Mama’s Family S03, Ep07 – Cat’s Meow

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 3
Episode: 7
Title: Cat’s Meow
Original Air Date: November 8, 1986

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Favorite Quotes:

* Thelma: And just what can you do at the drive in that you can’t do at church? Don’t answer that.

* Iola: I knew something was wrong when the mailman made it all the way to the porch. I ran outside to find Midnight staring at him like he could care less.

* Thelma: Don’t you love this fabric? I tell you in this dress I’m going to be the cat’s meow.
Iola: (sobbing) Midnight!

* Thelma: I swear I ought to hire myself out as a magician. Every time I open my mouth my whole family disappears.

* Thelma: Good Lord, Iola, you had him stuffed?
Iola: Of course not, I would never do that to my cat. I had him freeze dried.
Thelma: Freeze dried? You mean like those little coffee crystals?

* Iola: I’ll just take him home and surprise Mother.
Thelma: Have you lost your marbles? That old woman’s blood pressure is going to go straight through the roof if you spring Kitty Ruxpin on her.

* Thelma: Here, Kitty, kitty. Get a grip on yourself Thelma you’re calling a dead cat.

* Thelma: Uh oh, the kitty litter’s going to hit the fan.

* Thelma: You mean to tell me the three of you couldn’t outrun a dead cat?

Synopsis: Vint reads in the paper that there are unclaimed trunks for sale. He wants to go get one. Bubba says he heard about someone find a cut up dead body in one of them. Thelma is making a new dress for a choir fundraiser. Everyone begs off. She tries to guilt them into going but no one bites. Iola isn’t in the mood as her cat is sick. They each tell horror stories about the cat, Midnight. They all sneak out to avoid Iola. In the dining room, Thelma is working on her dress. Iola arrives and informs Thelma that midnight died. Iola is quite distraught. Thelma tries to pep her up. She asks her to help on the dress. But then she makes a cat reference that sends Iola out the door in hysterics again. It’s now the day of the trunk sale. Vint and Bubba are giving Naomi the bums rush to get ready. She does have the dress done. Iola comes in and tells her she will go to the fundraiser tonight. Iola has a surprise, thought, and it’s the stuff of nightmares. She has had Midnight freeze dried. Thelma screams. She is just freaked out by the whole thing. Iola has her pet him and he meows. Thelma is not having any of it. She is creeped out. Thelma kicks her out but when Iola says she’s going to show it to her mother, Thelma stops her. She’s quite certain Iola’s Mother will croak at the fright. Iola leaves the cat with Thelma and it freaks her out more. She leaves it on the porch to get some sun. Naomi, Vint and Bubba come back with a trunk. But they aren’t paying attention. Vint winds up sitting on the cat. Naomi assumes that Vint killed him. Bubba freaks out about going back to juvenile hall. Thelma hears all the commotion and they run for it with the cat and trunk. Thelma comes out front wearing the new dress. She then realizes the cat is gone. She starts calling for a dead cat. Iola is forced to knock. Thelma won’t let her in. She needs to borrow some bread. Thelma asks Iola like when they activated his meow if they activated anything else. She says no. Vint and company try to sneak in with the trunk. Thelma calls them out. Vint mentions the cat. Bubba says he ran off. Thelma tells them the cat was already dead. He was already dead and preserved. She instructs them to bring him back in immediately. They tell her they buried him. Thelma tells them to dig him back up now. Iola comes back over. She told her mom she had the cat freeze dried. She wants the cat back. Thelma starts trying to stall. Vint brings him back in and he looks horrible. Iola flips out on all of them. She refuses to leave till they give her the money to restore the cat. They spend all their money on the trunk. They decide to open the trunk. Iola points out that the trunk has a hole in it. The box has a mother cat and kittens. Iola decides she likes the living cats much better. Iola winds up with the mama cat and Vint, Naomi and Bubba each get one of the kittens.

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