Mama’s Family S03, Ep06 – Mama and Dr. Brothers

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 3
Episode: 6
Title: Mama and Dr. Brothers
Original Air Date: November 1, 1986

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Favorite Quotes:

* Bubba: No thanks Grandma, every time you give me advise you always wind up yelling.

* Naomi: Has Vinton gone?
Thelma: Yes, he had breakfast when it was served. What were you doing, waiting for room service?

* Thelma: Good Lord, teenage vixens. Conglomerate take overs, marriages crumbling. This could be an episode of Dynasty.

* Iola: I’ll take it just to find out what it is.

* Thelma: Where does she think she is? Hollyweird? People in Raytown aren’t going to air their dirty laundry on tv.

* Iola: Oh my God, it’s someone who works with Naomi.
Thelma: It is Naomi, you bird rain.

* Thelma: Have you no decency? Have you no shame? Have you no brain in that frizzpot head of yours?

* Thelma: I’ll tell you what the problem is. You have turned my son’s condition into a media event. And according to you it’s all my fault.

* Dr. Brothers: I love my Mother.
Naomi: Well sure, she probably doesn’t make you live in the basement.

Synopsis: Bubba tells Thelma what a great breakfast it is. Vint can’t eat. Bubba asks Vint for advise but he’s too worried. Thelma winds up helping him, but as bubba said she winds up yelling. She flips out over the twerp dance. Then she moves on to Vint. Vint is upset because Qwick Keys is being taken over by Bernice. He’s worried that he’s going to lose his job. Naomi comes up from the basement asking if Vint is gone. Thelma tells her yes and they have a bit of a fight. Noami then has a melt down, tells Thelma her marriage is crumbling and runs out. Later, Thelma and Iola are clipping coupons for double coupon day. Thelma is a bit distracted. She tells Iola about Vint and Naomi having issues. She watches The Morning Show and Dr. Joyce Brothers is a guest on the show. She’s only there because her plane broke down. But she will take phone calls. Thelma finds it offensive. But she recognizes the first caller, it’s Naomi. She tells Dr. Brothers that her husband is having performance issues. Thelma finally realizes it is Naomi. The conversation goes downhill fast. Naomi starts telling the whole families dirty laundry. Thelma is manning the phone because people are calling left and right with condolences. Bubba comes in asking about all the phone calls. Another call comes in. She tries to deflect it. The phone rings again and Bubba gets it. Naomi tries to sneak back in the house but Thelma requests her presence at the table and even pushes her chair out with her food. Thelma then yells at her for a good amount of time. Everyone in Raytown now knows their business. Vint storm in the house screaming for Naomi. In the kitchen, Vint answers the phone and its another bad call. Dinner is quite icy, not the food, the company. Iola cheerily pops over with dessert. She makes the mistake of mentioning the show and then calling Vint, Clint. Then adds insult to injury and races for the door. This leads to a fight and a melt down with Vint and Naomi. Suddenly, Vint and Naomi turn on her. Thelma calls K-Ray to get contact information for Dr. Brothers. Thelma heads to the airport to find her. Thelma yells at her. She tells her it’s a complex problem that likely can’t be solved in a just a few minutes. Vint tells her that he’s been worried about his job. Dr. Brothers suggests a vacation. They decide to go to Hinkley. Thelma tries to ask a question but has trouble. Dr. Brothers gives her her home number and a book. She finally gets to catch her plane. That night, Thelma has the house to herself. She sits on the couch to read the book she gave her.

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