Mama’s Family S03, Ep12 – Fly Naomi

Show: Mama’s Family

Season: 3

Episode: 12

Title: Fly Naomi

Original Air Date: December 13, 1986

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Favorite Quotes:

* Thelma: They say every time we use hair spray we come closer to wiping out life as we know it.

Iola: Personally, I think it’s worth it.

* Thelma: Well, at least you’re going after a girl with some brains.

* Thelma: I swear, that boy is a walking hormone.

* Thelma: Are you nuts? A stewardess at your age? Wake up and smell the coffee, tea or milk.

* Naomi: What is wrong with the way I walk?

Thelma: You are supposed to be stewardess, not a pigeon in heat.

* Naomi: I’m doing the stewardess glide.

Thelma: Yeah? Who’s teaching this course, Tina Turner?

* Thelma: I’m telling you that lovelorn spider is weaving her web and you’ve got fly written all over you.

* Thelma: Vint, the closest this family is getting to Hawaii is watching Magnum PI.


Thelma and Iola, sitting on the porch, they discuss how it gets hotter every summer and climate change. Also, how hair spray is depleting the ozone layer. Iola is not concerned. She’d rather have good hair. Bubba comes out on the porch. He wants to borrow five dollars. He wants a necktie as he is going to join the debate team. Thelma wants to know who the girl is. He tells her and she is happy that at least she is smart. Vint and Naomi return home. They are arguing about apartment locations. Iola heads home so Thelma can go mettle. Vint starts talking about going to the drive in with Naomi and Thelma gets upset. She wanted her furniture moved so she could clean her rug. He argues and she doesn’t want to pay an extra day of rent for the cleaner. Naomi storms out yelling. That night Vint and Bubba move the furniture back in place, but Mama feels something is not right. Bubba goes off to work on his debate speech. Thelma realizes that the big leaves are pointed the wrong way. Vint doesn’t notice, but Naomi comes home and does. Naomi is excited about something she found in the newspaper. An ad for a flight attendant academy. Thelma is horrified that she wants to be a flight attendant and doesn’t think she can do it because she is too old. Naomi tells her there are no age requirements. Naomi informs them she has signed up. Vint is furious she didn’t check with him first. Thelma doesn’t care, she wants her rug turned around. It’s another day and Vint is fixing things, while Iola pities him spending his night alone while Naomi is at school. Vint is fixing an appliance. Iola tells him she’d invite the two for homemade Rocky Road except her ice cream machine is broken. Vint says he would go without Naomi. Iola races home to find the broken ice cream machine. Vint laments that he and Naomi don’t have time for each other anymore with her working and going to school. Thelma tells him not worry she’s going to flunk. Naomi comes home and shows them she got an A+ on her exam. Vint is very upset by the news. Thelma tells her to tend to her husband. Another night at the house and Naomi is wearing her outfit and setting up chairs in the living room. She asks Vint to be a passenger. She has a test tonight. Vint refuses. Naomi is hurt. Bubba storms in upset. He is giving up the debate team as he got kicked off. Naomi tries to give him a pep talk. He tells her he has seen a change in her since she started school and he hates it. Thelma comes down and is worried about the chairs putting dents in her rug. Naomi asks Thelma to be her passenger. Thelma tells no and gives her a lecture. Naomi tells her that she won’t give her any freebies if she becomes a stewardess. Thelma asks about the freebies. Naomi tells her it’s the little bottle of liquors and family members get to fly for free. Thelma asks about Hawaii and Naomi tells her yes. Thelma decides to be her passenger. It goes very badly. Naomi storms off while Thelma is still stuck in the chair. That night out on the porch, Vint enjoys Iola’s Rocky Road. Thelma comes out and makes vint come in. In the kitchen, Thelma tells Vint she doesn’t like what was going on with he and Iola. She points out that Iola has feelings for Vint. He thinks its silly. Thelma reminds Vint that Naomi is his wife and he needs to be more supportive. Naomi comes back from her test. Everyone is prepared to congratulate her. But she comes in and does not look happy. She runs down to the basement crying. She flunked. She went out the wrong door and fell to her death.

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