Mama’s Family S03, Ep05 – Soup to Nuts

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 3
Episode: 5
Title: Soup to Nuts
Original Air Date: October 25, 1986

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Favorite Quotes:

* Thelma: Iola is right Naomi. You keep soaking up the sun they way you do and in ten more years you’re going to be washing your face with saddle soap.

* Thelma: Hold it you two. Before you set your shower to pulsate take your laundry downstairs. We’re busy here.

* Naomi: Well I’ve been told I make the best chili in the whole world.
Thelma: You’d be surprised what people will say when they are drunk.

* Iola: Canned chili? You can’t used canned chili.
Naomi: Why not? It’s my main ingredient.
Thelma: That ain’t cooking, it’s heating.

* Iola: I do believe it’s warm in here. I think I’ll step outside for some fresh air (once outside she screams).

Synopsis: Mama’s at the table working on the church cookbook. Bubba is surprised she is still working on it. Bubba is waiting on a letter from his parents, he cares more about his allowance. He needs it to buy a part for his motorcycle. He wants to take it on his date tonight. She tells him to be careful, Vint nearly killed a girlfriend on it back when he was in high school. Iola comes in the back door. Iola asks about the recipes and her chili recipe. She starts getting upset that none of her recipes will be included. Vint and Naomi come home. Their display of affection clearly makes Iola sick to her stomach. Naomi pokes fun at Iola’s paleness. Iola and Thelma fight over who makes the best chili. Everyone is shocked that Naomi can cook. The chili debate turns into a three way fight and Vint runs for it. He finds Bubba out front polishing the motorcycle. They talk and Bubba asks a question on one subject, but Vint thinks he’s talking about something else. Vint puts the helmet on Bubba’s head. The ladies come out with lemonade. They announce they are having a chili cookoff and making Vint be the one to decide the winner. In the kitchen, the ladies begin to make the chili. Thelma and Iola go item for item in their bags until they get to the bay leaves. Naomi brings in her groceries: canned chili and beer. Bubba comes in still upset that the mail has not come. Vint comes in and tries to get out of judging by himself, he suggests a panel of judges. While Thelma drinks a beer, Naomi pours one in hers. Thelma tells a story about Vint loving chili as a kid. Naomi then tells them that each of her boyfriends inspired an ingredient to add. The list is a bit disturbing. Then Iola tells a story about her dad loves chili but her mom is against it. She made a batch for a merit badge and brought it home. By the time her dad got downstairs to eat it her mom had thrown it away. Iola becomes visibly upset by this story. She steps out for some fresh air and screams. The chili’s are ready to be judged. Vint looks like he is going to be ill. As he sits down, Bubba storms in upset. He didn’t get a letter or his allowance from his parents, just a postcard. Bubba starts to have a melt down and Thelma steps in and gives him his allowance herself. She tells him he owes her a ride on it. Now the pressure is on Vint to judge the chili. He delays as much as possible. He says they are all the best he’s ever tasted. He picks B, then A, then C. Iola’s is chili B. Iola, in her excitement, grabs her bowl and take it straight home to her dad. They think he picked Iola’s out of pity. He then combines Thelma and Naomi’s chili, takes a bit and nearly chokes to death.

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