Mama’s Family S3, Ep10 – Steal One, Pearl Two

Original Air Date: November 29, 1986

Favorite Quotes:

* Bubba: Grandma, why don’t you let me clear the table for you?

Thelma: Well Bubba good Lord. I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven.

* Thelma: Bubba why don’t you make like a drum and beat it?

* Thelma: Good Lord, National Geographic ought to do a special on you two. The lounging habits of the North American couch potatoes.

* Thelma: Not another word. If Bubba stole those pearls, then I’m a monkey’s uncle.

Bubba: Hey everybody look what I got. A new set of drums.

Thelma: Vinton I feel the need for a banana.

* Bubba: Hey wait a minute. You don’t think I took your pearls?

Iola: The evidence speaks for itself.

* Thelma: What do you expect him to do Naomi? Hitchhike with a trap set on his back?

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Bubba jumps up and volunteers to clean the table for his grandmother. Thelma takes a moment to remind Vint and Naomi they need to go to church. Bubba then thanks Thelma for taking him to church. Bubba even volunteers to do the dishes. She then asks what he wants. He wants a set of drums that are $200. She tells him to play the piano instead. He wants to form a band with Dwanye and T-Boy. Thelma puts her foot down, no drums. Then she yells at Vint and Naomi. Iola comes over. She lost the key to her jewelry box. She needs Vint to break into it. She’s holding her pearls. Thelma admires them and so do Naomi. Vint can’t get it open. Bubba pops it open with a bobby pin for her. Iola suggests a game of cards. Naomi answers the phone and pretends it was Iola’s mother. Iola comes running back and her pearls are missing. She wonders if someone stole them. She then accuses Bubba. He comes back with a new set of drums. Bubba says a friend of T-Boys loaned him the drums while he is out of town. Vint tries to help but makes it worse. Bubba realizes he’s being accused of stealing them and isn’t happy. Iola then points the finger at Thelma and then Naomi. Thelma throws Iola out of her house. Bubba thanks her and then Thelma demands to know where the pearls are. Bubba and Thelma have a big fight. In the kitchen, Vint is making sandwiches. Thelma talks with Vint and Naomi in the kitchen about Bubba. Thelma takes a bite out of the sandwich Vint made and gets a piece of plastic wrapped cheese. Vint comes downstairs and tells them that Bubba’s duffel bag is gone and so is most of his stuff. Iola comes back over. Thelma doesn’t let her in. Thelma yells at her and then leaves to look for Bubba. Bubba goes to the bus station. Thelma finds Bubba at the bus station. Thelma tells Bubba about his mom trying to run away. Then she tells Bubba a story from her childhood. When the chickens in her coop got attacked. She tells him she doesn’t think he stole Iola’s pearls. Thelma comes back with Bubba. Thelma wants Bubba to play the drums and he asks Vint for a pillow. Iola’s pearls are attached. Bubba starts to play.

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