Mama’s Family S03, Ep09 – An Ill Wind

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 3
Episode: 9
Title: An Ill Wind
Original Air Date: November 22, 1986

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Favorite Quotes:

* Naomi: This is our personal boudoir and I think it looks just fine.
Thelma: That’s because all you ever see of it is the ceiling.

* Iola: Oh you should be proud. Representing the four fathers of our country is an honor.
Bubba: No, I have to do it because I got caught skipping school.
Iola: It also makes a dandy punishment.

* Thelma: Lord, I should have known every time this family gets together there’s a disaster.

* Vint: If we had a spoon we could dig our way out.
Thelma: Real good Vint. If you had a bar of soap you could carve a gun and shoot yourself out.

* Thelma: I never said they were bad, I said they were 90 proof. I’ve always loved Effie’s rumballs.

* Thelma: Shoot this is like a scavenger hunt in a junkyard.

* Thelma: I’m having an emotional breakdown here and you’re offering me rum balls?

* Effie: Nothing worse than a woman who can’t hold her candy.

Synopsis: Vint and Naomi wake up. It’s Naomi’s favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. Thelma knocks on their door and tells them they are missing the parade. She comes in the room and then lectures them on not being up yet. Thelma tells him he needs to go pick up Aunt Effie. She also tells them they need to clean up their room and Naomi is not happy. Back in the kitchen, Thelma puts the turkey in the over. Iola joins her in the kitchen. She has brought some food for dinner. She skipped out on her family reunion. Naomi comes up in an orange turkey dress with a center piece that does not impress Thelma. Thelma asks Naomi to dry off the china carefully. There’s a storm outside and lightning too. Naomi drops the gravy boat and it breaks. Iola goes out and covers herself on the dishes. Meanwhile, Bubba is very unhappy with his costume for the pageant. It’s a punishment. Bubba has a few words to say to. He heads off to rehearsal. As he heads out the storm worsens. The weather continues to intensify. Thelma keeps saying it doesn’t storm on Thanksgiving. The table is set and now Thelma says it doesn’t look right without the gravy boat. Vint and Effie finally make it back to the house. Vint tells them there was a tornado sighting. Effie announces her rum balls are fine. Vint tells them an evacuation center has been set up. Bubba comes back, looking like he was viciously attacked. Suddenly, a tree bursts through the dining room window. Thelma herds everyone down to the basement. Effie grabs her rum balls on the way. It’s a serious storm and they are all in the basement now. Naomi has a melt down and starts yelling about it being a tornado. Several people start telling some scary stories about past storms. Thelma takes charge and tries to calm everyone down. She heads upstairs to baste the turkey, but there’s more lightning and now she freaks out. Vint and Bubba head upstairs to see what’s going on but the door is stuck. Thelma starts melting down. It’s a domino effect on everyone. She gives her version of a pep talk. Vint comes up with an idea to get out that won’t work and Thelma jumps on him. Naomi comes to his defense. She says if they went to the gym they would be safe and sound. Everyone is grumbling about being hungry. Effie breaks out her rum balls. Iola, meanwhile, is chowing down on the rum balls. Effie goes through the chest at the foot of the bed and finds the broken gravy boat. Thelma yells at Naomi and then starts telling stories about the gravy boat. Bubba announces he’s found the cards. Suddenly, Thelma is not upset anymore. They are all playing poker. They are betting with rum balls. Iola ate all of hers. She suddenly faints. Naomi thinks she has a good hand and goes toe to toe with Thelma. Naomi has four kings. Thelma has four aces. The two get into a big fight. Naomi goes on a tear and uncovers a handaxe while looking for crazy glue. Vint uses the hatchet to break a hole in the door. He’s able to move the ironing board and open the door. Thelma is thrilled that her house is still intact. Her turkey timer goes off and it’s done. Dinner is not ruined. Vint says the broken window is the only damage. Naomi comes in and tells Thelma that some of her mothers china got broken. Thelma shocks Naomi by putting her in charge of the dining room table. She also hands her the center piece that she bought. Iola comes up from the basement finally. Thelma tells her it was the rum balls. Thelma says a prayer over the meal as they begin to eat.

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