Book: Bare Bones by Kathy Reichs (6)

For the first time since we’ve met Temperance Brennan, she is going on a vacation. Or should I say a romantic getaway?

Just before she leaves, bones start calling her name. The first set being the charred remains of a newborn baby. Then a small plane crashes, killing the pilot and his/her passenger. A strange black substance is covering their bodies. More bones are found on a remote farm well outside of Charlotte. Sadly, each set have their own surprises.

Ryan helps Tempe try to solve each case. But challenges with X-rays and DNA keep delaying answers. When Tempe learns her daughter Katy has a new boyfriend her motherly instincts kick in and complicate life even more.

Who is the baby? Who are the pilot and passenger? What is the substance? Are the bones from the farm animal or human? Are all these bodies related or separate cases? Will the duo of Tempe and Ryan managed to find all the answers?

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Bones S02, Ep06 – The Girl in Suite 2103

Show: Bones
Season: 2
Episode: 6
Title: The Girl in Suite 2103
Original Air Date: October 4, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Booth: Maybe the bomber got caught by his own explosion.

* Cam: Every circus needs a ringmaster and in this circus it’s me.

* Booth: That was a nice moment you know, me translating for you.

* Booth: Do you have any higher aspirations than babysitting drunken playboys?

* Booth: We’re the good guys.

* Booth: There are a lot of gray areas.
Bones: Not for you, you did the right thing.

Synopsis: Bones and Booth are in an elevator. When they exit, it’s a massive amount of carnage. A representative from the State Department brings them up to speed. Cam joins them. She needs Bones to identify a person who is now visually unidentifiable. She also finds additional bones that don’t belong to any known victims. She finds an additional set of remains in what’s left of a chandelier. The extra body is that of a female. Data comes in on the woman, but still no id on her. At the FBI, Booth is informed by State he has to be extra nice to Judge Ramos. They question the judge. Hodgins asks Angela to pull up all the photos he took at the scene. Zack gives Cam a rundown of all the damage to the woman. He does get a name, Lisa Winneker. Booth goes to visit her mother. She knows some vague details about who her daughter was dating. Angela has managed to find the point of origin for the fire. She is able to determine that a person was there during the first episode but not the second. Booth and Bones talk to Lisa’s coworkers. She wasn’t working that night but instead there with a date. While they are there the bartender tells them the man Lisa was with walks in. Turns out he’s the judge’s son. For Zack to determine the cause of death he needs answers about the fire. The fire investigation is complete. There was no bomb, it was a combination of alcohol and other combustibles. Hodgins and Zack have built a small scale, 1/1000th size explosion of the fire. It goes wrong and it’s a lot bigger than they thought it would be. But it proves that someone killed Lisa and then started the fire to cover it up. They had no idea it was going to cause such an explosion. Cam calls Booth to give him the news, Lisa was strangled. Bones finds something odd and Zack is going to take a closer look. Booth shows the jewelry to the jeweler. It was not cheap, $800,000. He also recognizes Lisa. Bones visits Booth at work. Their prime suspect couldn’t have committed the murder because of his injury. The two meet with the State Department agent. He just gives them a bunch of bull. Bones gives a lengthy speech and it gives Booth an idea. Hodgins determines that Lisa was strangled with something silk. Zack determines one of her fingers was broken a few weeks ago and she might have been wearing a splint. Lisa’s mother advised her to get pregnant, so the rich guy wouldn’t break up with her. The hospital forms show that it was Judge Ramos’s husband that took her to the hospital and she had nothing to do with the son. However, the whole family is about to get on a plane to go back to Columbia. Booth asks Hodgins to stop the plane from taking off. He’s successful. At the lab, the State still stonewalls. Zack finds something odd and tells Cam. She yells for Bones. As the three talk it over they get close to the answer but are still searching. Angela realizes it’s 3” stiletto heels. She also notices that the Judge has a silk wrap that is missing after the fire. Booth and Bones go to the diner for food. Cam joins them with all the evidence. She has manipulated the evidence to frame the Judge’s son and get the Judge to confess. Bones and Booth meet with Judge Ramos one last time about Lisa’s murder. All the evidence will be turned over to Columbia. The State reminds her that her government is not on her side. She waives her diplomatic immunity to get a fair trail in the US, versus a death sentence from the cartels in Columbia. While Booth and Bones overlook the lab, several men in black come and take Hodgins, he’s thrilled.

Bones S02, Ep04 – The Blonde in the Game

Show: Bones
Season: 2
Episode: 4
Title: The Blonde in the Game
Original Air Date: September 20, 2006

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iTunes Bones, Season 2 – Bones

Favorite Quotes:

* Angela: Thanks Hodgie.
Bones: Hodgie??

* Booth: What did he say?
Bones: Epps is playing us.

* Bones: Are you on some kind of medication?

* Cam: His accomplice throws in some flare of his own.

* Booth: It means I have to go talk to a nun.

* Bones: I don’t want to find that girls remains in some mine Booth.

* Angela: You find Helen. I’ll keep Epps from getting a jet ski out of you.

* Bones: Zack is right. Epps is trying to break us.

* Angela: I think you love him very much. You’d have to overlook the things that he’s done.

* Booth: You have to come to grips with the fact you killed another human being. Because when you kill someone there’s a cost. A steep cost. I know, I’ve done it.

Synopsis: Bones and Booth are called to scene where a Doberman has found bones in a forest. Booth tries to get the Booth to give up the skeleton. Bones throws a pine cone and the dog chases it. At the lab, they start analyzing the body. Based on the bugs she was buried 7 to 10 years ago, was bound and likely played golf. Angela arrives and has done a reconstruction. She was hit with a tire iron, hands and feet bound, buried face down. This is triggering something for Bones. Everyone but Cam knows who Epps is. This may be another of his victim’s. After Cam finds out what happened the last time Bones met with Epps she tells Booth to visit him solo. Booth goes to interview Epps. He doesn’t give up anything. Bones and Zack analyze the wrists of the victim based on what Epps told Booth. One of the wrist bones belongs to someone else. Now Booth and Bones take a trip to visit Epps. They meet Howard Epp’s new wife. The pair speak with Epps. He tells them about his mom and her obsession with germs and ammonia. Bones gets something out of that exchange. At the lab, Booth now understands game theory thanks to Zack. They are frustrated and then the ammonia is mentioned again and it gives Hodgin’s an idea. They expose the bone to ammonia and it reveals a symbol for a mine. They locate a mine that fits and start searching for a stone cross. Bones quickly finds the cross. They find a body no more than a week old. Epps has an accomplice still killing. Cam and Bones go over the fresh body. Angela has a name for the victim and she’s only 16. She worked for a hair salon that is owned by Howard Epps current wife. Booth goes to talk to her. He gives her a search warrant, but she gives him permission anyway. He talks to the nun and she identifies the victim because she presented Helen Majors with that medal. She’s been missing for three days. Booth and Bones head to an address from one of Epps penpals, he may be the accomplice. However, the address belongs to a vacant lot. Booth is not amused. The pair go and see Epps again. Bones takes a go at him. Bones goes to Angela for advice. She compares him to a boyfriend and analyzes him quite accurately. Booth finds Bones at the lab. She translates what Epps said in German. Zack tells them the victims father is in Bone’s office. Angela and Booth talk to him. Angela did some drawings of Epps younger and the father identifies one of them. Booth asks Cam for Angela’s help. She meets with Caroline Epps. She gets a name from him, Henry Gerber. She delivered a message to him five days ago. Booth and Bones go visit him, but are shocked to find him in a wheelchair. Zack, comes up with a new theory on the name. The letters to the vacant lot would go to the dead letter office. But would have all been delivered by the same mail carrier. He’s also the man who found the first body. The two head to his house. They find a stalker/trophy room but not him. Desperately, they call Hodgin’s hoping for a location. He doesn’t want to guess. Angela walks in and helps him bounce ideas of her to try and save her. It’s likely an abandoned mail sorting center. They go to the nearest one and find that the most recent victim is still alive and are able to save her. Booth even gives her a gun without asking. Booth goes to look for him. The killer ambushes Booth and Bones shoots him ending the threat to Booth. It’s the first time she’s ever killed anyone, and she is clearly affected. Back at the prison they tell Epps he’s been foiled again. Epps is clearly excited by know that Bones killed him. Booth ends the interview. Back at the lab, Booth checks on Bones. Bones talks it out in her logic. He cracks her exterior so that she will deal with it. She cries a bit and then Booth gives her a small statue of a pig to cheer her up. His name is Jasper.

Bones S02, Ep03 – The Boy in the Shroud

Show: Bones
Season: 2
Episode: 3
Title: The Boy in The Shroud
Original Air Date: September 13, 2006

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iTunes Bones, Season 2 – Bones

Favorite Quotes:

* Cam: Not many kids from the suburbs wind up in garbage cans. Fun facts from the front lines.

* Booth: What’s with the stink eye? It’s just a theory.

* Bones: Good, if you tell me that I get it. It’s empirical not guess work.

* Angela: Dr. Saroyan, I don’t want to be overly dramatic or anything. But if you lose Brennan you lose us all.

* Booth: I’m with Bones Cam. All the way. Don’t doubt it for a second.

* Bones: He reads people the way that you read pathology reports, or I read bones.

Synopsis: The team is digging through garbage from an overturned garbage truck. Bones does not understand why she is there. Cam shows her a skeleton. She confirms it’s a minor and Booth takes the case. Hodgins finds something in it’s hands. At the lab, they go over the skeleton. Cam thinks he took a steep fall. Angela has analyzed the shroud he was wrapped in. She tells them the material has an imprint of his face from cellular breakdown. Angela brings him to life, so to speak. The dead boy is the boyfriend of a girl in foster care. Booth and Bones notifies the parents. They are shocked. The parents blame the foster child and Bones is offended. Booth and Bones drive to his office. Bones is clearly not ok. The foster mom tells them that Kelly has a little brother, named Alex. The foster mom breaks the news to Alex that Dylan is dead. Alex is worried because he hasn’t heard from her. Booth promises him that he’ll find his sister. Cam joins Bones and Booth in her office and has results from under the finger nails. It’s rust. Cam and Booth start talking about the foster child as if she is the murderer. Bones is extremely offended. Booth and Bones head to a Russian restaurant. Bones asks some teenagers for help. They aren’t helpful. They come upon a van. It’s an outreach and they mistook them for drug dealers. Bones shows the pair the photo. They recognize them. The pair take them to the warehouse. There’s a memorial for him at the warehouse. Someone runs by and Bones tackles him. He tells them a little and points them towards the pair that “helps” the kids. At Booth’s office, the two discuss foster kids. In the lab, Hodgins is attacking rust samples. Booth interviews the male member of the sandwich duo. Booth doesn’t believe a word he says. At the lab, Bones and Cam have a dust up. Alex goes to see Booth. He got a call from Kelly. Booth tries to reassure him. Cam calls in Booth, the man who does the sandwiches is now dead. She cuts him open, pulls out the rib with the bullet and gives it to Zach to retrieve. Cam asks Booth about what would happen if Bones left. He tells her that everyone would leave. Hodgins walks in with a rose. Booth tells Cam she may have gotten off on the wrong foot with Bones because she had been a foster kid. Cam has egg on her face. Booth and Hodgins go to the flower garden where he located the flower. Kelly is there. She says she killed him. The interrogation goes downhill. At the diner, the sandwich lady comes in. She hands over the gun she used to kill him. As Booth arrests her, Bones thanks her. In the lab, the case of murder two is closed. Hodgins finds a pipe that matches. Angela does a recreation of Dylan’s death. Booth realizes that she didn’t kill Dylan, she’s covering for someone. Bones talks with in in interrogation. She gets in her head to get to the truth. Kelly thinks it’s all her fault. Her brother Alex killed Dylan and she was trying to protect him. When Alex is brought down, they get to say goodbye to each other. Kelly is beside herself as Booth takes him away. In Angela’s office, Hodgins gives her the white rose, they share a look and he walks away. Bones finds Cam at the diner. Bones sits and tells her about herself and that she was a foster kid. They agree on a get out of jail free type situation, she’ll get three a week. The two come to an understanding.

Bones S02, Ep02 – Mother and Child in the Bay

Show: Bones
Season: 2
Episode: 2
Title: Mother and Child in the Bay
Original Air Date: September 6, 2006

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iTunes Bones, Season 2 – Bones

Favorite Quotes:

* Bones: Let’s hurry. I don’t want the bones compromised.

* Bones: You could have used your siren. Why have one if you’re not going to use it?

* Angela: Why didn’t he just divorce her?
Bones: Why do they have to get married in the first place? It’s an antiquated ritual.

* Bones: Don’t ignore facts just because it might change the outcome of the case.

* Bones: Hey, even an empiricist can have a heart.

Synopsis: Booth tells Bones about a body found. It’s likely a pregnant woman missing for a year. Everyone heads to the scene. On the drive they get into it. At the scene, the body is brought up. Upon closer examination, the body was pregnant. There are stabs wounds everywhere. Bones and Cam have a slight disagreement. Booth heads off to arrest the husband. He gets there too late, though. He’s already taken off. At the lab, they start collecting evidence. Booth interrogates Kyle’s girlfriend. At the lab, the investigation continues. Bones asks Zack to identify the weapon used to stab the victim. Cam shows Bones a locket that was on the body. The locket says “I love you Kenny.” Bones meets Booth and shows him the locket. They go to talk to her friends. Turns out Kenny was the victims dog. Hodgins has news on the fish found on the body. It was in freshwater for at least 6 months of the last year. Bones dives under the fresh water. Sadly, she only finds racoon parts. Cam comes in and doesn’t like what she finds. The husband might not be the killer. At the FBI office, the victim’s parents pay a visit to Booth. They bring in a photo that proves his current girlfriend knew him before the murder. Rebecca shows up at his office and have quite a fight. Booth finally arrives at the lab for the fake body stabbing experiment. What’s odd is the force from Angela’s stabs did the stabbing. It looks like Kyle’s current girlfriend committed the murder. Now they think Kyle might have been murdered too. Hodgin’s finds particulates on the knife. Cam finds Kyle’s DNA under her nails, and also female DNA. At the lab, Hodgin’s has pinpointed where the body was originally dumped. They head to the original dump site and start analyzing what’s there. They find some beauty products, which doesn’t make any sense. They show some photos to her friends. Cam tells them the DNA under her fingers is not the girlfriend. Bone gets an idea. The baby is not a fetus, but a two week old child. Bones believes whoever killed the woman actually cut out her fetus and replaced it with her dead baby. Booth gets a call that they found Kyle. When they interview Kyle. She tells him that his child might still be alive. That the fetus was stolen. He wants to know where his kid is. At the lab, Hodgins tells them there was traces of betadine. Angela has completed the reconstruction through an aging process. Bones know who did it. They head to the playground to find the vet, her own friend killed her. Booth takes the baby from her. He then arrests her for two murders and kidnapping. Back at Booth’s office, Kyle is there. CPS brings in the baby. Booth tells him to step up. Booth and Bones are discussing the case at the diner, and Parker comes running in. Rebecca has brought Drew as well. Bones chooses to leave so they can have some time together.

Bones S02, Ep01 – The Titan on the Tracks

Show: Bones
Season: 2
Episode: 1
Title: The Titan on the Tracks
Original Air Date: August 30, 2006

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iTunes Bones, Season 2 – Bones

Favorite Quotes:

* Cam: Every survivor is one less person to autopsy.

* Bones: One minute she’s holding a severed arm and the next minute she’s hitting on you.

* Cam: Why does the whole lab smell like a luau?

* Booth: Cam knows that too much truth is just as bad as too little.

* Bones: How am I ever going to find out what really happened?

* Angela: Zack provided the skull and this is the face that goes with it.

* Cam: Miss Montenegro uncovered a fraud. That’s the opposite of a mistake.

* Bones: Don’t you have to read him his rights before you strangle him?

* Bones: We should warn the addicts.
Booth: Yeah, like they do on a pack of cigarettes.

* Booth: Bones doesn’t intimidate.

* Booth: You’re human remains and she hasn’t made a decision yet.

* Bones: How do I tell Russ that our father ordered the death of another human being?

* Bones: Come on Booth, the part of you with the big gambling problem must love this idea.

Synopsis: Bones and Booth head to a crime scene. She stayed home for vacation to spend time with her brother. The arrive at a train crash. Dr. Cam Saroyan is on the scene. Booth breaks the news to her that Cam is now her boss. She assesses the remains in the car that the train struck. Cam confirms deaths, it’s now a homicide and Booth’s case. Back at the lab, the team takes a look at a body. Hodgins examines a piece of evidence and determines it’s Warren Lynch. However, he was dead for several hours before he was hit by the train. Cam tells the team to not say a word outside the lab. Hodgins is trashing Cam to Bones as she walks in. So she gives them a rundown of her qualifications. Bones and Booth get called into a meeting at the FBI about the case. They go over the timeline of the day. Lynch was about to be charged by the SEC. Booth and Bones interview Mrs. Lynch’s wife, only he was cheating on her. At the lab, Hodgins has identified several types of glass. Bones checks in with Zack. Some bones have been dislocated after his death. Angela and Bones discuss why Cam got the job as head of forensics instead of Bones. Closer examination of Lynch’s bones show he was a heroin addict. Bones and Booth meet with the wife’s private investigator. The PI wasn’t aware of Lynch’s addiction. He was working with Lynch who was being blackmailed, but also Lynch’s wife regarding his cheating. He tells them the paid off a blackmailer for Lynch. At the lab, the skull is reconstructed. They’ve determined the country the heroin came from. Hodgin’s and Zack recreate the burn. It’s clear that there was extra accelerant. Cam stops the experiment. She informs them that all experiments must be authorized by her. At the diner, Booth explains to Bones why Cam is in charge instead of her. Booth gets a call. The man who murdered her mother was killed today. Bones is visibly upset. Bones is certain that the body in the car is not Warren Lynch. The prosecutor is pissed but Cam defends her. Bones goes with Booth on a stake out. Finally, the drug dealer makes a sale and they bust him. They question him about selling drugs to the tall man. They get a name. Booth gets a call that they found the real Warren Lynch. He’s in bad shape and won’t wake up. Zack has Angela recreate the most likely sequence for the bone dislocations. They were caused by the corpse being forced into a jacket. Booth updates Cam. He asks why she took the job. He thinks it’s because of him. Cam asks why Bones hasn’t confronted her yet. He gives her some advice. Booth and Bones go to the prison to speak to the man who killed her mother’s murderer. He tells Bones to look at it as another message from her dad, Max, to stop looking. Bones looks over her mom’s case file and possessions in her office. She just pops in Booth and tells him Lynch was in on it. Booth brings the PI back in for questioning. He thinks the plan was to make a killing on shorting the stock. Bones calls him out. She wants him to lie to him to get him to confess. She tells him about the shoulder and elbow dislocation. Booth goes back in and tries the bluff. Bones steps up and starts the play. There’s another team meeting with the prosecutor. They don’t like what they hear her say. The prosecutor slams the team. Cam is not having it. She calls her out for her actions. Bones finally approves. Booth and Bones go to her mom’s grave. She tries talking to her. When she puts the flowers down she notices something. A small metal dolphin. Her dad’s been there.

Book: Grave Secrets by Kathy Reichs (Bones #5)

Temperance Brennan and a team are in Guatemala recovering the remains of 23 murder victims in the bottom of a well. These people were viciously murdered 20 years ago. It’s heartbreaking excavating these people. What’s worse is those who are guarding them likely know what happened or took part in it.

But shots ring out and they are under fire. The same violence that took these lives continues today.

Tempe receives an additional request from the Guatemalan Government. Four women of a higher class have gone missing. They would like her expertise in solving this case as remains have turned up in a septic tank.

Why were these people massacred? Is she able to identify them all? Does she find the remains of all four missing girls? Who’s in the septic tank?

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iTunes Grave Secrets – Kathy Reichs

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