Mama’s Family S03, Ep19 – Buck Private Bubba

Show: Mama’s Family

Season: 3 Episode: 19

Title: Buck Private Bubba

Original Air Date: February 14, 1987

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Favorite Quotes:

* Vint: Hey, look at this, my old uniform still fits.

Mama: Yeah, if you don’t breathe or sit down.

* Mama: With those three it’s more like the good, the bad, and the ugly.

* Thelma: If that boy comes back with a tattoo of Madonna on his chest I’m holding you personally responsible.

* Thelma: I swear they out to put you in the cuckoo section of bird world.

* Bubba: Grandma she’s come crawling back at least give me a chance to break her heart.


Naomi is reading a tabloid. Mama tells her those papers are lies, but everyone still leans into to read it. Vint comes out in his old uniform. Vint is going to his 25th army reunion. The doorbell rings and it’s his old sergeant. He flatters Naomi by telling her that she looks like Vanna White. Jimmy is now in charge of the local recruiting office. Bubba comes down and Jimmy tries to get him into the army. Bubba has a date. Jimmy offers to drop him off in the jeep. It’s now after midnight and Naomi and Thelma are on the couch waiting for Vint. He trips over the table nearly give them both a heart attack. Noami finds incriminating evidence on Vint. Thelma tries out the evidence and is unsuccessful but has fun trying. Bubba walks in to see her playing with it. Bubba didn’t get to go on his date because her father found out he was in juvenile hall. Thelma tries to cheer him up. She leaves the room, but he picks up the army brochure. The next morning Thelma hollers for Bubba for breakfast. Vint is hungover. Bubba walks in the back door. He tells them he joined the army. Thelma freaks out. Thelma tells him that he is only doing it because he has a broken heart. He tells her he leaves for basic training in the morning. Thelma sits in the living room upset about Bubba. Iola made him a mess kit cozy. The doorbell rings and Thelma answers it. Melanie introduces herself and Thelma slams the door in her face. Bubba goes out on the porch to talk to her. She tells him she got through to her dad with a big cry. Now she can go on a date with Bubba. Bubba tells her he has a date with Melanie on Saturday night. Thelma reminds him he’s in the army. They all yell for Bubba because he has to be there by 0800. Bubba thanks Thelma for all she has done. He admits she was right. They both get a little emotional. After he leaves, she sits and cries. Iola tries to comfort her. Thelma picks up the army brochure and finds a loophole. She’s off to get Bubba back. At the intake center, Gibbs gives a speech. Gibbs make Bubba drop and do 20 pushups. Thelma storms in. Gibbs tries to kick Thelma out. She asks him if his paperwork is in order. She points out that the pamphlet that you can’t review anyone with a criminal record without a review. He did not know about Bubba’s criminal record. Gibbs kicks bubba out. Saturday night Bubba is sitting on the couch with Melanie. Thelma comes out to break it up a little. She sits between them to watch tv with them.

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