Mama’s Family S03, Ep04 – National Mama

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 3
Episode: 4
Title: National Mama
Original Air Date: October 18, 1986

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Favorite Quotes:

* Thelma: Don’t worry I got better things to do than watch a bunch of nags chase each other.

* Thelma: What did that rooster know about horses? He was a fry cook.

* Thelma: I wasn’t asleep. I was just resting my eyes.
Naomi: Do you always snore when you’re just resting your eyes?

* Vint: Bubba, grab that racing form we are about to get Mama’s dream pick.

* Vint: The bookie told me we really ought to concentrate on tomorrows exacta.
Thelma: What is this bookie, Italian?

* Naomi: Ms.Harper, where are you going?
Thelma: Up to my bed. Mr. Sandman, bring me a horse.

* Thelma: Why don’t you make your mind a mosquito and buzz off.

* Thelma: I swear, since you moved into this house I haven’t had to use my garbage disposal once.

Synopsis: Bubba, Vint and Naomi are getting ready to go to the horse races. Thelma packs them a picnic basket of food. Naomi suddenly worries that she might decide to join them. However, Thelma tells her she has better things to do with her time. Naomi sits at the table and Vint asks her how she decides what horse she wants to bet on. It’s an odd scheme and Thelma tells her her money is going to fly away. Bubba agrees with Thelma and then tells them how he picks a winner. Bubba grabs a piece of fried chicken out of her tongs. She then tells him about a dream she had. There is a horse with the same name as how she had her eggs in the 7th race. So Vint picks that horse. They finally head to the track. They want to get one of the free jackets. Thelma is happy that they have left. Later, she falls asleep in her chair in the living room. Bubba and Naomi come home and wake her up. Bubba and Naomi did not win. He has not lost, he won. The horse from her dream won. He gives her a cut of the winnings. Naomi asks her if she dreamed while she was napping. She says yes. She doesn’t want to tell her about the dream but finally relents and tells her dream. It was the 4th grade. She was in a spelling bee and down to the last two. Her word is aggravation. This is a horse in the fourth race. It’s now the next race day and everyone is gathered around an old radio to listen to the race. Thelma worries Vint is getting the gambling fever like his cousin did. The race finally starts. Their horse is dead last. However, Aggravation makes a move and starts moving ahead horse by horse. Even Thelma gets in on the excitement. Aggravation wins the race!! Thelma heads up to bed to dream about more winners. However, that night Thelma can’t sleep. She’s too keyed up trying to remember what she dreams. Vint and Naomi try all kinds of things to get her to sleep. A music festival is on the tv. It’s now after midnight, Thelma is still awake and watching but Naomi and Vint are out cold on the couch. Thelma claps at the end and the clapping wakes the pair up. She gets excited when another musical comes on. The two go to bed because they can’t take it anymore, but Thelma is happily watching another one. She finally falls asleep but Bubba comes in and wakes her up. She yells at him for coming back in so late. He tells her he needs a snack before he can go to bed. They have a talk. He tells her about what he wants to do with his life. He tells her his ideas, but learns that she has fallen asleep when he turns around. He wishes her sweet dreams, turns off the light and exits the kitchen. The next morning, Naomi and Vint find her asleep at the table have a bad dream. She wakes up and screams at the sight of the two. They ask about her dream. Naomi and Vint start irritating Thelma regarding her dream. She starts to describe things in the dream, but Vint rushes her on. One item in her dream is a red light, there’s also a horse with that name. It’s now race time and they eagerly listen to the race. Thelma is excited, she’s looking forward to getting a black and white square floor like in her dream. They actually missed the start of the race. As they listen, another horse called Checkerboard is mentioned. They slowly turn to look at her. Turns out Checkerboard wins and Red Light is second. Vint yells at her about the linoleum, and she yells back telling them they told her to ignore the floor. She looses her temper.

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