Mama’s Family S03, Ep21 – Mama With The Golden Arm

Show: Mama’s Family

Season: 3 Episode: 21

Title: Mama With The Golden Arm

Original Air Date: February 28, 1987

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Favorite Quotes:

* Thelma: A little mistake? That roast was so charred it belongs in an urn on Elsie the Cow’s mantle.

* Thelma: I’m losing it. I must be going scenic.

* Thelma: Let’s see if Big John has more than just a big mouth.

* Thelma: Bring me a big old slab of ribs, this old lady feels like chewing on some bones.

* Thelma: What are you people trying to do, kick me while I’m up.
* Vint: What are you doing, Mama?
Thelma: I’m performing brain surgery.

* Thelma: That’s nothing. I got stretch marks that would make you weep.


The family goes to the Bigger Jigger for dinner. Thelma burned a dinner and it’s never happened before. Everyone tries to make her feel better. Thelma has a hard time reading the menu. When she asks about the ribs she is told they are too spicy for her and he recommends the senior citizen plate. An announcement is made about the arm-wrestling competition happening tonight. Bubba and Vint join as Thelma ushers them up to the stage. Bubba goes first and quickly loses to the current champion Big John. He takes Vint down much faster. Big John challenges Thelma and she accepts. But then he refuses. She finally gets him to arm wrestle her. She tricks him and wins. Everyone is shocked and Big John is outraged. They arrive back at the house and the family is still talking about the arm-wrestling win. Thelma is looking forward to the finals next weekend. She thinks she can easily beat the other senior ladies. Everyone is worried about Thelma next week. She needs to come up with a new trick to win. Vint decides to be her manager and everyone else jumps in to help. The next day Bubba takes Thelma for a jog. She can’t breathe. Later, Thelma is trying to vacuum the couch and Vint nearly gives her a heart attack. He wants to teach her a good mental game, but she is not impressed. Later, Thelma sneaks in the kitchen for a beer and sandwich. Iola catches her in the act. Iola pours her a green milk shake to have for lunch. It doesn’t give her speed; it makes her sick. Next, Noami leads the family in an aerobics class. Thelma cheats a bit. They get upset with Thelma. She explains that she is so exhausted from all their “help” that she can barely even move. It’s now the night of the final match and everyone is at the Bigger Jigger. Thelma freaks out and tries to make a run for it, but gets caught. The announcer calls out for the opponent. She hasn’t arrived yet and has only a little time yet. Big John runs in saying the finalist is here. It’s his mom, Big Joan. She’s just as scary as her son. The two start trash talking each other. Thelma takes a quick break and doesn’t know what to do. They try to cheer her on. She calls herself Grambo. Now fired up, she goes back up to the stage with her family. They both get into a fight again. They finally set up and start the match. When Thelma starts to falter, Vint and Naomi tell her they bet their entire life savings on the match and if she loses, they will live with her the rest of her life. After hearing that, she wins the match. At the house, they tell her they didn’t have any savings to bet. They came up with that on the spot to help her win.

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