Mama’s Family S03, Ep16 – Have it Mama’s Way

Show: Mama’s Family

Season: 3 Episode: 16

Title: Have it Mama’s Way

Original Air Date: January 24, 1987

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Favorite Quotes:

* Thelma: What desert? This is Raytown. The closest thing we have to a desert is the city dump.

* Thelma: I’m all for dreams as long as they don’t wind up on blocks in my driveway.

* Thelma: She even made leaping to her death in that volcano look fun.

* Bubba: The Warden said I could have a career in food service.
Thelma: Yeah, at Sing Sing.

* Thelma: I can sell anything if I believe in it and I do believe in my grandson.

* Bubba: What guy goes through a rite of manhood with his grandmother?

* Thelma: It isn’t my fault that your husband is too cheap to spring for the trip.

* Thelma: It is such a comfort in my old age to know that I have the love and support of my family.

* Thelma: Just what is so revolutionary about serving a tv dinner for breakfast?

* Thelma: Hey Curly Top, you try serving breakfast in 35 seconds.

* Thelma: Vinton, I can only serve what is on the menu. This is not McMama’s.


Vint and Naomi are in the kitchen reading the paper. There’s a truck for sale he wants. Naomi defends Vint’s dreams of four-wheel drive. Iola comes over. She is excited about the Church Ladies League upcoming trip to Hawaii. Thelma read the brochure and gets excited until she hears the price is $900. Naomi wants to go. Vint would rather buy the pickup truck. Naomi refuses a ride to work from Vint. Thelma worries that if she goes it will wipe out her emergency fund. Bubba comes in asking how he looks. She thinks he looks like Woody Woodpecker. Thelma offers to drive him to his job interview. Thelma waits while Bubba fills out his job application at McRay’s. She cleans it up for him. Bubba hands over his application and Thelma tries to talk him up. Her sales pitch gets her a job offer. He sells her on the wage of $3.55 an hour and 30 hours a week. She takes the job to pay for her trip to Hawaii. Back at the house, Thelma is still thinking about the job. She doesn’t want to take it if Bubba doesn’t get hired too. The phone rings and Bubba races down to answer. He gets the job. When he asks what time, he starts he looks confused. He now learns that Thelma got hired too. Thelma is excited. Bubba is horrified. She tells him to call her Thelma. Thelma tells him to calm down. Naomi and Vint come home. Bubba tells them that Thelma got a job at McRay’s. She informs them she is only working there long enough to raise the money for her trip to Hawaii. Naomi is now furious at Vint for not getting to go to Hawaii. Naomi is furious and lays into Vint over the trip and the truck. Naomi, Vint and Bubba all storm off. It’s now the next day. Thelma and Bubba are in uniform and the doors open. Thelma’s first customer is a bit cranky while she tries to give excellent customer service. Thelma takes a long time with her one customer, while Bubba handles all the rest. Thelma gets a talking to as Bubba has helped four customers to her one. She kicks into high gear. Her customer service gets worse as her speed gets better. She yells at an older customer who can’t decide what he wants. She gets warned that if she says one more cross word she will be out of a job. The family and Iola come into order. Iola tries to order a burger and fries but its too early. Vint tries to order her regular breakfast. She informs him she can only serve him what’s on the menu. He gets upset and makes a scene. It turns into a massive blow up. Thelma has an explosive melt down in the dining room. She then gets fired. Everyone is back at the house. No one is going to Hawaii now. They all apologize to Thelma.

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