Mama’s Family S03, Ep08 – The Love Letter

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 3
Episode: 8
Title: The Love Letter
Original Air Date: November 15, 1986

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Favorite Quotes:

* Repairman: For starters, you’ve got a cracked butt plate.
Thelma: You better be talking about the ice box.

* Thelma: I cannot relax when my chocolate ripple is melting all over my fish sticks.

* Thelma: Good Lord, don’t tell me you’re still reading Cosmo at your age?

* Thelma: Oh for pity’s sake Naomi, the honeymoon’s over get with the program.

* Noami: Oh shoot, I ask for love and you give me laundry.

* Thelma: All right you blue collar bandit, what’s the damage?

* Iola: Oh the civil war, a house divided will not stand.
Bubba: I thought a house divided was a duplex.

* Thelma: Who do you think that is behind the fridge, the Pilsbury doughboy?

* Iola: “I love you, I love you, I love you. Your eternal lover.” So poetic, so misspelled.

* Iola: All my life I was raised as an old fashioned girl and now I’m ready to swing into the 80s.

* Bubba: Aunt Naomi, I’m surprised you’re so uptight about this. You’re the one that said you needed a little more romance.

* George: Thelma, all I want to do is put a little smile on your face.
Thelma: You take one step closer and I’m going to scream.

* Vint: Mama, what is it?
Thelma: Mr. Fixit is trying to put the fix on me.

* Thelma: One more peep out of you and you’re going to have more to fix than a cracked butt plate.

Synopsis: Thelma’s fridge is on the fritz. Her repairman tells her it’s got a cracked butt plate. She goes in the living room. Naomi is giving them a test to see how romantic they are. Thelma gets annoyed by her reading Cosmo. Turns out its actually Lady’s Circle. Thelma acts like she isn’t interested but she listens closer and participates. Naomi is upset because Vint didn’t score well. Thelma beat him with a single question. Bubba got a perfect score. Naomi is just shocked and Vint tries to defend himself. Thelma walks away in disgust. But Naomi is judging Vint by it. Thelma tells her to get over it. Then hands her a basket of laundry to take upstairs. Outside, Vint whines to Bubba. Bubba tells him to write Naomi a love letter. Bubba volunteers to write the letter for Vint. Back in the house, the repairman tells Thelma he’s finished assessing the fridge and knows what’s going on and what it will cost. Vint comes back in with Bubba’s letter. Vint reads the letter out loud. Vint finds a few spelling errors. He decides to hid the letter in her manicure kit. Bubba moves the letter into Naomi’s purse. He doesn’t know she has come down the stairs and seen him do it. She reads the letter and is horrified. Thelma comes out upset that the bill is $108 to repair her fridge. In the kitchen, the repairman asks for something to drink. She plays him up and decides it’s $9.50. He decides on water. Vint comes back up and sees Naomi reading it. She feels sick and also notices the spelling error. Vint comes out trying to be romantic. She just looks sick and gets upset at him. Iola comes over and finds Bubba studying the civil war. Iola waxes poetic and Bubba is clueless. She comes in the house and asks about her magazine. She mentions the quiz and Vint tells her he came out as a cold fish. He gives her the magazine back. She starts to leave and the letter falls out. She reads it and thinks its from Vint to her and lights up. Vint starts talking to George (the repariman). They head out to his truck for tools. Iola comes in the kitchen looking for Vint and still reading the letter. Thelma comes back in and Iola hides it in George’s clipboard. Thelma then kicks Iola out of the kitchen. Thema doesn’t understand what Iola wants to tell Vint but kicks him out. Iola leaves and calls Thelma, “Mama.” And runs off with Thelma and Bubba looking at her like she’s nuts. Back in the kitchen, Vint and George return. George decides to knock $15 off Thelma’s bill. Out front, Bubba asks a question about the civil war and women being unprotected. He thinks Thelma was alive back then. She’s not amused. Vint comes out in the front with Bubba and Thelma. Vint’s still upset. Thelma goes back in the kitchen. George tells her he’s got a surprise for her. He tells her to take a look at the clipboard. She doesn’t see the $15 knocked off, instead she finds the letter under it. She completely freaks out. Naomi comes in the kitchen looking for Vint. Thelma grabs her and desperately tells her not to leave her alone. Naomi does not understand and exits. She finds Vint and Bubba on the porch. She tells Bubba they need to have a little talk. She makes him go inside and leaves Vint on the porch. Iola runs over all dressed up. Vint asks her why she’s all dressed up. He has no clue. Inside Naomi is trying to talk to Bubba. She tells Bubba she knows he wrote the letter. He thinks she knows it’s for Vint. On the porch, Iola surprises Vint with the sexiest dress she has and even exposes her shoulders. Vint is shocked but he tells her he’s fine just the way she is. Thelma, still freaked out, asks George to talk. He winks at her and she freaks out. What he says to Thelma completely shocks her. She looks like she is going to faint but then she gets so mad she starts yelling when he tells her every handyman in town is on to her. Back in the living room, Bubba is confused at Naomi’s reaction. Naomi just gets more and more grossed out as Bubba tries to explain. On the porch, Iola continues her attempt and romance with Vint. He gets confused about where she is talking about. She makes a blatant pass at him and he doesn’t go for it and instead asks what she’s doing. He tries to get up and get away. She doesn’t let go and he starts screaming for Mama. In the kitchen, George is confused. He tells her normally people are happy when he knocks a little off the bill. She still doesn’t understand and threatens to scream. Thelma and Vint run into the living room screaming. She tells them she thinks George is hitting on her and pulls out the letter. Bubba asks about why she has his letter. Vint says it’s really his letter. Bubba explains that he wrote it. And Vint chimes in with Bubba wrote it for him to give to Naomi. Suddenly, Naomi loves the letter. Naomi is beyond relieved. Iola admits she found it in her Lady’s Circle. George has now read the letter and is laughing hysterically. Thelma’s not happy and threatens him.

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