Mama’s Family S02, Ep04 – Naomi and the Stork

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 2
Episode: 4
Title: Naomi and the Stork
Original Air Date: February 4, 1984

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Favorite Quotes:

* Naomi: I don’t know what is wrong with me.
Mama: You want a list?

* Mama: You should have thought of that before you started playing rumpus room roulette.

* Mama: Well, I bet the neighbors are going to love listening to this for nine months.

* Mama: You’re no fun, you’re already potty trained.

* Mama: Lord, even rabbits take a meal break.

* Mama: Don’t worry Frannie, if practice makes perfect I got my money on them.

Synopsis: Mama is cleaning the kitchen as Naomi comes up from the basement. Mama listens to Naomi complain about how she is feeling. She suddenly freaks out. Mama makes Naomi follow a tator masher with her eyes but it makes her feel sick. She announces that Naomi is pregnant. Naomi freaks out. Mama insists on Naomi using the same doctor she did, but when she calls she finds out he’s passed away. Naomi does not want Mama to tell Vinton. At dinner Fran tells everyone the newest gossip. Vint tells them they’ll only have to live there five more years and Naomi explodes into tears and runs downstairs. Mama tells Fran and the kids that Naomi is pregnant. Fran has a meltdown. Then she gets mad at Vinton and spills the beans. Thelma sends him downstairs to chat with Naomi. Downstairs, Naomi waxes philosophical. Then she breaks the news to Vinton. She thought he would flip out but instead he’s thrilled beyond belief. Suddenly, Naomi doesn’t want a baby in the basement. Now Vinton has to talk to Mama and try to move upstairs. The two discuss it in a family meeting. A fight breaks out. Mama shows up at Naomi’s doctor’s appointment. Naomi is shocked to see her there. Vinton shows up too. Sonia and Buzz come into the office too. They’ve also worked out a way for them to have an actual room. Then Fran shows up too, surprising everyone. Fran and the kids start fighting about who’s room the baby will sleep. The doctor calls Naomi with the test results. Back at the house everyone is quite subdued. She’s not actually pregnant, it was a false pregnancy. Naomi thanks everyone for making her feel like she was truly a part of the family because they all showed up at the doctor’s office.

Mama’s Family S02, Ep03 – Country Club

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 2
Episode: 3
Title: Country Club
Original Air Date: October 20, 1983

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Favorite Quotes:

* Naomi: A bowling ball just can’t disappear.
Vint: It can when Mama puts it in a safe place.

* Naomi: Maybe you’re daddy ain’t dead and gone at all. Maybe your mama just put him in a safe place.

* Mama: When I do find that ball I’ll put it downstairs in the middle of your bed. It can sleep next to your other pin buster.

* Mama: You could look up disgusting in the dictionary and find a picture of this.

* Mama: Don’t you think you’d look a little silly bowling in a diamond broach?

* Ellen: Well Mama, a good prime rib is supposed to be served rare.
Mama: I know that, but mine left hoof prints in my mashed potatoes.

* Mama: Close your mouth, I’m getting an echo in here.

* Mama: Oh come on Vinton! What do you want? Some two bit comic or the Mama Rickles of Raytown?

Synopsis: Everyone is searching the house looking for Vint’s bowling ball. Vint has a meltdown. Then Naomi questions Mama as to where she’s been. Ellen comes in as happy as can be. Ellen tells them she has been chosen as Woman of the Year by the Raytown Country Club. Ellen gets upset because no one is happy for her. Vint goes back to throwing a fit over his bowling ball. Ellen starts kissing up to Mama. She wants to borrow a diamond broach. Mama lets her. Later that day Naomi comes home to find Vinton laying on the couch. Mama comes downstairs to find the pair on the couch. Vint throws another fit. They all fight and Mama reveals she got invited to join the country club. However, it’s actually an invite to Ellen’s Woman of the Year Banquet. Mama does not want to go, but Naomi and Vint are going to go. Mama changes her mind. At the country club Ellen is taking pictures with the mayor. Mama walks into the banquet and Ellen spits out her champagne. Ellen is not happy when she finds out that inviting her family was a surprise. Vint and Mama tell the story about finding the missing bowling ball. The appetizers go badly. Then Mama decides to dance with the mayor. The meal is finally served but Ellen’s embarrassment continues to worsen. The mayor starts his presentation. He invites Mama to speak about Ellen. Ellen tries to get her off stage quickly but fails. Mama turns the celebration into a roast. She tells the story of Ellen as a majorette and the missing underwear. The three arrive home still laughing.

Mama’s Family S02, Ep02 – The Return of Leonard Oates

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 2
Episode: 2
Title: The Return of Leonard Oates
Original Air Date: October 13, 1983

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mama: Well good Lord, why don’t you two take it to the frozen food section and cool it off.

* Mama: This rag isn’t fit to wrap fish in.

* Mama: Liz Taylor. Says she might tie the knot again. Nice to see somebody’s been married more times than Naomi.

* Naomi: Where’d you get that outfit? You rob a bank or something?

* Mama: Well I should have known better than to trust my head to a beauty school dropout.
Naomi: For your information I was top of my class in permanent wave.

* Mama: I have watch the Days of our Lives long enough to know that ex-husbands don’t show up at the door unless they’re after something.

* Mama: Where’d you get that jacket? Was Sitting Bull having a garage sale?

* Naomi: Oh Fran, have you ever met a man who swept you off your feet and made you go so weak in the knees that you could no longer tell right from wrong?
Fran: I need some coffee.

* Fran: But Naomi what could Lenard possibly offer you other than indulgences of the flesh.
Naomi: Two and one half million dollars.
Fran: I see your dilemma.

* Naomi: I’m afraid I might have left the solution on a little long.
Mama: A little long? You’ve turned me into a Q-Tip.

* Naomi: There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Honey, are you so blind that you cannot see what that man is trying to do?

* Mama: Naomi you could be rolling my hair while you spill your guts.

* Mama: Naomi would you get your fingers out of his hair and back into mine?

* Naomi: Thank you Ms— Mama!!
Mama: Oh good Lord.

Synopsis: Naomi is at her check stand at the market. Vint sneaks up on her and they start making out over her register. Thelma tries to use Naomi’s express lane to check out. They get into a scuffle because Thelma is well over item limit. Thelma reminds Naomi about her perm tonight for her reunion. Naomi winds up paying for the groceries. After they leave a man walks up with flowers and candy. It’s Naomi’s ex-husband Leonard Oates. He tells her he is worth half a million dollars now. He started a mail order bait business. And now he wants Naomi back. She informs him that she is married again. She tells him no. But he refuses to leave until he gets her back. She looks like she is going to cry. Back at the house Thelma’s perm is not going well. There is a problem with the plumbing and there is no water to wash the solution out with. Sonja comes in looking for water. She whacks the sink with the monkey wrench and it starts working. The doorbell rings and its Leonard Oates at the door. Naomi introduces everyone. Thelma cuts to the chase with him. He’s brought a video game system. Leonard wants her to annul her wedding to Vint. He makes a move on her. He leaves and Thelma yells about her perm. The next morning Naomi is in the kitchen driving coffee. She tries to confide in Fran but she warns her that she can’t keep a secret. Naomi tells Fran that Leonard wants her back and she doesn’t know what to do. At that moment Thelma bursts into the kitchen livid, her hair looks like a frizzy poodle. Vint comes up from the basement. He is shocked by Thelma’s hair. Vint does not help her make up her mind. Thelma comes back in. Fran spills about Naomi going to the Bigger Jigger. Fran races there to try and save the day. Vint is taking Thelma to the Jigger. The two arrive. They start having a dust up. Naomi starts setting her hair with beer. She informs him she isn’t going to run away with him. Naomi tells Vint that she is staying because he wasn’t jealous or suspicious. He trusted Naomi. Fran gets all teary at Naomi’s speech. Leonard puts down the whole family as he leaves, but Thelma sticks up for her. Everyone heads back to the house and plays the video game.

Mama’s Family S02, Ep01 – The Flaming Forties

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 2
Episode: 1
Title: The Flaming Forties
Original Air Date: September 29, 1983

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mama: What is all of this stuff?
Fran: Looks like dollar day at the thrift shop.

* Fran: Have a nice trip?

* Mama: What the hell’s going on here? This place looks like the inside of a goat’s stomach.

* Naomi: Come on think about something other than yourself for a change.

* Mama: My motto is drop it or die.

* Mama: Well, Sam, whoever thought we’d have to say goodbye to the 40’s twice in one lifetime?

* Mama: How’d you like to take a stroll down memory lane and hit a dead end?

* Mama: You two as chaperones. It’s like putting the crooks in charge of the prison.

* Mama: I ain’t in any mood to have fun. I’ll just stay home with Frannie.

* Mama: Frannie!! There’s some freak going through my records.

* Mama: I’ve combed things out of my dog that looked better than that one.

* Mama: Oh Buzz, how do you explain a war to a group that looks like casualties.

* Fran: Thelma!!! I think you’ve just been recalled to active duty.

* Mama: Well, hells bells. Let it never be said I was a slacker.

* Kid: We want Medication!
Mama: Well you’re getting Medicare.

Synopsis: Fran brings Mama home after having her bunions removed. When they enter they find all of Thelma’s stuff from the attic. Vint and Naomi tells them the school is having a garage sale and they are taking all her stuff to sell to raise money. Mama makes clear her stuff is not up for sale. Everyone leaves but Thelma. She starts going through all the stuff and plays a song on the Ukulele. Buzz and Sonja come home and think her old stuff is cool. The two want to borrow Thelma’s stuff for the dance to recreate the USO. They also learn that Thelma was part of the USO. She gives them a little history lesson. Later that day, Vint returns home and Thelma tells him about the dance. Thelma, Fran and Naomi are going to be the Andrews sisters. However, Buzz and Sonja come home telling her that the USO them got shot down. It bums her out and so she says to talk all her stuff to the rummage sale. It’s the night of the dance and Thelma is pouting. She insults Naomi. The kids come down stairs dressed in punk. They all head off to the dance. Fran looks at a photo album and finds an old photo of Carl and Fran. Thelma confides that all those things Vint took are so much a part of her. Thelma and Fran race off to the school to save her memories from the auction block. The two arrive just in time to save Thelma’s belongings. Sonja is freaking out because the band got arrested. Vint manages to calm the kids and Thelma grabs her record player to make a run for it. Buzz decides that playing the records and doing the 40’s theme is the best way to save it. Sonja and Vint join in. Thelma is on center stage. She and the girls do their Andrews Sisters impersonation. It’s a hit. They jump off the stage and start giving dance lessons. Thelma becomes the belle of the ball. Later that night Thelma’s feet are soaking and she looks exhausted. The kids thank her for saving the dance.

Mama’s Family S01, Ep13 – Mama’s Silver

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 1
Episode: 13
Title: Mama’s Silver
Original Air Date: May 7, 1983

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mama: Claude Canemaker, that jackass?

* Mama: I don’t keep beer in this fridge for you to be giving to every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes over here looking for a hand out.

* Mama: It doesn’t strain your brain much either.

* Mama: Did you guests think it was pretty?
Ellen: Well, of course they did.

* Mama: Let’s face it Vint. You get hooked up with losers.

* Mama: That silver is the most valuable thing in this house.

* Mama: That silver is gone. Somebody came in here in the middle of the night and stole it.

* Mama: My mama’s silver. It’s the only valuable thing that old skin flint ever gave me.

* Mama: Good Lord in heaven. You robbed me for that bum.

* Fran: Throw him to the wolves. Yes, throw him to the wolves.

Synopsis: Fran and Mama come home. They argue about a near car accident. Vint is in the kitchen and reveals that Claude Canemaker is there. Vint and Mama argue over Claude. At dinner Fran tries to talk with Sonia but gets nowhere. Vint and Buzz argue over sports. As dinner concludes Ellen enters with Mama’s silver. She inspects every piece. Ellen becomes insulted. As Mama asks Vint to put the sliver away the phone rings. It’s Claude, he’s been arrested and needs Vint to bail him out. His bail is $250 and Vint does not have that kind of cash. Mama over hears the whole conversation and becomes suspicious. Ellen makes a hasty exit and Vint follows her. He asks her to loan him the $250. She refuses. Vint heads back in and Mama asks him to put the silver back in the closet, but instead he takes it. The next day Fran is looking for an extension cord. Mama looks in the closet for one and discovers her sliver is missing. She goes into a full meltdown. She questions Vint about the silver. He’s evasive and Mama realizes he took it. Mama forces him to admit he took it and pawned it. He then tells her he pawned it for Claude’s bail and Thelma looks like she going to drop dead. Mama goes into a full blown guilt trip on Vint. However, Vint stands up to her. Fran comes into the kitchen following the fight. Vint comes up from the basement with some of his stuff prepared to leave. He then gives a big speech. But Mama can’t bear to have him leave.

Mama’s Family S01, Ep12 – Positive Thinking

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 1
Episode: 12
Title: Positive Thinking
Original Air Date: April 30, 1983

Guest Stars:
Carol Burnett: Eunice Higgins
Harvey Korman: Ed Higgins

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iTunes not available at this time

Favorite Quotes:

* Thelma: Are you two done sucking face?

* Eunice: Oh where, oh where have I gone wrong?
Naomi: Should I start with that hair do and work my way down?

* Thelma: Can we please get going? My dogs are barking.

* Thelma: Well are you going to drive me to the foot doctor now or do I gotta buy a tape to tell me my feet don’t hurt.

* Thelma: It’s lucky for you my foot hurts or I’d plant in on your backside.

* Thelma: Those two change clothes more than a couple of bunny rabbits.

* Thelma: Well hell yes Eunice, it’s easy to get along with a wet noodle.

* Eunice: Don’t you “Sweetie-face” me you twerp.

* Eunice: Now you just give me back all of my lines and keep this scene stealing hog out of my line of fire.

Synopsis: Thelma informs Vint that if Eunice doesn’t arrive soon she’ll need him to take her to the foot doctor. Eunice has arrived. She’s in a snit of a mood due to traffic. She and Naomi get into a fight. Vint gets Naomi out of the house to end it. Thelma finds out that Eunice is upset because she did not get a part in the play she tried out for. Thelma and Eunice start to fight but Buzz walks in and announces he made the debate team. They finally leave for the foot doctor. At Eunice’s house Ed is upset because there’s no dinner ready. Eunice, however, has different plans. She bought the positive thinking tape that Buzz had. She starts listening and buying it. The next day Eunice pops in at Thelma’s in a very good mood. She has brought gifts for everyone. Eunice tells Mama that she finally got a part in a play at the local playhouse. They discuss the role, but Thelma is skeptical but congratulates her with a backhanded insult. Thelma confirms plans for next week and winds up inviting herself to one of Eunice’s rehearsals. A week later at rehearsal Thelma wants to know when Eunice’s part will be up. It’s finally time for Eunice’s part. After she gives her speech her co-star requests a change. Suddenly, Eunice’s speech is now being delivered by her co-star. Eunice cracks and lose her temper. A big fight breaks out and she pulls the toupee off the director. Back at the house Thelma and Eunice arrive home. When Naomi asks how her play is going she informs her she is not in it anymore and gets a beer. Eunice and Eunice get into another fight that Vint has to break up. Buzz comes in and tells them he won his debate. Buzz asks her about the play. He mentions the positive thinking tape and plays it. Thelma walks in and is not impressed by it.

Mama’s Family S01, Ep11 – Alien Marriage

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 1
Episode: 11
Title: Alien Marriage
Original Air Date: April 2, 1983

Guest Stars:
Luis Avalos: Mr. Costa
Geoffrey Lewis: Claude Cainmaker
Jeannie Linero: Zenada

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iTunes not available at this time

Favorite Quotes:

* Thelma: What is she, from the Board of Heath or something?

* Fran: Thelma she’s a Portuguese not a Pekinese.

* Thelma: You could have told us at dinner when I asked you what’s new?

* Naomi: You mean he’s gonna marry one of those little E.T.’s?

* Thelma: Well, I see the gang’s all here.

* Fran: Vint is a grown man. If he wants to get married in this cold-blooded, sleazy way I can’t stop him.

* Fran: Good Lord Thelma! Mosquitoes can reproduce!!

* Thelma: How dare you apologize for me to these heathens??!!

* Thelma: All I do is try to keep people from making mistakes and this was a doozy.

Synopsis: Claude draws Vint into a scheme to marry a lady from Portugal. Back at the house everyone is sitting down to dinner. Thelma tries to get a ride to the cemetery but no one is available and she gets upset. The doorbell starts ringing but no one knows who it is. Buzz opens the door to find the man from the Bigger Jigger, he has his niece with him. Vint introduces everyone. Thelma is suspicious. Zenada now has to stay with them for a bit. She heads off to see the kitchen. Thelma freaks out. Thelma sees Mr. Costa checking out the living room and gets upset. She grabs Zenada and storms back out in the living room demanding an explanation. When she finds out she nearly faints. Later that day Thelma is getting the wash off the line when Naomi bothers her about the tree again. Thelma tells her about Vint marrying that woman, and Naomi thinks it’s a real alien. But Naomi spills the beans about the scam and Thelma freaks out. In the kitchen the kids aren’t too happy about this wedding. The doorbell rings and its Claude. He’s brought all kinds of stuff for Zenada. Thelma walks in and loses it. Fran and Thelma go in to a full fight. Fran storms out. Thelma then turns her anger onto Claude. She threatens to tell the truth. And Claude tries to get him to control her or he can go to jail for a felony. The wedding is off.

Mama’s Family S01, Ep10 – Fran’s Dress

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 1
Episode: 10
Title: Fran’s Dress
Original Air Date: March 26, 1983

Guest Stars:
Rue McClanahan: Aunt Fran Crowley
Betty White: Ellen Harper Jackson

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Favorite Quotes:

* Thelma: That woman is an exposed nerve.

* Ellen: I do believe you scorched it.
Thelma: Scorched it? I burned the damn thing up!

* Thelma: This dress doesn’t have a tuck in sight and this dress has them coming out it’s ears.

* Ellen: Oh, Mama, he’ll calm down…after he grows up.

Synopsis: Fran goes a little nutty about the caffeine and if it’s decaf. Vint has his bowling league that night. He says he’s calm, but nearly drinks a cup of creamer. Vint asks her for the fourth time to make sure his bowling shirt is clean and supper is ready. Fran rushes in the kitchen begging for a favor, she wants Thelma to press her dress. Thelma scolds her for not properly storing it. Fran then proceeds to start complaining about Sonja and all her clothes. Buzz joins them in the kitchen and agrees. Thelma asks her why she doesn’t wear something else. Fran goes into full melt down. Later that evening Thelma prepares to begin the ironing, but the phones rings. Then Ellen shows up. Ellen tells her to hurry up and Thelma doesn’t know why. Ellen informs her she has a hair appointment. They have a discussion and Thelma got the days mixed up. Thelma tells her she has to iron Fran’s dress first. Ellen gets upset. Thelma slams the iron down…and burns an iron sized hole in the dress. The dress is ruined. Thelma blames Ellen for the dress being burned because she rushed her. Thelma insists that Ellen take her back to the shop Fran got it from to replace it. Ellen doesn’t want to cooperate and Mama guilts her into it. They return back from the store with a new dress. Thelma was upset over the cost. Ellen points out some tucks in the dress, but Fran’s dress did not have any. They just hope she won’t notice. Fran returns home earlier than expected. She wants to try it on and Thelma tries to stop her, but she insists. Vint comes home demanding his bowling shirt. When she tells him it’s not ready he has a melt down. Ellen prepares to leave as Fran comes down the stairs wearing the dress. Ellen is clearly horrified. She’s not happy with the dress. But everything starts to unravel. The truth comes out. Fran has a melt down. But during her melt down she calls Thelma a liar and also admits her resentment about having to take care of their mother. Thelma fights back and then retreats to the kitchen. Fran follows Thelma into the kitchen. They continue to talk and Thelma shares her fears about getting old and forgetting her hair appointment. They make up. Thelma tells her some more truths. They start fighting again.

Mama’s Family S01, Ep09 – Mama’s Boyfriend

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 1
Episode: 9
Title: Mama’s Boyfriend
Original Air Date: March 19, 1983

Guest Stars:
William Windom: Woody Miller

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iTunes not available at this time

Favorite Quotes:

* Thelma: Well I’m sorry Fran, but Vinton’s not as good with numbers as you are.

* Thelma: Fine, then just don’t cook it. Eat a lasagna popsicle.

* Fran: Thelma, you are going out to dinner with a man?
Thelma: No Franny, a basset hound.

* Fran: Oh isn’t that adorable. Our Thelma is gonna have herself a fling.

* Fran: Yes ordinarily they keep me hidden up in the attic. The mad spinster woman.

* Thelma: I wouldn’t worry about it Vinton. They rarely steal pick up trucks without doors.

* Thelma: I ain’t gonna make the same mistake twice.

* Thelma: It’s my duty to get to Golden Pond before the lake dries up.

* Thelma: Vint, when your kids are over 60 they can do whatever they damn well please.

* Thelma: I’m having fun it’s just that dust cramps my style.

Synopsis: The doorbell rings and Mama starts singing a song. She opens the door and its Fran. Fran is suspicious of Thelma’s extremely cheery mood. Thelma tells her she is going out to dinner. Fran is shocked. Thelma tells her how to cook the dinner. Fran has a melt down at having to cook. Even though it’s just putting it in the oven. When Fran asks who is the woman she is going out to dinner with Thelma informs her it’s a man, Woody Miller. Fran starts hitting her with questions but doesn’t get any answers. Vinton sees her dressed up and asked who died because she wore the dress to the funeral. Fran informs Vinton that Thelma has a date. Thelma tells them both about Woody and running into him. Buzz and Sonja come in the kitchen and are informed that Thelma has a date. The doorbell rings and Thelma heads for the door. When she asks who is there he starts singing the song she was singing earlier. She opens the door and joins in. He’s brought her yellow roses. The family is frozen in the kitchen window and looking like a portrait. The introductions are only slightly tense. He is taking her to the Babylonian Roof Gardens. Thelma and Woody come back quite late. Fran comes down stairs and is a flutter with worry. After getting annoyed with the two Fran goes back upstairs. Woody invites her to a cabin for the weekend. He kisses her and suddenly she is excited to go to the cabin. Fran comes down again. She chastises Thelma. Then Thelma tells her he is staying the weekend and they’re going to a cabin for the weekend. She tells Fran they went away to a cabin before, so this will be the second time. But that nothing happened the first time. Fran is relieved, but Thelma informs her she won’t be making that mistake again. The next morning Thelma comes down happy and singing. No one else is happy because they had to make their own breakfast. Thelma and Fran get into a fight. And Fran spills the beans about the cabin. She runs as she says she’s going for the weekend. They discuss a few things and then Vint happily helps her to the car. Up at the cabin Thelma tries to keep Woody under control. As they sip a beer they start to fight. And she ends the weekend. Back at the house Fran did not cook the tv dinners correctly. Thelma comes back. They all devour her picnic basket.

Mama’s Family S01, Ep08 – Double Standard

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 1
Episode: 8
Title: Double Standard
Original Air Date: March 12, 1983

Guest Stars:
Steve Nevil: Michael Skinner

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Amazon Click here to get a copy of Mama’s Family: Season 1

iTunes not available at this time

Favorite Quotes:

* Naomi: You have to give later curfews to the older kids.
Thelma: Well if you kept doing that by the time they were 21 they wouldn’t be coming home until breakfast.

* Naomi: Sonja did your mama ever talk to you about boys?
Sonja: Well she told me never to marry a locksmith.

* Sonja: I may be leaving this house a girl, but I’m coming back as a woman.
Vint: Don’t you dare come back a woman.

* Naomi: Ms. Harper you just wanted to hook him.
Thelma: It worked.

* Thelma: This is the 1980’s and that girl should have the same curfew as her brother.

* Thelma: Your curfew is up on my couch too. So whatever you’re doing on it, take it to the basement.

Synopsis: The family is eating with Mama. She is telling a story about a friend who died. Vint tells about a woman locking herself out naked. The kids both excuse themselves to get ready for homecoming. Sonja gets mad because Vint is treating her different because she is a girl. Naomi takes the kids sides. Vint goes up to Buzz’s room. He tells Buzz he can stay out until 1am. He tells Buzz about all the teasing he got when he was in school with a 9pm curfew. Vint tries to have a birds and the bees talk with Buzz, but he winds up leading the conversation. Sonja comes down in her dress. Naomi gives her advice about boys. They ask Sonja about her date, Michael, but all her answers are “I don’t know.” The doorbell rings and it’s Sonja’s date. He gets drug in and introduced to all. Let the grilling begin. He also answers every question with “I don’t know.” Buzz’s ride shows up and Vint lets it slip that he extended Buzz’s curfew to 1am. She is angry and Naomi is also angry. Sonja and Vint argue and she storms off. Later that evening Vint, Naomi and Mama are playing cards and watching the clock. It’s nearly midnight. They all discuss the curfews and Naomi sticks up for Sonja. They discuss kids nowadays. The door opens and Buzz comes in. Vint is upset that Buzz is home already. He heads to the kitchen for pudding. They talk and his date did not go well. A door slams and Sonja is back. She did not have a good time. She had to leave the party early. Thelma follows her into the kitchen. They chat and Thelma tells her she went through the same thing. Her brothers got to stay out later too. Sonja gets fired up about gender discrimination. Sonja admits she was only back on time because her date also had a midnight curfew. However, Thelma has cheered her up. Thelma gets fired up and yells at Vint about equal rights.

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