Mama’s Family S03, Ep20 – Mama’s Cousin

Show: Mama’s Family

Season: 3 Episode: 20

Title: Mama’s Cousin

Original Air Date: February 21, 1987

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Favorite Quotes:

* Thelma: I wouldn’t call it thunderous. Thunder doesn’t usually last that long.

* Thelma: Iola did you ever have a friend who no matter how good you looked always made you feel like a dishrag?

* Lydia: I’m just a slave to fashion. Thelma use to be, too.
Thelma: Yeah, now I’m just a slave.

* Thelma: If I wanted my clothes to make a statement, I’d wear a sandwich board.

* Iola: I’ve never met anyone so cosmopolitan and urbane.
Thelma: She is a stuck-up snob and I hate her guts.

* Thelma: I wouldn’t slumber with you if you were Tom Selleck in drag.


Vint is upset because Thelma is not home from her lady’s league meeting, and he wants dinner. Bunna is complaining about the paper he has to write. Thelma and Iola come in and Vint tells them the time. She apologizes for the being late. Turns out that the Reverend wanted to cancel the annual bake sale because of a lawsuit. She saved the bake sale. Bubba decides to do his essay on Thelma. Vint gives a registered letter to Thelma. It’s from Cousin Lydia. She wants to stop in and say hi. She’s arriving the next day. Thelma freaks out that her house is a pigsty. Thelma is worried about how she will appear to her cousin and doesn’t want to be a loser. It’s now the day of arrival. Iola has cleaned like crazy. Thelma is worried. Her cousin always makes her feel bad about herself. She tells Iola that Lydia is a haughty toity interior designer. The doorbell rings and Thelma goes to the living room and lectures Vint and Bubba. She opens the door and gives Lydia a hug. She meets Bubba. Tension begins to build. Lydia brought presents for everyone. She got a reel for Vint. She brought some perfume from Paris for Naomi. She brought a typewriter for Bubba. There is a kimono for Thelma. Thelma gets upset about the gifts. She exits to check on the food. Bubba decides to write his essay about Lydia now. There are several loud crashes in the kitchen at this news. Iola arrives with desert. Lydia makes over Iola’s potholders. Iola takes her cobbler into the kitchen. Iola and Thelma get in a small fight until Lydia tries to enter the kitchen. Lydia and Thelma both try to go through the kitchen door at the same time. Thelma starts to lose her temper. Lydia tells stories all throughout the dinner. Thelma’s anger continues to increase throughout dinner. Iola compliments Thelma’s dinner but Lydia insults it. Lydia mentions that Thelma use to date her late husband. Thelma breaks something in the kitchen. Everyone starts to sing Thelma’s praises to Lydia while Thelma does dishes. Thelma listens at the kitchen door. Lydia tells them about the cakewalk she just oversaw and how much money was raiser. Iola asks her to help with their bake sale. Thelma rages into the living room absolutely furious. She finally gets into it with Lydia. Iola tries to calm her but it does not work. She informs Lydia she can sleep in Bubba’s room and he can sleep on the couch. Lydia is taken aback by her behavior. Thelma takes up sheets to where Lydia is staying. They finally have it out. Thelma tells her she never passes up a chance to show her up. Lydia tells her she’s jealous. Lydia then tells her how she molded Buck into what he was. The fight continues. Lydia points out that she comes home to an empty house every night. Her adventures are all she has. They finally make up. Now the slumber party is back on.

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