Bones S03, Ep13 – The Verdict in the Story

Show: Bones

Season: 3 Episode: 13

Title: The Verdict in the Story

Original Air Date: May 5, 2008

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Favorite Quotes:

* Caroline (to Bones): I didn’t know she could laugh.

* Bones: This is not Clark’s first trial.
Max: Oh, he’s a full grown scientist?

* Max: I still wish you were going to be my scientist.

* Cam: Clean and detached people, just the way Dr. Brennan likes it.

* Judge: There is no friendship in a homicide trial.

* Angela: Sweetie, this is one of those times when I know what’s right, and everybody else is confused.

* Max: A country full of unscrupulous lawyers and you find the one with scruples.

* Russ: Dad, Tempe’s pretty sure you killed that man. And I don’t think she can see how you wear that so lightly.

* Angela: Friends don’t’ send friends’ fathers to the electric chair.

* Bones: If the truth can’t be proven, is it still the truth?


Booth takes Bones to a different kind of crime scene. It’s a skeleton. He tries a joke and Bones laughs. Caroline arrives and doesn’t understand why Bones is laughing. She informs Bones she is suspended from crime scene duties. There is a date for her father’s murder trial. They can’t work together till the trial is over. Both are sad about it. Booth and Bones meet with Sweets at the diner. Sweets did not know the trial date had been set. Sweets points out that everyone she works with is working to put her father in jail. They both thank him and leave him with the bill. Clark is introduced to Max and Rusty. He’s going to be on Max’s team. Bones has brought Max a gray tie. She informs Max that she can’t stop the trial and all her friends testifying. Bones and Clark examine the skeleton. The team discusses what it’s like without Brennan. Clark notes the killer was merciful. Death happened instantly with the first stab. Everything else, including burning the body, happened after the victims death. The defense attorney explains to Bones how defense works. Clark also asks to look at Bones files so he can understand how Zak thinks because she trained him. Caroline tries to prep the team. Angela throws a wrench in it. She refuses to testify. The rest of the team is unsure what to do. The trial is about to start and the judge gives his opening instructions. Both attorneys give their opening statements. Before it starts, Booth and Bones have a conversation. She learns Angela won’t testify. That none of them want to testify. The trial begins and Booth is the first witness. They thought the blood was Rusty’s but it was Kirby’s. The team members all testify. They go through all the evidence. Angela is finally brought onto the stand. She refuses to testify. Even Bones tells her to answer. She will be held in contempt. The judge does not understand why she was called to the stand if she wasn’t going to testify. She’s taken into custody. Bones is clearly upset. Max’s team has a meeting. The lawyer thinks Rusty is lying so he refuses to put him on the stand. Russ points out that Tempe thinks he killed the man. They get interrupted, court is going to resume. Bones goes to talk to Angela. She refuses to testify still. Bones now becomes worried because Angela thinks they are going to lose. They share a moment. In court, Sweets starts listing all his qualifications. Booth and Bones are forced to change seats because the judge is tired of their whispering. Sweets explains how Max works. Russ takes the stand. He knew someone was after him because he was shot at, but he didn’t know who was after him. Russ says he was at a job interview when the murder took place. His dad got him the interview. The prosecution rests. The lawyer requested the case be dismissed but that was denied. At the lab, Clark continues going over the evidence. Zak is watching Clark. Clark finds something. Sweets asks Bones and Booth to continue studying them. They realize he likes them. He walks away upset. Clark finds Bones and tells her he found something. The call Zak to the stand. They request that Clark question him. The next question actually surprises Zak. It’s about a weapon hilt that caused microfractures. The only problem is that the weapon identified as the murder weapon has no hilt. The defense requests all charges be dropped. The judge informs Miss Julian that she will need a terrific argument to prevent Max from being released. Booth goes to Bones apartment with a search warrant. Zak has to look around and find the right weapon. She’s upset because she wants him to go free, even though she thinks he did it. Booth tries to help her understand that. Zak announces that he found the murder weapon. The trial continues. As testimony goes on each of her friends who take the stand can see how it’s affecting Bones. Clark feels bad that he caused more pain. The attorney tells them now it’s about the story. They need an alternative to give to their families, they need a boogeyman. Russ says he should have run. Bones tells Russ he stayed for her. Max confirms that he did. That time with her was worth it. Bones asks the lawyer how much warning he needs for a boogeyman. He replies about five minutes. Bones has a conversation with Booth about philosophy. The lawyer asks Hodgins about particulates that were at all three scenes. Max, Booth and Bones were in all three locations. The lawyer plays out an alternative scene for the jury. Booth is nearly brought to tears on the stand. The jury comes back with their verdict. Bones is outside on the steps. Booth comes out to find her. He hugs her. Angela joins them. She looks up the steps and is happy to see her father come down them a free man. They embrace.

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