Mama’s Family S03, Ep17 – Birthright

Show: Mama’s Family

Season: 3 Episode: 17

Title: Birthright

Original Air Date: January 31, 1987

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Favorite Quotes:

* Vint: Here you go Mama, good as new. That knife will last a lifetime.
Thelma: Yeah, well I guess it’s going to have to.

* Thelma: I swear you haven’t got the sense God gave cabbage.

* Thelma: You’re a typical Harper Bubba, a big old red-headed boy with a hearty appetite.

* Thelma: Oh, I get it. Sort of a Whitman’s Sampler for drugs.
Iola: Yes, in a way, yes.

* Naomi: Well I don’t see what’s so lucky about a drugged up old woman handing knives.

* Vint: I think that nice lady who left the note in our mailbox could be my real mother.

* Vint: If I’m not Vinton Harper, then who am i?
Naomi: Well just remember baby, no matter who you are I love you.

* Thelma: So you are the mysterious mommy? The letter writer? The baby ditcher?

* Thelma: I will knock the socks off of any gray-haired gold digger that calls him a deadbeat.


Thelma and Vint are practicing their song and dance act for the church’s Mother’s Day luncheon. Iola informs them she is performing as well. She is going to recite one of her poems. Her poem is called, “A Mother’s Hands.” Naomi tries to cut her off to not hear the entire thing. Vint doesn’t want to practice in front of Iola. Naomi plays the song on the piano as Thelma and Vint sing and tap dance. It’s another day and Vint, Naomi and Bubba are trying to decide on a Mother’s Day gift for Thelma. Thelma comes out making it obvious she could use a new set of knives. They all run to check the mail. There is a strange letter. Vint opens and reads it. A woman is looking for her natural son that she abandoned 44 years ago on the same block. Naomi asks if there were other boys his age back then. Just one boy named Jeff. Everyone but Vint goes in the house to help Thelma. She comes out and yells at him. That night, Thelma makes chicken for dinner. Bubba takes nearly all of it. Vint whines because Bubba took all the drumsticks. Thelma compliments his appetite and points out he’s typical Harper. Vint asks her a question. She informs Vint he’s the only one not like everyone else. Thelma points out that both Eunice and Ellen are natural redheads and so is she. Iola lets herself in. She shows them the medicine box she made for her mother. Thelma points out how helpful that is. Then she asks about if she has nice knives. Iola says she does. Thelma comments on how lucky she is. But Naomi doesn’t think a drugged up old woman should have knives. Bubba interrupts asking about desert. She made strawberry pie. But Vint complains he’s allergic. Vint gets upset and leaves the table. Later that night, Vint goes through all his baby stuff. He finds his birth certificate. He finds the date on the birth certificate doesn’t match his birthdate. He thinks that the lady who left the note in the mailbox could be his mother. He tells Naomi. She tells him she loves him no matter what. Thelma comes into the kitchen and asks what he’s doing. He wants to know why his toys are not there. She tells him that he broke them all. Then he also asks about the lack of his baby pictures. Then he asks about his birth certificate. She tells him he was born on the farm and when she applied for the birth certificate, they put the application date instead of the birth date. He tries to get her to admit he is adopted. Then he shows her the note. They get in a fight because now he doesn’t want to do the show. She storms out and he calls the woman who left the note. It’s the day of the show. Vint is nowhere to be found. Iola tries to coax her out of the bathroom to perform. They all try and boost her confidence. She tells them she’ll rehearse but she’s not going on. She comes out with her outfit on. She practices her part but stops in anger and frustration halfway through. She goes back in the bathroom and slams the door. Vint brings the woman who wrote the note to the house. She is not fond of his name and wants to change it to Menlo. She thinks he owns the house. Thelma comes out on the porch. Vint introduces the two. Thelma asks her why she decided to find her long lost son. She was watching an episode of Donahue. Thelma asks Vint when he will be moving out. Thelma explains that she owns the house and Vint and his wife rent the basement. Mrs. Minter is horrified. She tells them she thought she would be moving into the house. She only has a one-bedroom apartment. When Mrs. Minter finds out he is a locksmith she is furious. She admits that she sent out over 200 letters trying to find a “son.” Mrs. Mintor says some bad things about Vint and Thelma rips into her. Thelma and Vint then have a heart to heart and make up. They hug on the porch. Then they start singing the song as they go back in the house together.

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