Mama’s Family S03, Ep03 – Best Medicine

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 3
Episode: 3
Title: Best Medicine
Original Air Date: October 11, 1986

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Favorite Quotes:

* Naomi: In Scrabble it pays to give a little thought.
Thelma: I guess it’s good a little thought is all you can muster.

* Thelma: You were a selfish, stingy, self-centered little girl and you’ve gone down hill ever since.

* Ellen: Don’t count on it Naomi, where Mama’s concerned nobody wins.

* Bubba: Hey Grandma, what’s shaking?
Thelma: Ellen’s neck if I ever get my hands on her.

* Thelma: Do you know how many members of my family have been snuffed out by the lousy doctors in this hospital?

Synopsis: The group is playing Scrabble. Thelma is getting mad because Naomi is taking forever each turn. Naomi makes the word, “unapt” and Thelma challenges. There is a knock at the door and it’s Ellen. Thelma slams the door in her face. The two are having a feud. Thelma and Ellen put Vint in the middle. Ellen did not come to Aunt Fran’s funeral, she went to a bridge tournament instead. Her peace offering is a food processer. Thelma is worried she’ll lose a finger. Ellen tells her it’s perfectly safe and she’s used it for years. Thelma loses her temper. Ellen tries to get her to make peace again. She decides to go back to Scrabble. Thelma asks her about the word and Ellen tells her it is one and uses it in a sentence for her. Naomi is thrilled. Ellen storms out. The next day in the kitchen Thelma and Iola are staring down the food processor. Iola reads the manual to Thelma, but it is French and they don’t get very far. Bubba comes in and says hi to his grandma. Naomi and Vint come in with news about Ellen. She is having surgery in the morning. Thelma freaks out and Iola runs home to call the reverend. Thelma has Naomi and Vint rush her to the hospital. In Ellen’s room at the hospital, Ellen is given a liquid dinner. She doesn’t think her family knows. But Thelma walks in and then screams down the hall that she found her. Vint brings her weeds and Naomi some ancient Reader’s Digest. Bubba ate all the candy for her. Thelma tells her how she found out and Ellen is not happy. Thelma suddenly goes down memory lane about all the family members who have died in that hospital. The nurse pops in and tells them visiting hours are over and they need to leave. Thelma refuses to leave and goes off on the nurse. Ellen intervenes and tells the nurse they can stay. Vint does not want to stay. Bubba doesn’t want to stay as he has plans with his friends. Vint and Naomi eat Ellen’s liquid dinner. Thelma and Bubba get in a huge fight. Thelma loses her temper. Ellen screams for the nurse and has them kicked out. A few minutes later, Thelma comes back in. Ellen is not happy. She’s thrilled when the nurse comes in with a sedative. The nurse comments about the bed jacket she is wearing and Thelma makes another scene. She then apologizes to Ellen after a big speech. Ellen is completely shocked that she apologizes as it’s never happened before. She accepts. Ellen then tells her she is in for a fanny tuck. Thelma flips out again and loses her temper. Iola pops in as well. She crocheted her an IV cozy. Ellen is horrified. While Thelma kicks Iola out, Ellen pretends to be asleep. Thelma gives her a whole speech while she was pretending to sleep. Then she tells Thelma she wasn’t asleep. Back at the house, Bubba, Vint and Naomi are playing Scrabble. Thelma finally gets home. She is glad to be home.

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