Original Air Date: April 7, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Charlie: I got you thinking like a mathematician.

* Amita: From the observable we can divine the unobservable.

* Larry: Coincidence is the last refuge of the uninspired.

* Larry: It’s all very 1984.

* David: Eight dead, ten wounded, I’d call that an act of domestic terrorism.

* Larry: If you don’t like the answer, ask a different question.

* Megan: A pretty girl can get a teenage boy to do a lot of things, especially if he’s not use to the attention.

Synopsis: There is an explosion at a high school and gunmen open fire. They kill both students and teachers and shoot up the whole school. One of the kids manages to make a call. One gunman kills another gunman. Don arrives and talks to the principal. David informs Don that one of the shooters was found. Don checks out one of the dead victims. Her phone starts ringing. Don answers it. He gives the father the bad news. At the office, they start using some technology to track the kids. Don goes to Charlie, Larry and Amita for help. Charlie and the team already have a plan to figure out the two shooters path. The team learns about the group they were in, the name is DMG, Dark Matter Guild. They talk to the head of the group. Megan talks to one of the survivors. She gets the name of a possible suspect. Megan tracks down the gun owner, it’s the deceased father of the suspect. Larry and Charlie join them. Megan and Larry flirt. They track him down to a cyber café. He’s armed and he fires. They shoot back and he’s gone. Forensics proves the blood on Justin’s boots matches two of the school victims. Don orders surveillance on all the members of the DMG. Larry, Amita and Charlie all discuss the current state of affairs in high schools with bullies and technology. They analyze more data and see a weird anomaly. Megan interviews Justin’s mom. She learns that an uncle that Justin looked up to passed. Amita, Charlie and Larry go to the high school. Amita talks about a gun incident at her high school. Charlie walks the path of the shooter and has Larry time him. Colby searched the storage locker and found ammo and school blue prints. At the office, they find a game of the school shooting on Justin’s laptop. Charlie comes in and gives them some disturbing news. There’s a third shooter. Megan and David go back to the high school, to try and figure out what’s going on. They want the information on members of the DMG, but all those parents have gotten lawyers to protect their students. Megan bring more files to Charlie, Amita and Larry. Charlie and Amita make a quick exit. Larry gets brave and asks Megan out.
She accepts. Don is frustrated because the case is stalling without the school files. Colby found an email from one member. Charlie and Larry continue to work on the data. Amita comes in with data confirming their third suspected shooter. Megan finds that he also bought a hacking kit. They get word the suspect raced home. David and Colby take surveillance. When he makes them, he runs for it. David gets the bag he throws. Colby makes the tackle. In the bag is another semi-automatic gun. He denies it was him. The gun he had doesn’t match the missing weapon. Colby has found enough evidence to show he was hacked. Larry tells Charlie he finally made a reservation for he and Megan. Charlie gets an idea. Shooter number three acted very different then the first two. He’s hunting specific people to kill. It’s now date night for Larry and Megan. They discuss their high school experience. Also, how they wound up where they are. Megan meets with don about a new idea that Larry inspired. There has to be a common denominator with shooter three’s victims. The only link is a party. Karen seems to be a common link. She has a wifi pda too. Also, they found evidence she has met with Price at a motel several times. Megan and Colby meet with Karen’s mom. Karen tells them that the three who were killed, they raped her at the party. They arrest her. David, Colby and Megan go to arrest one of the guys who raped her. He tries to resist and Colby drops him. Back at the house, Charlie and Don discuss what happened. Don takes Charlie out to eat.


Numb3rs S02, Ep18 – All’s Fair

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 18
Title: All’s Fair
Original Air Date: March 31, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Larry: 9, 9, 9, 9.
Alan: Back off rain man.

* Megan: Give me some good old fashioned red necked chauvinism any day.

* Colby: We’re pretty sure she was on the phone with him when she was killed.
Charlie: He heard his wife being killed?

* Megan: We’re not going to just let you go out and murder someone.

Synopsis: A woman walks to her car at a hotel, it has diplomatic plates. On the drive she sees all kinds of people. She arrives at her destination, but while walking she is killed. At the house, Charlie, Larry, Alan and Don are watching a sporting event. Charlie’s old girlfriend, Susan Berry, is in town. Don and his team are called to the scene. The victim’s cousin is upset because her body has not been covered yet. Don yells for someone to cover the body. At Don’s office, they learn there were death threats against the woman. She was trying to further women’s rights in Muslim. Don meets with the cousin. Megan goes to meet with an Iman at a mosque. At first, he ignores Megan because she is a woman. Charlie goes to the reading that his ex-girlfriend is doing. Coly determines that the victim was on a call when she was killed. He also found a possible murder weapon. Colby tells Don that the boots and knife are American military issue and he’s worried. Don checks with her cousin again. There is a link to the American military, a case she was helping them with. Colby checks in with an old friend at the base. Colby gets stonewalled by his friend. At Charlie’s office they are all working with students on the equation. Susan Berry shows up. Amita and Larry are both curious. Colby calls Megan and tells her about the classified file on the victim. Everyone is a bit confused by everything. Meanwhile, Charlie is at the house with Susan. He tells her about the math he’s working on right now and she is intrigued. Alan comes in and interrupts. Back at the college, Larry is trying to recreate the steps with Colby. Larry thinks the killer is only 5-9 and weighing 170 pounds. Her work with the military keeps popping up, but it’s all cloak and dagger. Larry relocates to a small pool and it generates an idea. He runs back to his office where Colby is still waiting. Larry proves that it’s not someone in the military who committed the murder. Don goes to see the cousin again. She tells him that her cousin was married to Joe, the missing escort. The murder could have been an honor killing. Charlie has come up with a list of the most likely to have committed the crime. It’s got 18 names on it. Charlie has realized that Carnes, her husband, is tracking who killed her. Colby goes to visit one of Carnes’s friends. Turns out he’s hiding in the guys apartment. Colby gives chase. They wind up fighting. He goes with Colby for questioning. He tells them about the case she was working on that most likely caused her murder. Megan leaves so that Colby can talk to him. Joe asks him to square it with the Army so that he can go to his wife’s funeral. He then tells Colby who it was. Don talks to her cousin again. She has a plan to get the killer to come out in the open. Back at the school, Susan stops by again. She tells him about someone she’s been seeing and apologizes for leading him on. At the mosque, they set up the sting. Don is driving her to the service. Getting her inside is a challenge and a gun is fired. Megan spots the shooter. He tires to take out Megan but she gets her rounds off first, perfect to the center. Her cousin took a bullet to the vest but she will be ok. She decides to carry on her cousins work back in Iraq. At the house, they all discuss Susan. They both tease her because he has both Susan and Amita around and doesn’t peruse either. Alan announces he has a date.

The Curse of Oak Island S05, Ep15 – Steel Trapped

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 5
Episode: 15
Title: Steel Trapped
Original Air Date: February 20, 2018

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Rick Lagina
Marty Lagina
Dan Blankenship
David Blankenship
Craig Tester
Jack Begley
Alex Lagina
Dan Henskee
Charles Barkhouse
Robert Clotworthy

Synopsis: They recap the work being halted due to a blockage. The chisel hammer is used and it gets torn up as well. The team prepares for the day, when Kathleen arrives on the island. She has new information to provide them and she also gets to see the cross they found. She’s very excited. Kathleen explains how they made necklaces of gold disguised as lead in shapes of rhomboids and crosses. They all head back to Smith’s Cove. She’s dying to do some digging. They next day they head back to the Money Pit to try and break through the blockage. They also start draining DMT. Rick, Gary and Marty head to Lot 8 to metal detect. An embossed keyhole is found. Could it fit with the key that Rick was given? This item looks handmade. Back at DMT, they prepare to lower a camera down to figure out what’s blocking the shaft. What they see on the camera doesn’t give them much. There’s just a lot of clay. But water is also starting to seep back in. It floods in in a massive gush. The team tries to puzzle out what’s in the shaft. They drillers feel that it’s a steel plate at 90 feet obstructing the path. Everyone meets in the war room (and digitally) to discuss the situation. Mike Huntley is mentioned. They want to have him dive it to figure out what is blocking the casing.

Numb3rs S02, Ep17 – Mind Games

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 17
Title: Mind Games
Original Air Date: March 10, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* David: I wonder if he’s psychic enough to know he just made the suspect list.

* Don: You’re a suspect in a triple homicide. We’re not here to promote your book.

* Charlie: What flavor of crazy Koolaid do they make you drink when you join the physics department?

* Man: I’m in this country legally, which means I have rights.
Colby: You do. And one of them is the right to lethal injection.

* Larry: Epsy, I was born ready.

* Charlie: So ESP exists because we can’t find it?
Larry: We observe the universe through our limited senses.

* Charlie: It’s amazing what wonders real science can achieve.

* Charlie: How about you try using math instead of magic?

* Charlie: If I have it in my power to save lives, then everything else doesn’t matter.

Synopsis: A search team is using sketches to try and locate a place in a forest. They find several dead bodies. It’s a grizzly scene. Megan talks with the search and rescue team that called them out. She learns that a psychic led them to the scene. They take in the psychic for interview. He tries to play Megan and she does not put up with it. Charlie joins them at the office, he doesn’t believe the psychic is real. David and Colby think the three dead women are here illegally and they may not be able to ID them. Charlie runs into the psychic at the elevator and they have a dust up, to put it mildly. Back at the scene, the techs pull a tire print. In the cafeteria, Larry and Charlie have a discussion about psychics. David and Colby talk to one of the park rangers. They spread out and search the areas around the area. They see a truck that could have the tires that match the tread left at the scene. When they look closer, the tires match and he has items like those were left at the scene. They take him in and show him crime scene photos. He works for a company that helps those coming into the country. He tells them the statues were bad luck totems. Megan learns the psychic was in the CIA. David and Colby update Don on all the possible suspects. Charlie and Larry are playing air hockey in the garage when Megan arrives. Larry winds up having the information she’s looking for. What she says about Kraft leaves both of them a little surprised. David and Colby go to visit one of the private border guard. They convince him to share his roster. At Don’s office, Megan grills the psychic to prove he is. He got everyone wrong. The odds are 1 in 33.5 million. Charlie and Larry go over the video. They fight. At the office, they are still struggling to identify the victims. The autopsies come in. The times are all off. They visit the psychic, he’s been getting visions but they are hazy. He thinks they could be pregnant. Charlie goes to the office and gets mad at seeing Kraft (the psychic). Charlie questions him about the test. He points out Kraft’s cheating. The team starts brainstorming the “clues” Kraft has given them. Charlie prefers math and attempts to apply it to the paths the migrant workers travelled. In the garage, Charlie is working on his equations when Alan needs some help. They have a discussion about rationality and irrationality. Don comes in and he and Charlie have a disagreement. Charlie takes himself off the case. The psychic keeps giving them vague clues that lead nowhere. Charlie surprises everyone as he storms in with an answer. He’s got three areas that may have others who crossed with one of the victims. Colby finds someone who knows one of the victims and gets a name. They get enough information to identify all three of them. Megan learns that two more girls from the same city are now missing. They could be acting as drug mules. At the house, Alan is shocked at these girls acting as drug mules. Charlie starts breaking down the math on transporting drugs and how it all connects. Megan comes in and they found one girl but the other one crossed. Turns out the man helping people crossing is actually behind it. Charlie is able to narrow down where she could be so they can do an air search. Colby already has visual contact on the suspect, but not the girl. They corner him and he tries to run. David tackles him. They finally get him to break. It’s a shed and the girl is there, tied up. Megan gets a call from the hospital. They got all the drugs out of her and she is going to be ok. The brothers come back to the house, still fighting. While they fight, their mothers picture falls off the wall. It stops the fight. Later that night, Megan calls home to talk her to dad but he’s not home.

Numb3rs S02, Ep16 Protest

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 16
Title: Protest
Original Air Date: March 3, 2006

Favorite Quotes:

* Alan: Matt Sterling’s guilt was never proven in a court of law.

* Alan: He was a good speaker too. That’s what got him in trouble with the FBI. He could speak their language.

* Dr. Kemple: It’s all right. I’m ready. I’ve been waiting 35 years for you.

* Don: You know, Tom, I’ve had a few wrong hunches in my time.

* Don: Yes Mrs. Sterling I’m asking for your help. Ok, a man died on Sunday. I have two letters promising more.

* Don (toTom/Sisco): Do you realize without you there might not have been an ROTC bombing?

* Larry: The result should be a short list of places to find a man hidden in plane sight.

* David: Guess you do know a little about explosives.
Colby: Yeah, that’s right. Blasting gel is more powerful than dynamite but it’s a lot more stable too.

* Alan: Donnie, I’m the same guy I was then. I still believe in the same things.
Don: Well, good.

Synopsis: Someone is making a bomb. Somewhere in the city, an older couple goes to an ATM. It explodes. At the office, they receive a note about the bomb. They use an old group name. A retired FBI agent shows up to help. He’s retired but willing to help. He also brings a suspect with him. He briefs them on the original bombing. David and Colby talk to a local recruiter. At the house, Alan tells his boys that he knew Matt Sterling and was an anti-war protester. They fight. At the office, they are still trying to figure out what is going on. David visits a man running a construction site. At Don’s office, the retired agent gives Don a file on his dad. He doesn’t think Don should be leading this case. The analysis of the bomb comes back matching his signature. Megan goes to visit another of Matt Sterling’s friends. Don does the same. They both hit a brick wall. Charlie meets with the agent. He wants to use the data he has, and he won’t share. At Charlie’s office, he is working with Larry and Amita to analyze more data. An alarm goes off and everyone evacuates. The globe in the courtyard has been lit on fire. At Don’s office, the retired agent wants to go crazy on everyone. He takes a potshot at Don. Matt Sterling’s daughter shows up at Charlie’s office. She has brought her father’s hairbrush, so they can use the DNA. She just wants the truth. Don asks his dad for information. He shows him the files. Back at the office, the whole team digs in on Alan’s records. It gives them a lead, Dr. Sarah Kemple. Don and Megan pay her a visit and bring her downtown. In the interrogation room, she confesses to making the first bomb. But states clearly, she had nothing to do with the newest bombing. She tells them about a guy named, “Cisco” who was in the group. Don tells the retired agent about the confession and new name. He had blown it off. Charlie and Amita dig more into Alan’s papers. They’ve learned that the FBI was somehow inside of the organization. Don talks to Mrs. Sterling. He tells her that Matt Sterling has been cleared. She knew of Sisco. Matt was afraid of him and how far he would go. Charlie brings Megan and Don up to speed. Don confronts Tom about Sisco. Turns out Tom, the retired agent, was Sisco. They also learn only 1/3 of the bomb making material that was stolen was used. The rest is still missing. In a business building a bomb goes off. Megan talks to Dr. Kemple again. She tells them about a book, but it’s been missing for 35 years. She tells them where she hid the materials and that they disappeared. Megan and Don go back to talk to Mrs. Sterling again. They learn some new information. Now they are hunting for Matt Sterling, who is clearly missing. Charlie and Amita compile of list of places that he could be where he wouldn’t be noticed. In an area heavily wooded, they find Matt Sterling’s car. Don finds what are most likely his remains. It was clear there was an explosion. The nitro from the first bombing is not being used now. David found a name, Jack Bennet. He’s an old member. He’s also the construction company owner. He denies that it was him. Don and his team keep digging deeper on this check and the construction company. They confirm it’s not the owner’s signature. Charlie points them towards Bennet’s son. His son proves that it’s him. After Colby saves the explosion they arrest Bennet’s son. He’s shocked to learn the things he thought were his dads weren’t. Don confronts Tom, the retired agent. Charlie meets with Miss Sterling. He tells her that her father died while doing a good thing. That his father knew her father and what a good man he thought he was. She tells him about a memorial service they are going to have for him and invites Charlie and his father. Back at the house, Don tries to make amends with his father. They have a heart to heart.

Numb3rs S02, Ep15 – The Running Man

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 15
Title: The Running Man
Original Air Date: February 3, 2006

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iTunes Numb3rs, Season 2 – Numb3rs

Favorite Quotes:

* Colby: So this thing could be used to create a pandemic?

* Larry: You know that if you were to fall under similar scrutiny I would go beyond the boundaries of the observable universe to defend you and you know that.

* Ron: When you spend your life with nothing, you know what everything costs.

* David: Larry the kid you think is Ron Allan doesn’t exist.

* Alan: Isn’t it funny. The people that we’re closest to it’s easy to keep secrets from.

* Amita: Larry, your heart was in the right place.
Larry: Well intentioned ignorance is a slender defense at best.

* Megan: I’m so hoping you one of your cute little analogies for this.
Charlie: As a matter of fact, I do.

* Megan: He’s like a chameleon.
Charlie: More like a snake shedding successive skins.

* Amita: Charlie, I don’t know anyone who challenges themselves as relentlessly as you do.

* Charlie: Dad, I’m thinking.
Alan: That seems to be your perpetual state Charlie.

Synopsis: Some college kids are running on the track. A van pulls up to a non-descript location and several guys get out with cones. Charlie and Larry are talking math with the runner. The three guys that were in the truck are now climbing the side of a building. They break in through several holes they cut in the roof. They hack a retinal scanner and start wheeling a big piece of equipment out of the lab. The third guy pistol whips the man who was running earlier. Colby and David interview him. Turns out that the victim, Ron, is one of Larry’s assistants. A DNA synthesizer was stolen. It can make customized diseases. Megan determines it’s mostly likely an inside job. At Don’s office, they go over all the details that would have to be in place for this crime to take place. Now they suspect Ron might be involved. In Charlie’s office, Larry pops in and finds Charlie looking over old school work. When Charlie tells Larry that Ron is now a suspect, Larry gets upset. Larry finds sheet music and it’s composed by his mother. Megan and David interview Ron at the office. While Megan doesn’t think he did it, David does not share her opinion. David and Colby check out a suspect. The two are suspicious of him. Larry heads to Don’s office with concerns about all the suspicion on Ron. Larry pleads his case. David runs a background check and Ron Allan doesn’t exist. Megan gets a call. Ron’s cell is still live and they’ve tracked him. When they call it, a female has the phone. She says it belongs to her boyfriend, Phil Stark. She tells them he left yesterday to go camping. Charlie then shows them the sheet music. Alan tells them their mother was a gifted musician. Colby has a fence staked out. At the school, Larry is still distraught over Ron. Charlie has some kind of idea and runs to Don’s office. Charlie used his track times to try and narrow it down. But he finds him in three places. Megan searches these identities and more and finds he disappears along with an expensive piece of equipment. Don thinks it’s like a Groundhog Day scenario, only its success as a student he seeks. In the garage, Larry is buoyed as he has a new research assistant. Alan tells them how he and their mother met, but she kept her love of music from him. Back at the warehouse, that Colby has staked out they find they stolen synthesizer. They catch Gino in the act and haul him in. He tells them about who he bought it from and the cost. Colby and David storm the shop and find the guy dead. But now this shop is missing a plasma cutter. Now the team tries to figure out what he’s after. David gets an ID on the kid now. Charlie narrows in on Bendford’s Law to try and figure out what Ron is up to. They now think he’s going to rob the Ligo Lab. Above ground, the robbery starts. The team shows up at the Ligo Lab. Megan and David are at the track. The Ligo tunnel runs all the way under the track, which is 4 kilometers away. Don hears metal falling and he and Colby start running down the tunnel. Topside, Megan and David catch the two topside. Don gives chase to Ron and catches him. At Don’s office, Ron spills his guts. Don shows up at the house, but no one is home. He finds all the music on the table. In the garage, Charlie and Alan talk about his mom/his wife. They hear the piano. Don is playing some of the music. They both take a moment to cherish it.

Numbers S02, Ep14 – Harvest

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 14
Title: Harvest
Original Air Date: January 27, 2006

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iTunes Numb3rs, Season 2 – Numb3rs

Favorite Quotes:

* Lawyer: Do you always do what your doctor tells you?
Megan: I’m not talking about lowering my cholesterol.

* Colby: Maybe they can check and see if he’s a donor.

* Charlie: Where he went couldn’t have been random.

* Charlie: It’s a treasure map.

* Alan: India? What are they doing here?
Don: Selling their kidneys, believe it or not.

* Alan: I’m not saying it’s right. But when it comes to your own mortality, you’ll grab onto anything to save your life.

* Amita: A one in four chance is better than no chance at all.

* Amita: An absence of proof is the not the same thing as a proof of failure.

* Don: I think he made the choice and she’s finding out what it details.

Synopsis: Charlie, Alan, Larry and Amita are at a symposium. Charlie is presenting the Milton prize. He won last year. Amita has won it this year. Don and David are running down a Homeland Security tip. They head down to the basement of the hotel. They find a storage area that is a crime scene. They follow the sound of a door creaking. A woman being held captive is found and rescued. At the office, the team tries to figure out who the woman is. Charlie and Amit stop by. The woman starts speaking in a language to Amita. The two decide to help on the case. Amita tells them that she spoke to her Tamil. Mega takes Amita in with her. Megan calls for a translator. Amita gets her to speak in English. At the scene, they continue to investigate. At the house, Charlie and Larry are analyzing the ice melt rate. David and Colby go to visit the delivery man. He tells them he saw a private ambulance. There are no matching 911 logs, so the ambulance is a mystery. It’s finally tracked to an ER. The doctor takes Megan to the morgue and shows her a body with a kidney removed. Her blood matches the blood at the hotel. Megan and Amita go to visit Santi at a jail. The dead girl is not her sister, but one of four girls brought over to sell a kidney. She escaped but went back to find her sister. Someone did take their name off the transplant list. Megan goes to talk to the doctor who worked with that patient. The doctor tells her about kidney village in India. The patient is too sick to talk, so Megan requests all the paperwork. Amita appears in Charlie’s office, clearly shaken. He lets her talk for a while. She wants to help but doesn’t know how. He suggests her grandmother. Her eyes light up, she kisses him, thanks him and takes off. David and Colby go to take to the ambulance driver and he runs. They pursue the ambulance driver. The pursuit ends with the ambulance t-boning a taxi and flipping over. The ambulance driver is dead. Amita takes Charlie to visit Santi. Charlie has to rush off. Amita tells her about what she does. Her grandmother sent her prayer items. Colby and David run into a dead end on the ambulance and ask Charlie for help. Charlie points out mileage as a factor. He can use the mileage to narrow down where the driver went that wasn’t logged. David is skeptical. Don arrives at the house to find his dad. Alan tells him about a friend who died of kidney failure. Charlie and Larry are plotting the ambulance log. University General Hospital is where the map leads them. Michael Tocheck comes up. In the morgue there are five bodies, but only paperwork for four. When David lifts the blanket it’s another Indian girl. She was stripped of a lot more than just her kidney. Charlie teaches them about the optimization protocols for transplants. Sadly, Santi’s data doesn’t match anyone on the transplant list. Megan arrives. She has a disc with more patients on it from Tolchek’s computer. There’s a perfect match. Don and Megan visit him. His daughter was not aware. Megan pays the daughter a visit. She tells her the last person to get one of these transplants died of a massive infection. She gives Megan a location. They get there just before he cuts her open. Don arrests him. Amita goes to visit Santi and brings her sister. It’s a happy reunion. Back at the house, Amita has brought dinner for everyone. They ask about the girls. Amita is using her award money to pay for them to go back to school. Amita is also going to take a trip to India with her grandmother.

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