Mama’s Family S03, Ep11 – Where There’s Smoke

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 3
Episode: 11
Title: Where There’s Smoke
Original Air Date: December 6, 1986

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Favorite Quotes:

* Thelma: Vinton for crying out loud pick up these newspapers. The Reverend’s going to think we’ve been housebreaking puppies in here.

* Thelma: Bubba, for crying out loud. What did you do mug Mr. Whipple?

* Bubba: Bonita, what are you doing here?
Bonita: I can’t resist a nerd in paisley underwear.

* Thelma: I’m getting raked over the coals by that dragon lady out there.

* Thelma: Lord, I swear, that woman would put Mother Theresa on edge.

* Thelma: Don’t you dare put me on hold. Playing Muzak. Want you to listen to Barry Manilow while you’re waiting for your throat to be slit.

* Mrs. Mechum: Another convict? It’s like having dinner with Ma Barker and her gang.

* Thelma: Alberta Mechum, where do you get off coming into my home and passing judgement on my family, not to mention this poor little girl that you don’t even know?

* Mrs. Mechum: Really, Thelma?
Thelma: That is president Thelma to you, sweetcheeks.

Synopsis: Thelma is making party parfaits in the kitchen. Naomi comes home exhausted. But Thelma won’t let her rest, she needs her to help get ready for the Meechums. She gets upset at Vint having newspapers everywhere. Vint asks her why she invited them over if it makes her nervous. Thelma has been nominated for president of the church ladies league. Vint and Naomi are happy for her. Roselle Huplander is also nominated. Bubba comes running in with all kinds of toilet paper in hand. Police sirens can be heard as well. Thelma asks him what he did. He tells her he TP’ed a girls front yard. He did it to show her how much he loves her. Naomi thinks it’s romantic. But the girl didn’t, she called the cops. Vint tells Bubba about a girl who broke out of Juvenile Hall. It’s Bonita Rokiki. She’s the meanest girl in Juvenile Hall. She’s in because she burned down her high school when she didn’t get queen of the prom. Thelma tells Bubba to go up and put on a tie. He whines. She tells Vint to put one on too and he whines as well. Thelma just realizes she left her cream whipping and now its ruined. Bubba is in his room playing the drums. He hears an echo and doesn’t know what’s going on. Then he hears Bonita yell at him to open the window. He opens the window and runs to put on pants. She found him by following his toilet paper trail. He tries to get rid of her but she refuses to leave. There is a knock at his door and it’s Thelma. She slams the door opne and Bubba thinks she squashed Bonita but she ran in the closet. She puts her foot down and tells him no monkey business tonight. Bubba distracts her by telling her Meechums are early. Bonita threatens to ruin Thelma’s dinner if Bubba doesn’t do what she wants. Mrs. Meechum is mean to all. Even Naomi about her job. Bubba comes running downstairs with a bag and grabbing food. The Reverend tells Thelma he’s happy that she has been nominated for the ladies league post. Mrs. Mechum points out an ashtray. Thelma tells her its for looks only. Naomi confirms that by telling them Vint can’t even use it on poker night. Mrs. Meechum looks displeased. Thelma tries to distract them by asking about dinner. She goes in the kitchen to find Bubba taking dinner. Mrs. Meechum pops in to see if she can help. At the table, Naomi asks the Reverend to settle an argument about the ten commandments. Turns out she is talking about the movie and if Charleston Heston won an Academy award for it. The Reverend looks shocked. Thelma asks the Reverend to say Grace. Outside the dining room window, Bonita is hanging from a rope at the window. Thelma sees Bubba’s arms motions and turns around to see Bonita. She exclaims as she is pulling down the window shade. As everyone opens there eyes she does a little cheerleader move. Then makes an excuse to go in the kitchen and call the police. She gets put on hold though. It’s playing Barry Manilow. She starts to sing along and dance. Bubba comes in and Thelma tells him she’s calling the cops. Bubba actually comes to her defense and asks Thelma to give her a chance. The doorbell rings and Vint gets up to get it. She shouts at him to not open the door but he does anyway. She walks in and starts eating. Noami recognizes her and Thelma covers. She says she’s their foreign exchange student Inga. Bonita sort of plays along. She at least sits in a chair to eat. Mrs. Meechum asks if it’s wise to have her in the same house as Bubba. She defends Bubba. Bonita goes to speak up but Thelma stops her. Mrs. Meechum brings up the girl who escaped from Juvenile Hall. Vint takes this moment to realize that it’s Bonita at the table. Everyone freaks out. Thelma loses her temper at Mrs. Meechum for passing judgment on her family and Bonita. Bubba tries to talk some sense into her. She agrees to let Vint and Bubba take her back to Juvenile Hall. She thanks Mrs. Harper for dinner before leaving. Mrs. Meechum gets snippy and wants to leave but the Reverend isn’t having it. He gives a glowing speech and tells Thelma she is the president of the ladies league. But Mrs. Meechum storms out. He tells her he’ll be out when he’s finished his desert. Mrs. Meechum walks out to police. She runs back in screaming. Thelma lets know all is well and they leave as she goes back in the house.

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