Mama’s Family S03, Ep13 – Santa Mama

Show: Mama’s Family

Season: 3 Episode: 13

Title: Santa Mama

Original Air Date: December 20, 1986

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Favorite Quotes:

* Thelma: Get out of my kitchen before I turn you all into pumpkins.

* Thelma: The next person that wishes me Merry Christmas is going to get decked right along with the halls.

* Thelma: For pity’s sake, you’re supposed to be Santa not the Jolly Green Giant.

* Santa/Thelma: Your little Maynard lays another finger on Santa and I’m going to overstimulate his backside.


Naomi and Vint are sitting at the kitchen table trying to decide on a Christmas card. Thelma informs them she is not doing Christmas this year. Vint tells her he gets to play Santa at the mall this year. Tomorrow Bubba is singing Christmas Carols with the Gee Club. He then asks Naomi for advice on a Christmas present. He doesn’t have much money. So Vint tells him he can do the Santa photos. It’s a buck a picture. That night, Naomi, Vint and Bubba come home with a Christmas tree. Iola comes over with a Christmas decoration she made. Bubba invites her to help decorate the tree. Thelma gets upset when she can’t find the star that Carl made. She talks about their first Christmas. He whittled the star and she strung the tree with popcorn and cranberries. She cancels Christmas. But the rest of the family ignore her. Naomi plays the piano and they sing carols. Thelma storms down angry. Vint shows her the tree to cheer her up but she complains. Bubba asks Vint if he is ready to play Santa. His suit will be ready tomorrow. Iola wants to see Vint as Santa. He does his “ho, ho, ho” and Thelma is not pleased. Naomi thinks it needs work too. Everyone starts giving him tips. Nothing helps. He decides to practice. Thelma announces she is going to see Vint play Santa tomorrow as she is going to be there for her son. It’s now almost time for Vint to be Santa at the mall. Santa is running late and the parents and kids in line start to riot. Thelma, Iola and Naomi arrive. They ask where Vint is too. He finally arrives but he has lost his voice. Bubba is forced to announce that Santa is not coming after all. A little girl comes up to Bubba pleading her case. She touches Thelma’s heart. Thelma announces Santa will be coming after all. She runs out to change into the costume. Naomi tries to cheer Vint up. Bubba runs out and announces Santa Clause. Bubba takes Santa’s purse. The kids rush Santa and Thelma yells. One of the kids hit her and Bubba has to restrain her. Bubba tries calming her down. Maynard is up first. He wants an air rifle. Santa assures him he will get one. A lollipop gets stuck in Santa’s beard. A baby has an accident on Santa. Another kid kicks Santa in the leg. Finally the little girls steps up to see Santa. She tells Santa her and her family’s story. Thelma and family finally return home. She went on a shopping spree in the mall too. Kwik Keys donated a set of tools for the little girls father. Thelma walks over and turns on the tree. She is shocked to final Carl’s star at the top of the tree.

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